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General Information

Mind is the stat associated with the element Water and is known to directly impact the effectiveness of White Enhancing Magic, Enfeebling Magic and arguably most importantly, Healing Magic.

In addition, some Blue Magic spells have MND modifiers, like Magic Hammer and Mind Blast. Also, Mind is known to affect the proc rate on Holy Bolts as well as being a modifier for the spells Holy and Banish I, and for determining the effectiveness and damage of the Monk ability Chi Blast.

Mind by Race

Mind is favored by White Mages because of the boost it gives to Healing Magic, and the Elvaan come out slightly ahead in this category. Most people are not swayed by this slight Mind boost, however and all races are chosen for this class. The breakdown of a level 1 White Mage of all races is as follows:

Elvaan: 9
Galka: 8
Hume: 8
Mithra: 8
Tarutaru: 8

Boosting Mind

A permanent upgrade to your Mind stat can come from spending your earned Merit Points in the MND category. However, for some who wish to upgrade temporarily, Mind Enhancing Food is the way to go, along with Mind-boosting gear choices.

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