Great Swords (FFXI)  

Great Swords, two-handed weapons with average delay and damage for two-handers, can be used by Dark Knights, Warriors, and Paladins. Although all three of these jobs have at least one other weapon-category that carries a higher skill rating, they are still widely used, due to their effectiveness. Great Sword-category weapons have many stats available, such as melee accuracy, attack, and Additional Effect damage. Primary stat bonuses, such as STR, MND and DEX can also be found on some Great Swords. Great Swords make excellent weapons for any job that can use them but they are most often used by Dark Knights.

Great Sword weaponskills don't vary all that widely, most are single-hit, physical damage skills. Two of them inflict Ice damage, and their single AoE WS can inflict sleep status upon anything it hits.

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Job Ratings

JobSkill RankingCap at Level 1Cap at Level 37Cap at Level 75
Dark KnightA-6114269

Enhancing Equipment

Prudence Torque73NeckINT +5, Great Sword Skill +7, Club Skill +7All Jobs

Weapon Skills

NameSkill LevelInfoModifiers
Hard Slash10Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30%
Power Slash30Single-hit attack. Chance of critical varies with TP.STR: 20% VIT: 20%
Frost Bite70Deals ice elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP.STR: 20% INT: 20%
Freeze Bite100Deals ice elemental damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30% INT: 20%
Shockwave150Delivers an area of effect attack. Sleeps enemies. Duration of effect varies with TP.STR: 30% MND: 30%
Crescent Moon175Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 35%
Sickle Moon200Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 20% AGI: 20%
Spinning Slash225Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30% INT: 30%
Ground Strike250Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 50% INT; 50%
ScourgeValhalla or Ragnarok onlyAdditional Effect: Temporarily improves Critical HitMND: 40% CHR: 40%

Weapons By Level

Chaosbringer136660.27 WAR/DRK
Rusty Greatsword1144561.84 WAR/PLD/DRK
Deathbringer5204662.58Attack +8, Defense -6DRK
Claymore10224442.97 WAR/PLD/DRK
claymore +110234313.20 WAR/PLD/DRK
Gust Claymore10224442.97Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Gust Claymore +110234313.20Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Burning Claymore13274313.76Additional Effect: Fire DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Flame Claymore13264443.51Additional Effect: Fire DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Vulcan Claymore13264443.51Additional Effect: Fire Damage, Enchantment: Enfire, <30/30 0:30/(5:00, 0:30)>WAR/PLD/DRK
Braveheart18304444.05DEX +2, Accuracy +5WAR/PLD/DRK
Lucent Sword20354564.61Enchantment: Delay: 410, <30/30 0:30/(5:00, 0:30)>WAR/PLD/DRK
Mercenary's Greatsword20334314.59Attack +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Platoon Sword20334444.46 PLD/DRK
Plain Sword20354564.61 WAR/PLD/DRK
Two-Handed Sword20354564.61 WAR/PLD/DRK
Two-Handed Sword +120364434.88 WAR/PLD/DRK
Barbarian's Sword24374445.00Accuracy, Attack +15WAR/PLD/DRK
Federation Sword25354055.19MP +8, Attack +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Windurstian Sword25344184.88MP +6, Attack +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Hellfire Sword27414435.55Additional Effect: Fire DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Inferno Sword27404565.26Additional Effect: Fire DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Prominence Sword27404565.26Additional Effect: Fire Damage, Enchantment: Enfire, <30/30 0:30/(5:00, 0:30)>WAR/PLD/DRK
Demonic Sword31444565.79 +8, Additional Effect: Darkness DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Falx33424305.86 DRK
Falx +133434216.13 DRK
Fine Claymore36474316.54 WAR/PLD/DRK
Halo Claymore36464446.22Enchantment: TP +10WAR/PLD/DRK
Mythril Claymore36464446.22 WAR/PLD/DRK
Ice Brand39534566.97 +8, Additional Effect: Ice DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Royal Swordsman's Blade40564807.00 PLD
Greatsword41554567.24 WAR/PLD/DRK
Greatsword +141564437.58 WAR/PLD/DRK
Gust Sword41554567.24Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Gust Sword +141564437.58Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Royal Swordsman's Blade +143574667.34Outside of Nation Controlled Area: VIT +2WAR/PLD/DRK
Royal Swordsman's Blade +243584537.68Outside of Nation Controlled Area: VIT +3WAR/PLD/DRK
Faussar47614807.62 PLD/DRK
Faussar +147624667.98 WAR/PLD/DRK
Cobra Claymore50634059.33MP +8, Attack +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Gerwitz's Sword50308882.03 WAR/PLD/DRK
Glorious Sword53684568.95 +12, Additional Effect: Light DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Darksteel Claymore54714898.71 WAR/PLD/DRK
Darksteel Claymore +154724759.09 WAR/PLD/DRK
Royal Guard's Sword55754669.66STR +2, MND +3, CHR+1PLD
Darksteel Falx57724519.58 DRK
Darksteel Falx +157734429.91 DRK
Ram-Dao59784809.75 PLD
Ram-Dao +1597946610.17 PLD
Zweihander607645610.00 WAR/PLD/DRK
Zweihander +1607744310.43 WAR/PLD/DRK
Arondight62794809.88 +7, +7, Additional Effect: Water DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Mercurial Sword62264443.51Occasionally attacks 2 to 3 timesWAR/PLD
Lockheart64724449.73Additional Effect: DispelWAR/PLD/DRK
Mythril Heart668048010.00Additional Effect: DispelWAR/PLD/DRK
Mythril Heart +1668146610.43Additional Effect: DispelWAR/PLD/DRK
Ascalon68764589.96STR +3, VIT +3, MND +3, Addtional Effect vs Dragon: Light DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Flamberge698048010.00MND +2, Attack +5PLD
Flamberge +1698146610.43MND +3, Attack +7PLD
Gust Tongue69804.8010.00MND +2, Attack +5, Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamagePLD
Gust Tongue +1698146610.43MND +3, Attack +7, Additional Effect with Wind Fan: Wind DamagePLD
Balmung708048010.00HP -5%, Accuracy +5, Attack +13, Additional Effect: DispelDRK
Crude Sword707644410.27Weapon Bash +15WAR/PLD/DRK
Djinnbringer708144410.95Assault: DMG: 84, Accuracy +5WAR/PLD/DRK
Gloom Claymore707644410.27Magic Accuracy +2, Magic Attack Bonus +2DRK
Doombringer718448010.50Depending on Day: Increases Elemental Weapon Skill DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Ferrara717438711.47Accuracy +4WAR/PLD/DRK
Nagan718448010.50HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2PLD/DRK
Nagan +1718546610.94HP +11, DEX +3, VIT +3PLD/DRK
Pealing Nagan718448010.50HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2, Enchantment: Thunder I, <50/50 0:30/(10:00, 0:30)>PLD/DRK
Reserve Captain's Greatsword717444410.00Enhances Resist Blind Effect, Citizens of San d'Oria: Accuracy +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Sword of Trials717444410.00Latent Effect: HP +20, +10, +10WAR/PLD/DRK
Martial Sword727644410.27TP BonusWAR/PLD/DRK
Mighty Sword727544410.14STR +1, DEX +1, Firesday: +15, DMG: 84WAR/PLD/DRK
Subduer727244411.48/9.73Latent Effect: DMG: 85, Critical Hit Rate +6%WAR/PLD/DRK
Bahadur738448910.31DEX +2, VIT +2, HP +10, Additional Effect: Fire damageWAR/PLD/DRK
Bahadur +1738547410.76DEX +3, VIT +3, HP +12, Additional Effect: Fire damageWAR/PLD/DRK
Balan's Sword738346610.69HP +13, STR +2. INT +4PLD
Balin's Sword738448010.50MP +13, STR +4. INT +2DRK
Gold Algol738448910.31Accuracy +4DRK
Gold Algol +1738447410.76Accuracy +4, Attack +4DRK
Perdu Sword738045611.05/10.53Latent Effect: DMG: 84WAR/PLD/DRK
Naglering748550110.18Accuracy +4, Attack +20, Magic Accuracy +3DRK
Skofnung747844410.54Accuracy +3, Additional Effect vs Gigas: Light DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Algol758548910.43Attack +3, Triple Attack +3%, Additional Effect: Fire DamageWAR/PLD/DRK
Relic Blade7519990.06 WAR/PLD/DRK
Gilded Blade7514440.14Dynamis: DMG: 80, +7WAR/PLD/DRK
Dynamis Blade758044410.81Dynamis: DMG: 85, +9WAR/PLD/DRK
Valhalla758644411.62Dynamis: "Scourge"WAR/PLD/DRK
Ragnarok758643111.97Accuracy +20, "Scourge", Increases Rate of Critical HitsWAR/PLD/DRK

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