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Mission 1: Cavernous Maws
Summary: Upon approaching a cavernous maw outside of Jeuno, you are engulfed in a ball of light and swallowed whole by the maw. Next thing you know, you're standing in what appears to be another dimension -- a barren, orange realm with a giant, gaping mouth open in the sky above. Then, you dissappear, and moments later a magical cat materializes where you had stood, curious about whether someone had been there.

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Mission 2: Back to the Beginning
Summary: You wake up outside the walls of Jeuno, in the peak of the Crystal War. Armed chocobo knights, who had been discussing the appearance of cavernous maws, wake you up, urging you to find a safe haven. Here's where the paths split.

If you want to align yourself with Windurst, head to Garliage Citadel and obtain a recommendation letter to bring to Windurst Waters (S). To align yourself with San d'Oria, get a recommendation letter from Garliage Citadel and head to Southern San d'Oria (S). To align yourself with Bastok, get a recommendation letter from the Eldieme Necropolis and then head to Bastok Markets (S).

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Mission 3: Cait Sith
Summary: Still in the past, you revisit one of the cavernous maws outside of Jeuno and are swalloweed up again. You reappear in that strange realm with the glowing orange sky. The regal feline is there, and he reveals himself as Cait Sith. The feline says he wants to end the Crystal War before irreparable harm is made to history. He asks for your help; you agree to help him.

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Mission 4: The Queen of the Dance
Summary: You enter Southern San d'Oria (S) to find crowds of people moving through the street, heading to see the famous dance troupe, Troupe Mayakov, at Lion Springs Tavern. But you can't get in without a ticket! You head to the present day, where a bystander watching dancers in Upper Jeuno tells you he had a ticket for that show in San d'Oria 20 years ago, but that he ended up not being able to go. He still carries his ticket in his pocket; he gives it to you, and you head back to the past to watch the dance performance.

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Mission 5: While the Cat is Away
Summary: Upon returning to San d'Oria (S), you hand your ticket to Mayakov but the dance troupe leader is suspicious of whether it's genuine. Fortunately, Sir Ragelise -- commander of San d'Oria's Ironcrest Hawks -- steps in, vouching for you to gain admittance. You and Ragelise watch the show together; afterward, Ragelise plans with other officers to march their armies upon La Vaule. Mayakov pledges the support of his dancers, who are also lethal warriors who were raised at the convent in La Vaule. The decision is made to depart immediately.

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Mission 6: A Timeswept Butterfly
Summary: As you leave San d'Oria, you spot Cait Sith in the forest of East Ronfaure (S). You engage the regal feline in conversation, when suddenly a group of Troupe Mayakov dancers -- led by the best dancer, Lilisette -- leap from the trees in an attempt to capture the cat. Cait Sith gets away. As Lilisette questions who you are, Ragelise, his knights and some other dancers -- including the dancer Portia -- ride by en route to La Vaule. Lilisette begs them not to go, but they go anyway.

Then Lilisette tells you she knows you're from the future, and confirms that orcs will successfully plunder La Vaule and rename it Davoi... but she says it's not supposed to happen yet. Together, you and Lilisette race toward La Vaule.

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Mission 7: Purple, The New Black
Summary: You and Lilisette find the San d'Orian forces in La Vaule, which is under siege by the dark kindred. After Lilisette fails to convince them that you are from the future -- and that all troops should return to San d'Oria -- the two of you are ordered into battle. The dancer unit, including you and Lilisette, accompany an officer to seek survivors in La Vaule -- but the officer is in cahoots with the enemy, and suddenly you and Lilisette are surrounded by demons. Having realized something was amiss, Sir Ragelise and Portia come to your rescue. Ragelise defeats the demons, but then a strange, shadowed figure from a nearby rooftop blasts Ragelise with a powerful spell, knocking him out.

The officer who led you to that location removes his disguise, revealing himself as the same type of dark, shadowed figure... a faceless, fomar-type being. These faceless beings -- who claim to be working for someone named Lady Lilith -- call forth a powerful dragon to finish you off, but you and Lilisette team up to defeat the dragon.

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Mission 8: In the Name of the Father
Summary: After defeating the dragon, the two dark figures -- Haudrale and Aquila -- disappear, but not before Haudrale grants Lilisette a vision of Vana'diel in ruins. Sir Ragelise has been critically injured; Lilisette reveals she is Ragelise's daughter. After bringing Ragelise to get help in San d'Oria (S), Lilisette tells you she, too, is from the future. She came back through a cavernous maw to attempt to save her father, who died years after the Crystal War from his battle wound. However, events aren't unfolding exactly as they should be, and Lilisette believes Cait Sith is to blame. She asks you to help her capture the regal feline.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cait Sith is actually one of several regal felines, who are meeting in that strange, orange realm. The felines question where you and Lilisette came from, and worry whether you may be attempting to stop their plans...

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Mission 9: Dancers in Distress
Summary: You head to Lion Springs Tavern in search of Lilisette, only to be told by Mayakov that she's probably with Portia at Ragelise's side. You head to Chateau d'Oraguille (S), where Portia is attending to Ragelise; she says he's getting weaker by the day. Portia says Lilisette has left for Jugner Forest in search of the elusive regal feline. Portia recalls how Lilisette told her that both of her parents had died, leaving the young dancer to walk the world alone. Determined, you set off to find Lilisette.

You find Lilisette in Jugner Forest (S), where she captures one of the mysterious caits in a trap. She orders the Cait to take her back in time, before the battle at La Vaule in which Sir Ragelise was wounded. However, the cait says Lilisette's problems do not matter to him. Lilisette says her father must survive, or the decisive Battle of Jeuno will be lost. Then, to Lilisette's amazement, all of the Caits appear. The Caits decide to tell Lilisette about the Cernunnos resin, a powerful medicine that could stave the damage from Ragelise's wound.

Suddenly, the dark figure Aquila appears, destroying two of the Caits with powerful spells. The other Cait Siths manage to flee. Aquila is about to attack you and Lilisette when he's called away by Haudrale. You and Lilisette are safe; but Ragelise needs help, which means you need to track down some Cernunnos resin... but how?

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Mission 10: Daughter of a Knight
Summary: You and Lilisette return to present-day San d'Oria, where Lilisette speaks to an old woman who had once brewed medicine for her father before he died. The woman, Amaura, is well aware of the healing properties of Cernunnos resin, and she agrees to make you some medicine. However, Cernunnos resin must be obtained from mature Cernunnos trees, which take many years to mature. So, you travel back in time, planting a Cernunnos bulb near a lake in Jugner Forest (S). You return to Jugner Forest in the present, where you retrieve the resin after battling the living, mature tree.

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Mission 11: A Spoonful of Sugar
Summary: The old woman in present-day San d'Oria uses the Cernunnos resin to make the medicine for Sir Ragelise. You and Lilisette head back to the past, hoping the powerful potion will make a difference.

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Mission 12: Affairs of State
Summary: You and Lilisette return to Chateau d'Oraguille (S), where Ragelise and Portia are talking with Nag'molada, a representative of the archduke of Jeuno. He informs Ragelise that Jeuno intends to surrender to the beastmen, and that the other nations should do the same. Rather than surrender, Ragelise proposes that reinforcement troops be sent from Windurt, San d'Oria and Bastok to bolster Jeuno's army. Nag'molada reluctantly agrees to ask the archduke about this proposal. As he leaves, Nag'molada corners Portia in the hallway, and he attempts to intimidate her into leaving with him, but she refuses. Nag'molada leaves alone.

Ragelise speaks to King Destin of San d'Oria, who agrees to supply reinforcement troops for Jeuno. Lilisette volunteers herself, you and Halver M Borel -- a member of the San d'Orian government -- to request troops from Windurst and Bastok. You give Ragelise his medicine, then depart for the other nations.

In Windurst and Bastok, the military leaders express shock at Jeuno's desire to surrender. The Windurstian leaders note that Nag'molada is a brilliant military strategist, and that his recommendation to surrender seems highly unusual. Regardless, the military leaders agree they can't let Jeuno fall to the beastmen, and both sides agree to send reinforcements. Halver M Borel hands you a letter, written on behalf of the three nations, to hand to Archduke Kam'lanaut of Jeuno.

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Mission 13: Borne by the Wind
Summary: You and Lilisette arrive in Jeuno to find a giant beastman force waiting outside the gates. Jeuno's soldiers appear to be demoralized and completely uninspired to fight. Despite your news that reinforcement troops are coming, the captain of the Ducal Guard tells you that Nag'molada has already convinced Archduke Kam'lanaut to surrender, and that his mind will not be changed. Nag'molada, who is back in Jeuno, tells you the ceremony for Jeuno's surrender will occur in a cave beneath Batallia Downs.

Just when all seems lost, a Ducal Guard solider comes forward and slips you a key. He tells you to use the key to unlock a hatch just outside of Jeuno, and that the tunnel will lead to the ceremony. He says the soldiers of Jeuno are burning to fight. With not a second to spare, you and Lilisette head to the hatch.

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Mission 14: A Nation on the Brink
Summary: You and Lilisette enter the hatch in Batallia Downs, which leads to Everbloom Hollow. Inside, you find where orcs -- led by One-eyed Gwajboj -- have gathered with the Jeunoan knights. You and Lilisette launch a fierce attack, knocking out many of the orcs. Then, Sir Ragelise, who is revitalized by your medicine, enters the fray, along with reinforcement troops led by Rongelouts N Distaud of San d'Oria (S), Zazarg of Bastok (S) and Romaa Mihgo of Windurst (S). Fighting ensues below and above ground, where the beastman forces invade the streets of Jeuno. The historic Battle of Jeuno has begun.

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Mission 15: Crossroads of Time
Summary: The Allied Forces of Altana win the Battle of Jeuno on both fronts, and One-eyed Gwajboj is killed in the skirmish.

Nag'molada, who had come underground to oversee Jeuno's surrender, leaves without celebrating the victory. Then, mysteriously, Nag'molada reappears -- only now he's saying that he had tried to summon reinforcements from the three nations, only to realize they had already been sent! This leaves you wondering... who was the other Nag'molada? Bruised and battered, the survivors of the Battle of Jeuno gather in Ru'Lude Gardens (S), where Archduke Kam'lanaut declares victory.

Meanwhile, in the skies above Batallia Downs (S), the Caits have gathered for another meeting. The beastmen have appeared to shift their focus from Jeuno to Tavnazia, and events seem to be unfolding as foreseen. When the meeting ends, one regal feline stays to wait for two Caits that never showed up. Aquila appears instead, killing the regal feline. The other dark figure, Haudrale, materializes next to Aquila and says their goals are to destroy all Cait Siths and "the securement of the matron's person." Haudrale and Aquila then return to the mysterious orange realm, where a dark, winged woman emerges from a ball of light.

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Mission 16: Sandswept Memories
Summary: A strange thing is happening to Lilisette -- several people who knew her suddenly don't recognize her! After you encounter Lilisette in San d'Oria (S), she asks you to follow her so you can see exactly what she's talking about.

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Mission 17: Northland Exposure
Summary: Outside the Lion's Spring Tavern, you and Lilisette encounter three dancers from her troupe, and neither one recognizes the two of you. Fortunately, Mayakov and Portia remember you and Lilisette. Lilisette worries that her future is being erased; Mayakov doesn't believe she's from the future, but even he acknowledges larger forces may be at work. Mayakov says he's heard from the knights that two, dark, purple-clad figures -- possibly the two who wounded Sir Ragelise -- were seen in the Valdeunia region. You, Lilisette and Portia head off to Valdeunia to investigate, leaving Ragelise in the care of Sir Noillurie, commander of the Knights of the Red Rose.

Full Transcript: Northland Exposure Spoilers

Mission 18: Traitor in the Midst
Summary: Upon arriving in Beaucedine Glacier (S), you encounter Cait Sith Naoi, one of the several caits. Lilisette tells Cait Sith Naoi how her friends no longer recognize her, which causes the regal feline to believe something is terribly amiss. Cait Sith Naoi suspects one of the other caits is helping the enemy. You, Portia and Lilisette agree to find the traitor, then you set off into the glacier to plant spy devices on the other regal felines.

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Mission 19: Betrayal at Beaucedine
Summary: After planting the spy devices on the other caits, you, Lilisette and Portia return to Cait Sith Naoi. To gain your trust, Naoi reveals that he and the other caits were born from the tears of Altana, who sent them to Vana'diel to end the Great War. Your conversation is interrupted when your spy devices real that a cait is on the move.

Not far away, your group finds Cait Sith Ceithir talking with a large, galka fomor-type figure who appears similar to Aquila and Haudrale. Lilisette and Naoi fall into the open, giving your group away. The galka figure orders a group of demon henchmen to finish you off. Your group engages the demons in a fierce battle.

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Mission 20: On Thin Ice
Summary: Your group defeats the demons. The dark galka introduces himself as Larzos, Captain of the Bismuth Musketeers and a Spitewarden of Lady Lilith. He and Cait Sith Ceithir warp away as a giant avalanche crashes toward you down the glacier. At the last moment, two ahrimen encircle Lilisette and Portia in a protective bubble and carry them away. You and Cait Sith Naoi are buried in the avalanche.

Meanwhile, Lilisette and Portia are in a dark dungeon, facing a large, mysterious woman in a black, gothic dress. Larzos is there, and he asks which dancer the woman has been seeking; she points to Portia. The woman tells Portia she can save Ragelise, but that Portia must join her. She also tells Lilisette the future she knew will cease to exist, which is why people are forgetting who she is. The woman hurls a spell at Lilisette, and Portia commands the woman to leave her alone. The woman stops attacking Lilisette, but orders the two dancers to be imprisoned.

Back on the glacier, Naoi is convinced these villains have arrived to alter the future. He instructs you to return to Southern San d'Oria (S) and share what has happened with Sir Ragelise.

Upon returning to San d'Oria, Ragelise is devastated by the news of the dancers being captured. The battle commanders Vestillet and Noillurie make plans to lead their troops to Beaucedine Glacier (S) where they can ambush the enemy and search for Lilisette and Portia. You and Cait Sith Naoi develop a plan of your own -- to join with the troops and search for the dancers while the ambush is raging. Determined, you begin speaking with San d'Orian soldiers to gain their favor to be allowed on the journey to the glacier.

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Mission 21: Proof of Valor
Summary: You gain enough support from the troops of San d'Oria to impress commanders Noillurie and Vestillet. They grant you permission to accompany them to Beaucedine Glacier (S). You leave with the troops immediately.

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Mission 22: A Sanguinary Prelude
Summary: Hiding on the snowy cliffs of Beaucedine Glacier (S), the troops of Noillurie and Vestillet spring their ambush on the passing beastmen forces. As the battle rages, Cait Sith creates a portal through which he can see Lilisette and Portia walking with Larzos through a cave. The cave must be close, because Larzos can hear the sound of the battle overhead. Cait Sith Seachd contacts Cait Sith Naoi and says he's found the opening of a cavern nearby, and Vestillet breaks away from the battle and instructs you to search for Portia and Lilisette. You and Cait Sith Naoi head for the cavern entrance.

Full Transcript: A Sanguinary Prelude Spoilers

Mission 23: Dungeons and Dancers
Summary: You and Cait Sith Naoi enter the cavern, only to be hindered by a series of rock walls. You use bomb monsters and ratstail explosives to blast your way through the cavern, closer to the captives Portia and Lilisette.

Full Transcript: Dungeons and Dancers Spoilers
Mission 24: Distorter of Time
Summary: Deeper into the cavern, you and Cait Sith Naoi finally find the captives Portia and Lilisette -- along with the traitor, Cait Sith Ceithir. After the other surviving caits arrive to confront Ceithir, the traitorous feline speaks about Atomos, the distorter of time and decider of which future will endure. Then Ceithir summons Atomos, which has the appearance of a cavernous maw. Atomos immediately swallows Portia, and suddenly everyone in the cavern is hanging on for dear life to avoid being sucked into the maw.

At that moment, Cait Sith Naoi becomes convinced that you and Lilisette are the Champions of the Dawn who have been foretold by legend, and that you've come to ensure that the Great War ends and the future unfolds as you've known it. Naoi and the other caits allow themselves to be swallowed by Atomos; moments later, a huge cait climbs out of Atomos, causing the distorter of time to disappear. The big cait shrinks down, becoming known simply as Cait Sith.

Just one immediate problem remains -- Cait Sith Ceithir. Cait Sith teams up with you and your party to defeat Cait Sith Ceithir, although he disappears from the battlefield before you can strike him down.

Full Transcript: Distorter of Time Spoilers

Mission 25: The Will of the World
Summary: The battle with Cait Sith Ceithir is over. The traitorous feline -- who is critically injured -- allows himself to be swallowed up by Atomos. Cait Sith tells you and Lilisette to allow yourselves to be devoured as well. You do as told, disappearing into the void with Cait Sith.

Suddenly you're back in the strange, orange realm, but you're not alone -- the portentous woman and her spitewardens are there, as well as Portia and Cait Sith Ceithir. The portentous woman destroys Ceithir as punishment for allowing Portia to be swallowed up. She then introduces herself as Lady Lilith, the leader of Vana'diel.

Lilith reveals she is from the future as well, but not the future that you came from. In her reality, the Crystal War never ended, and conflict rages on. She also reveals the name of the strange, orange realm -- it's called the Walk of Echoes. This mysterious realm contains all of the memories that were devoured and disposed of by Atomos, including the lost memories of Lilisette's dancer friends. Lady Lilith asks Portia to come with her, and reminds her that she can save Ragelise -- and Portia agrees. As Portia takes Lilith's hand, Lilith calls her "mother." Lilith offers you a chance to join her as well, and then she, Portia and the spitewardens disappear.

You and Lilisette wake up on Beaucedine Glacier (S). The battle between San d'Oria's forces and the beastmen army has just ended; unfortunately, the ambush was not strong enough to thwart the enemy's plans. You and Lilisette accompany Noillurie, Vestillet and the troops back to San d'Oria (S) to regroup.

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Mission 26: Fate in Haze
Summary: You and Lilisette return to Southern San d'Oria (S) to update Sir Ragelise on what happened to Portia, only to make a startling discovery -- Ragelise has no recollection of either of you! Lilisette runs from the chateau, and you give chase, finding her outside, alone, beneath a tree.

Back in the chateau, Ragelise is confronted by a soldier who asks of his military plans, to which Ragelise replies he intends to march with his knights to Xarcabard. The solider asks Ragelise whether winning the battle -- and the war -- would be worth it at the expense of losing Portia. When push comes to shove, the soldier asks, will Ragelise follow his duty or his heart? Then he shares a suggestion with Ragelise...

Back outside, you and Cait Sith reassure Lilisette that all is not lost, and the young dancer vows to keep fighting for her future. You conclude that Lady Lilith is from a future in which the Crystal War did not end, and thus the way to preserve the future you and Lilisette came from is to bring an end to the Crystal War. You must also rescue Portia, to keep her from being manipulated further by the dark Lady Lilith.

Meanwhile, in the dark skies of Xarcabard (S), Lady Lilith floats on a magical platform with a spitewarden of each race. Before her is Castle Zvahl. She orders her spitewardens to prepare for war.

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