San d'Oria Timeline  

This timeline shows the history of the Elvaan and the steps leading up to the Kingdom of San d'Oria.

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Age of Beasts

  • Approximately 190 C.E. - The Elvaan migrate from the Northern lands to the Quon continent

  • Approximately 200 C.E. - The Elvaan split into tribes: Galleon, Fauchevelle, Bulletoran, San d'Oria, Coumlaud and Chatiffe, spreading across the continent of Quon.

Age of Magic

  • 301 - The Quadav begin construction of Beadeaux.

  • 342 - The Federation of Windurst crosses the Jeuno Strait, invading Norvallen. {The Struggle Against Magic Begins}

  • 343 - The Galleon Elvaan of Norvallen are powerless against the magic of Windurst and surrender to them.

  • 347 - Norvallen is made an official territory governed by Windurst

  • 370 - A Windurst army, led by Lungo-Nango, invades Ronfaure, destroying the San d'Orian tribe. {The Subjugation of the Elvaan}

  • 371 - The Windurst army invades Zulkheim, destroying the combined forces of the Fauchevelle, Bulletoran, and Sand�Orian tribes.

  • 372 - The Windurst army presses on into Gustaberg. The mountain-dwelling Chatiffe tribe battle against them using guerilla tactics.

  • 373 - The last fortification of the Chatiffe, Fort Morteuge, falls.

  • 374 - Ronfaure and Zulkheim become official territories of Windurst.

    • Lanfeaur d'Oraguille, a young San d'Orian boy, learns the ways of the Dragoon.

  • 375 - A method of using Chocobos as riding mounts is invented

Chocobo Riding is Discovered

In the spring of 375, a young boy of the Bulletoran tribe, named Wellpard (ウェルパルド), discovered that Chocobos could be used as mounts. This discovery quickly led to the appearance of mounted knights in the Elvaan army. This not only gave them more power against the forces of Windurst, but was instrumental in the developed of modern day jobs, like the Paladin and Dark Knight.

Until then, Chocobo were simply livestock used to pull carts and plows, and could be ridden bareback. However, Wellpard's inventions of reins allowed a whole new degree of control when riding, making this a historic event. (Though uses have diminished somewhat in the present era with the availability of Linkshells).

In addition, he brought about a new riding seat called a "saddle", which allows people to travel long distances on a Chocobo. Building upon that idea, he also developed a special harness he could attach to himself so he could take TaruTaru guests on sightseeing tours.

  • 376 - Lanfeaur is selected to be the head of the San d'Oria tribe.

  • 377 - Lanfeaur leads a unit of young men in an assault on Ronfaure, and occupies the territory.

  • 378 - On the orders of Windurst, Galleon and Bulletoran Elvaan invade Ronfaure, but are pushed back by the San d'Orians.

  • 379 - The young Arefeauron Tavnazia, of the Bulletoran tribe, joins forces with d'Oraguille.

  • 380 - The San'Orians are victorious over the Bulletoran and Fauchevelle tribes, and take control of Zulkheim.

  • 381 - Lanfeaur meets with the Quadav King

The Meeting of Lanfeaur and the Quadav King

Lanfeaur travelled alone to Beadeaux for an audience with the Quadav King, Du'Dha the Everyoung. He went to propose an alliance between to the two nations, but whatever he promised as collateral has been lost in the pages of history. He shared a glass of "Mudwine", a favorite drink of the Quadav that - while disgusting for humans - he managed to down with a smile. This act quickly gained him the favor of the king. The next year, Windurst's conquest army began invading the continent of Quon. The Quadav King upheld his promise and engaged the Windurstian forces, ultimately repelling them.

  • 383 - Arefeauron meets with the mountain-dwelling Chatiffe tribe, and convinces them to ally with Lanfeaur.

The Kingdom of San d'Oria is Founded

In the woods of Ronfaure, Lanfeaur d'Oraguille gathered together the most influential Elvaan for a bold announcement. He unsheathed his sword and cut into his own hand, letting the blood drip down on to a iron crown. Raising the crown of blood and iron (a powerful symbol of military might) to his head, Lanfeaur proclaimed, "We shall henceforth be known as the Kingdom of San d'Oria."

Upon his declaration, Lanfeaur was bathed in the sunlight that cut through the trees, as if to show the gods themselves were validating his coronation. Seeing the figure of Lanfeaur in all his magnificence had a profound effect on the knights in attendance and has been depicted in the picture above.

  • 385 - The retainer Arefeauron (founding Marquis of Tavnazia) is assigned to the Western peninsula of Quon.

  • 387 - Lanfeaur conforms all currency under the unit Noit.

  • 388 - The Marquis of Tavnazia, Arefeauron, dies.

  • 390 - To facilitate the minting of currency, the nation's blacksmiths are gathered together under a single guild.

  • 391 - The Royal Knights are formed with Fainevlure Ordelle appointed as their first captain.

  • 398 - Samariri, a TaruTaru peace officer, tells Elvaan of the ways of Magic.

Age of Power

  • 401 - King Lanfeaur's cousin, Phulmvonne Shahkam, receives jurisdiction over Norvallen.

  • 410 - The Kingdom of San d'Oria officially recognizes the Goddess. {Founding of the Church of San d'Oria}

  • 412 - King Lanfeaur dispatches a messenger to Windurst.

    • A non-aggression pact is suggested as a way to restore Lungo-Nango's tarnished reputation.

  • 414 - As a result of cultural exchanges with Windurst, San d'Oria adopts the use of the Crystal Era calendar.

  • 420 - Breaking the non-aggression pact, King Lanfeaur invades the Mindartia continent, setting up a fort in Sauromugue Champaign.

  • 421 - The Ironblood King Lanfeaur passes away in camp.

    • Lanfeaur's third son, Resviel, with the support of the church, incarcerates his brothers as heretics. He is then crowned the "King of Hope", as San d'Oria's second ruler.

  • 422 - Construction begins on a grand cathedral.

  • 424 - In an attempt to restore public order, the Temple Knights are formed.

  • 460 - For their achievements in upholding public order, The Temple Knights are recognized as an official branch of the military.

  • 474 - Due to an unprecedented boom of development in the capitol, and the increasing demand for weapons for the army, a Woodworking guild is formed.

  • 485 - San d'Oria holds a grand festival for its 100th anniversary.

  • 489 - Baron Gheorlmitt Phern plots with the Queen to overthrow the royal family. {Phern's Rebellion}

  • 492 - Baron Phern is executed.

  • 526 - Leather becomes fashionable amongst the aristocracy and the royal family, so a Leathercrafting guild is established to meet the demand.

  • 538 - King Charambille passes away.

  • 542 - The Grand Cathedral is completed.

  • 558 - The Warking Acheufagais is enthroned.

  • 559 - The Orcish Imperial Army lands on the northern shores of Quon.

  • 560 - King Acheufagais accompanies an elite force of knights across the Jeuno Strait. They force Windurst to surrender four fortresses and then abandon them, returning home to Quon.

  • 561 - King Acheufagais defeats 1,000 Orcs with brutal force.

King Acheufagais Defeats One Thousand Orcs

After his skirmish with Windurst, before crossing the Jeuno Strait once again, the Warking Acheufagais took a handful of knights up to Uleguerand Range. There, he joined up with some soldiers who had been stationed in the remote region. Using the height difference to his advantage, Acheufagais was easily able to overtake the invading Orcs. He then flung 1,000 Orcish soldiers from the cliff to their death, obtaining a decisive victory.

  • 564 - Victory Arch is completed in honor of Acheufagais. A magnificent ceremony is held upon his triumphant return home.

  • 565 - King Acheufagais selects a group of elite knights to serve as his personal guard.

  • 567 - King Acheufagais dies due to complications from wounds suffered in battle.

  • 568 - Acheufagais's cousin, Marelinne, is made Queen.

  • 575 - Queen Marelinne begins her journey around the continent of Quon.

  • 580 - Queen Marelinne marries Count Phildenan of Tavnazia.

  • 586 - Queen Marelinne's troupe shipwrecks against the Ashak Mountains.

  • 588 - The search for Queen Marelinne is called off.

    • Hunterking Dormillique ascends to the throne.

  • 604 - King Dormillique restricts hunting in the woods of East Ronfaure to the royal family.

  • 614 - Delegates from the Western lands have an audience with King Dormillique.

  • 626 - King Dormillique holds an international swordsman tournament in San d'Oria's capitol. The winner is Grand Knight Silvelliffe.

  • 630 - In the woods of Ronfaure, the sporting event known as Ballista is developed. (A form of Conflict.)

  • 641 - King Dormillique dies.

  • 644 - In an attempt to repair the royal family's impending financial crisis, Prime Minister Romovia institutes a plan for economic reform.

  • 647 - Romovia cuts down on area allocated for the Church.

  • 651 - Romovia is assassinated.

  • 663 - The Orcish Imperial Army tunnels through the northern mountains and attacks Norvallen.

  • 664 - Lord Falledemion and his knights repel the Orcish forces.

  • 665 - Lord Falledemion is recognized as a great hero, and his image is carved into Victory Arch.

  • 686 - Wolfking Raigegue ascends to the throne.

  • 691 - In Konschtat Highlands, King Raigegue engages the Republican Army, but is ultimately forced to make a strategic withdrawal. {The Second Battle of Konschtat}

  • 693 - King Raigegue once again departs for La Theine Plateau. Prince Ferrenan takes advantage of the his absence and attempts to gain control over the capitol. He ultimately fails and is imprisoned. {Prince Ferrenan's Rebellion}

  • 696 - Prince Ferrenan escapes from prison.

Age of Technology

  • 702 - Prince Ferrenan proclaims himself King. {The Era of Two Kings Begins}

  • 705 - Marquis Phenallus of Tavnazia declares their neutrality.

  • 720 - The cultivation of Rolanberries becomes very popular around the outskirts of Jeuno.

  • 755 - Baron Torresapet Ordelle is appointed a official explorer.

  • 761 - The Orcish Empire of Quon sends an advance party to invade Ronfaure.

  • 782 - Dragonking Ranperre is crowned King.

  • 783 - King Ranperre is bestowed with a holy sword from the North.

  • 786 - The combined naval forces of Tavnazia and Bastok clash with the Windurst navy near Elshimo, handing them a crushing defeat. {Elshimo Naval Battle}

  • 815 - King Ranperre gains victory over King Gjohnberre, once again uniting San d'Oria under a single monarchy. {Battle of the Two Kings}

  • 816 - With the support of Bastok, King Gjohnberre's defeated party establish an independent state in Norvallen. However, they are soon subjugated by Erpalacion and Volledyne. {The Three Month Monarchy}

The Three Month Monarchy

With his victory at the Battle of the Two Kings, Ranperre was able to settle the domestic conflict beset upon his nation, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, the grudge between the parties would manifest itself for years to come. In 816, the remnants of Gjohnberre's forces established a new nation in Norvallen as an act of rebellion.

This act weighed heavily on King Ranperre. He had no idea what forces they had amassed, and knew the day would come when they would besiege the castle. Still, he couldn't simply lead The Temple Knights to go deal with them and abandon the capitol, leaving it defenseless.

Considering this, the King decided to gather The Royal Knights under Erpalacion and the White Mage Volledyne of The Temple Knights. With a fighting force of 3,000 strong, he sent them forth on a mission.

The rivalry those two share is no secret, but neither is their exceptional prowess on the battlefield. Within just three months, they toppled the enemy castle, captured Prince Naphberre's (ナフィベール) forces, and quelled the impending rebellion.

However, during the journey home, Erpalacion suddenly vanished from camp, causing a huge uproar. Volledyne, in an attempt to protect the reputation of The Temple Knights, organized a large-scale investigation. Eventually, with no trace of Erpalacion's whereabouts and no reason found for his disappearance, there was no choice but to report to the King that an assassination had taken place. That very night, the King ordered an end to the search efforts, and a national memorial service was held.

  • 816 - Erpalacion's whereabouts are unknown (The school of Dragoons cease to exist) {The Last Dragoon}

  • 817 - For his efforts in suppressing the insurrection, Volledyne is made Count and assigned to Jugner Forest.

    • King Ranperre creates the official San d'Orian flag still in use today.

  • 829 - The black dragon, Vrtra, swoops down and begins wreaking havoc. {The Black Dragon's Wrath}

The Black Dragon's Wrath

One evening, under the full moon, the black dragon, Vrtra, suddenly came soaring down from the sky. Circling high above the capitol of San d'Oria, the dragon eventually swooped down towards Victory Square. After resting briefly, the great beast violently belched forth flames and wreaking havoc. The knights fought valiantly, but their efforts were futile, as the dragon burned down numerous houses, inns, cloisters and towers.

  • 830 - King Ranperre storms into Vrtra's den and exterminates the black dragon. He is awarded the title of "Dragonking" for his victory.

  • 832 - King Ranperre passes away.

    • King Grantieul is enthroned.

  • 843 - Baron Periduke is inaugurated as Prime Minister.

  • 845 - In order to repair the royal family's financial state, Prime Minister Periduke outlines a plan for economic reform.

  • 847 - Periduke designs several revisions to the kingdom's penal code.

  • 850 - Marquis Rochefogne of Tavnazia is born.

  • 851 - While chasing game on the Royal Hunting Grounds, King Grantieul is ambushed and killed by Orcs. The Crown Prince Destin is wounded and barely escapes with his life.

    • Destin ascends to the throne, but is considered to be a temporary placeholder due to the previous King's sudden demise.

King Destin Marries

In the year 853, King Destin took Countess Leaute of Tavnazia, who was said to have unparalleled beauty, as his bride-to-be. Their romance began when Destin received medical attention for his wounds in battle from Leaute. However, there are rumors that Destin decided to forego asking permission from the Countess' family, in a subtle display of his authority as King.

    • The Multinational Expedition Team sets off on their journey from Bastok.

  • 855 - Rumors of a "Shadow Lord" sweep through San d'Oria's capitol.

  • 858 - The Shadow Lord's Army clashes with the Orcish Empire in the Northlands.

    • The Temple Knights, under the direct supervision of Periduke, uncover a plot to assassinate King Destin. According to the suspect's testimony, he was also responsible for the assassination of the late King.

    • To clear any lingering suspicion, the cathedral holds a grand coronation ceremony for King Destin. The Papsque himself bestows Destin with the Crown of the Gryphon.

  • 859 - Kam'lanaut, a representative of Jeuno, is awarded the title of Archduke by the three nations. {Founding of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno}

  • 861 - The Shadow Lord gathers Beastmen leaders at Castle Zvahl and proclaims the destruction of the human nations.

    • Selbina declares itself a neutral city.

    • The four nations of the humans form a temporary union, creating an allied force. {The Formation of the Allied Forces of Altana}

    • A multi-national high echelon of fighters, the "Hydra Corps", is formed.

    • The Beastmen launch their offensive from the outskirts of Jeuno.

    • The main forces of the Beastmen Army move towards the Tavnazian Peninsula.

    • The main units of the Allied Forces of Altana gather in Xarcabard, engaging the Beastmen. {The Battle of Xarcabard}

    • Castle Zvahl is surrounded by the forces of Altana. {The Siege of Castle Zvahl}

    • The Hydra Corps disappear without a trace.

    • Castle Zvahl falls.

    • The Shadow Lord is sealed.

  • 864 - Shamonde is inaugurated as Papsque.

    • The Orcish Empire begins withdrawing from the continent of Quon.

    • Representatives of the four nations gather in Jeuno, and the Crystal War is officially proclaimed to be over. {The Crystal War Ends}

    • Excenmille chases the remaining Orcs from the Quon continent.

  • 865 - Jeuno holds a post-war conference. Eald'narche proposes continuing positive relations between the four nations, and it is unanimously accepted. '{The Multi-national Agreement}

  • 866 - Eald'narche has an audience with Papsque Shamonde.

  • 868 - The kingdom's monetary unit, the Noit, is abandoned in favor of Jeuno's currency, Gil. {The Currency Union}

  • 869 - Queen Leaute passes away.

  • 875 - The Orcs capture a town on the outskirts of Jugner Forest for use as their stronghold. They name it Davoi.

  • 877 - Beastmen activity begins to intensify in several regions. People begin to whisper about the possible return of the Shadow Lord.

  • 878 - Improvements to Port San d'Oria begin for the accommodation of airships.

  • 879 - Reports of Fort Ghelsba, an Orcish outpost, are confirmed.

  • 883 - The Orcish Army once again invades Ronfaure, but are repelled by The Royal Knights.

Age of Adventurers

884 - Present:

  • Ordinary people called "Adventurers" begin appearing in every region, responding to any crisis.

  • The "Selbina Pact" is signed. Conquest is instituted.

  • Foreign Officers and dispatched to each consulate.

  • Shamonde begins performing formal wedding ceremonies for adventurers.

  • Kingdom training exercises are once again held as Conflict (Ballista).

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