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Assassins full of rancor, who lurk in the darkness.


These diminutive beastmen inhabit Yhoator Jungle. They worship the goddess Uggalepih and hold an intense grudge towards any and all people who do not accept her. Their eerie figure is completed with a baggy overcoat, kitchen knife in one hand, and lantern in the other.

Tonberry "Ranks"

Vassal Draped to their ankles in linen, dagger grasped tight, lantern held high; this is the universal image of the Tonberry. Even those who secretly served under the Shadow Lord in the Great War fit this basic image. However, during an assassination, a Tonberry would place their lantern elsewhere and pull their hood forward. Creeping up behind their target, one strike was all it took to complete their mission.

Kinq Why is he called “キンク/ Kinq” ? There is no established theory, but the crown he bears does not appear to have any official or religious significance. So the adventurers that gave him this name probably meant it to represent how this Tonberry is simply mimicking a king’s appearance, and called him a “King.”

Kitchen Knife and Lantern

Tonberry Knife
Tonberry Knife
Tonberry Lantern
Tonberry Lantern
The reason behind the unmistakable image of the Tonberry is explained in their creed:

”O brothers of rancor, take up thy lanterns,
The truth we shall illuminate.

O sisters of rancor, take up thy knives,
To cleave our foes with barren hate.

Through this we seek our just reward;
Our goddess’ glory be restored.”

However, it can be difficult to obtain a kitchen knife, so there are many Tonberry who simply uses knives and daggers taken from adventurers.

Tonberry Types

Infamous Tonberries

This band of Tonberries was named the “Jungle Boogymen” by humans. During the Great War, there was a “Special Euthanasia Squad” made of masked children who assassinated aristocrats and nobility. It is now thought that they were in reality these Tonberries.

Tonberries on the Main Continent

There is a band of Tonberries who serve as escorts for the barge that rides the waters of Phanauet Channel. How can these Tonberries who detest humans so much be working with them? Rumor has it they are bound to the Elvaan Count Teulomme by some kind of contract…

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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