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Level 52-55

How to Get to Camp

From teleport crystal our outpost in Eastern Altepa Desert:

Eastern Altepa Desert > Western Altepa Desert

From Republic of Bastok:

Bastok Mines > Zeruhn Mines > Korroloka Tunnel > Eastern Altepa Desert > Western Altepa Desert

Use sneak to run through Eastern Altepa Desert without getting aggro, or grab a choco at the teleport crystal. In Western Altepa Desert, run north to Rabao and get a choco for the ride to Kuftal Tunnel.

Camp Info

  • Camp at H-13, I-10, J-9 or G-3.
  • Each camp supports one party.

Target Mobs

Robber Crab

  • Mob Level: 60-63
  • Mob Family: Crab
  • Aggro to sound
  • Not linking
  • Weak vs. Ice
  • Weak vs. Lightning
  • Strong vs. Water


Having a party member with dispel is a must against robber crabs. Otherwise, fights can last for several minutes each.

Camping here can be rough because Kuftal Tunnel has become one of the most popular skill-up areas in the game. High-level players bring their friends and NPC fellows and kill many of the robber crabs. Try to choose a camp that is away from people who are skilling up.

Level 56-60

How to Get to Camp

Camp Info

  • Camp at L-7 on second map
  • Camp at I-6 on third map
  • Each camp supports one party

Target Mobs


  • Mob Level: 65-68
  • Mob Family: Raptor
  • Aggro to sound
  • Non linking
  • Weak vs. Water
  • Strong vs. Fire

Goblin Alchemist, Goblin Bandit, Goblin Mercenary, Goblin Tamer

  • Mob Level:
  • Mob Family:
  • Aggro to sight
  • Link to sight
  • Weak vs. Light


Have a white mage in your party for viruna. Have mages stand behind the mob to avoid the raptor's AoE breath attack, which causes the disease effect.

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