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Level 10-12

How to Get to Camp

From Kingdom of San d'Oria:

West Ronfaure > La Theine Plateau > Valkurm Dunes

Taking this route, you will need a couple of Silent Oils and Prism Powders to avoid the bats and goblins that aggro between the zone line at (K-5/L-5) and the camp your party chooses. The goblins aggro and link by sight, and the bats aggro and link by sound.

From Federation of Windurst:

East Sarutabaruta > Tahrongi Canyon > Buburimu Peninsula > Mhaura

Once you reach Mhaura, you will take the ferry to Selbina. Once aboard the ferry, it is recommended that you stay below deck at all times, as pirates sometimes attack. Also, monsters sometimes pop on the upper deck that aggro to sight and sound. Again, bring Silent Oils and Prism Powders to avoid goblin and bat aggro on the way to camp.

From Republic of Bastok:

South Gustaberg > North Gustaberg > Konschtat Highlands > Valkurm Dunes

This route allows for the easiest access to camp, as the camps are very close to a Home Point and the zone line. Therefore, Silent Oils and Prism Powders are not required.

Camp Info

  • It is recommended that you bring Silent Oils and Prism Powders.
  • Many people choose this area as their camp.
  • Can support 2 or 3 parties, depending on how fast they pull mobs to camp.

Target Mobs

Hill Lizard

  • Lizard family
  • They do not aggro
  • They link by sound
  • Weak vs. Ice and Wind


These camps are often used by players new to the game, and therefore are their first real experience with party dynamics. If you are an experienced player, please try to be patient and helpful to the newer members in your party. It is also recommended that you set your Home Point at the guard by the zone line, near camp. It is much better to take the death and walk back to camp at that level than to make your party shout for a raise in Valkurm Dunes, then wait for raise sickness to wear off before you can continue fighting.

Level 13-16

How to Get to Camp

See map to right for locations of possible campsites. As mentioned above in the Hill Lizard section of this page, it is recommended that you bring a couple of Silent Oils and Prism Powders to go through the tunnel between the earlier camps and these new ones, in order to avoid aggroing bats and goblins on the way. These camps are very popular, so on nights with high server traffic you may not always find an open camp in this zone. However, feel free to be creative and explore a bit, safely!

Camp Info

  • Popular campsites at this level range.
  • NM spawn at (E-8) ~see notes below
  • Can support up to 8 parties, scattered throughout zone. See map above for locations.

Target Mobs

Level 13-14


  • Crab family
  • Does not aggro or link
  • Weak vs. Ice and Thunder
  • Strong vs. Water

Level 14-16



The second stage in the "teens" level-grind in Valkurm Dunes, these camps are very popular for their abundance of mobs and the fact that two items required for unlocking support job abilities drop here: Crab Apron from Snippers, and Damselfly Worm from Damselflies. It is advised to set your Home Point in Selbina or at the outpost at (G-7), in case of death during fighting, so that the fallen party member may resume gaining experience points quickly.

If you and your party have chosen a campsite at one of the beaches, be careful of Bogys and Goblin Bounty Hunters, which will aggro and cause definite problems for your party at that level range.

At one of the camps, near (E-8), is the placeholder for Valkurm Emperor. As a result, that camp is often occupied by higher-level players trying to spawn that NM for the Empress Hairpin drop. Unlike its placeholder, Valkurm Emperor aggros by sound. It is a level 29-30 mob, so trying to combat this monster at this level range is ill-advised. With the variety of camps to choose from at this level range, it is suggested that you and your party choose a different location, as killing Damselfly mobs other than the placeholder will prolong the spawn timer and anger players there camping the NM.

Level 16-19

How to Get to Camp

See map to right for indications on possible campsites.

Camp Info

Target Mobs

Level 16-18

Second-Tier Goblins: Goblin Leecher (WHM), Goblin Gambler (BLM), Goblin Mugger (THF)

  • Goblin family
  • Aggros and links by sight
  • Weak vs. Light

Level 17-19

Beach Pugil

  • Pugil family
  • Does not aggro or link
  • Weak vs. Ice and Thunder
  • Strong vs. Water


For the goblin camp at (D-6)/(D-7), be careful of Earth Elementals that aggro to magic. There is also a Bogy that spawns during nighttime on "secret beach". When party members hit 18, it is recommended that they go complete the Support Job unlock quest in Selbina, as not having a properly levelled subjob is a danger not only to themselves, but to any future parties they join, and is generally the mark of a poor player.

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