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Supply run missions are missions that are given to the adventurer by signet guards in the adventurer's home nation. In these missions, the adventurer chooses an area that is currently under their home nation's control, receives the "Supplies Package" key item, and travels to that region's outpost to deliver those supplies. Deliveries must be completed within the same conquest week that the mission was accepted. You must complete the mission before the weekly conquest tally, or the outpost guard will deny the supply. Once the delivery is completed, the adventurer is granted teleportation privileges between that outpost and their home nation, for a fee. The fee is calculated based on whether the region is in the adventurer's home nation's control, and how far away from the home nation that region is.

Only one supply run mission may be accepted at a time, and you must wait one game day after the completion of your last supply run mission before accepting another.

There is no minimum level requirement to accept a supply run mission, however one must be at least level 10 in any particular job before they may use outpost teleport services. Conquest points given in reward for these supply runs are determined by the difficulty of the region to which the supplies are delivered. Once a supply run has been completed for a given region, "(Done)" will be displayed next to the name of that region in the supply run mission list when speaking to the starting NPC.

Supply run missions are bound to the adventurer's home nation. If an adventurer changes allegiance, they will have to redo all their supply run missions before outpost teleport services will be available to them again. Even if the adventurer changes back to their original nation, the supply run missions must still be redone. (According to news about the next update, adventurers will be able to regain their original outpost warps upon returning to their original home nation.)


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