Quests: Side Quest

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Cursed Armor -> Adaman Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Armada Breeches, Adaman Mufflers, Armada Hauberk, Armada Sollerets, Armada Mufflers, Armada Celata, Adaman Hauberk, Adaman Breeches, Adaman Sollerets, Adaman Celata  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Hecatomb Armor1Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Hecatomb Cap, Hecatomb Cap +1, Hecatomb Subligar +1, Hecatomb Subligar, Hecatomb Leggings +1, Hecatomb Mittens +1, Hecatomb Harness +1, Hecatomb Leggings, Hecatomb Mittens, Hecatomb Harness  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shadow and Valkyrie's Breastplate Set (R)0Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shadow Breastplate, Shadow Cuishes, Shadow Gauntlets, Shadow Helm, Shadow Sabatons, Valkyrie's Breastplate, Valkyrie's Cuishes, Valkyrie's Gauntlets, Valkyrie's Helm, Valkyrie's Sabatons,    Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shadow and Valkyrie's Coat Set70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shadow Clogs, Valkyrie's Hat, Shadow Cuffs, Shadow Coat, Shadow Trews, Valkyrie's Cuffs, Valkyrie's Clogs, Valkyrie's Coat, Shadow Hat, Valkyrie's Trews, Shadow Cuishes,    Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shura Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shura Haidate, Shura Togi +1, Shura Kote +1, Shura Togi, Shura Zunari Kabuto, Shura Sune-ate +1, Shura Sune-Ate, Shura Haidate +1, Shura Zunari Kabuto +1, Shura Kote  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor > Crimson Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Crimson Finger Gauntlets, Crimson Greaves, Blood Mask, Blood Finger Gauntlets, Blood Cuisses, Blood Scale Mail, Crimson Cuisses, Blood Greaves, Crimson Mask, Crimson Scale Mail  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor > Koenig Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Kaiser Diechlings, Koenig Schuhs, Kaiser Handschuhs, Koenig Cuirass, Koenig Schaller, Kaiser Schuhs, Koenig Handschuhs, Kaiser Cuirass, Koenig Diechlings, Kaiser Schaller  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor > Zenith Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Dalmatica +1, Zenith Pumps +1, Zenith Slacks +1, Zenith Mitts, Zenith Crown +1, Dalmatica, Zenith Crown, Zenith Mitts +1, Zenith Slacks, Zenith Pumps  Side Quest  
Cursed Beverage -> Amrita (R)1Aht Urhgan Whitegate Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Amrita  Side Quest  
ENM Vision Rewards (R)1Ru'Lude Gardens Venessa (H - 10) Parrying Earring, Dark Earring, Singing Earring, Ninjutsu Earring, Buckler Earring, Enfeebling Earring, Elemental Earring, Guarding Earring, String Earring, Evasion Earring, Augmenting Earring, Wind Earring, Divine Earring, Summoning Earring, Healing Earring, Oversized Fang, Habu Skin, Rheiyoh Leather, Super Cermet, Tiger Eye, Toreador's Ring, Safety Mantle, Astral Rope  Side Quest  
Enif and Adhara Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Enif Corazza, Enif Cosciales, Enif Gambieras, Enif Manopolas, Enif Zucchetto, Adhara Crackows, Adhara Gages, Adhara Manteel, Adhara Seraweels, Adhara Turban,    Side Quest  
Homam and Nashira Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Homam Corazza, Homam Cosciales, Homam Gambieras, Homam Manopolas, Homam Zuchetto, Nashira Crackows, Nashira Gages, Nashira Manteel, Nashira Seraweels, Nashira Turban  Side Quest  
Murzim Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Murzim Gambieras, Murzim Cosciales, Murzim Corazza, Murzim Manopolas, Murzim Zucchetto,    Side Quest  
Obtaining a Sahagin Key (R)1Norg Gimb (H - 9) Sahagin Key  Side Quest  
Quivers and Pouches1None Nokkhi Jinjahl Beetle Quiver, Bone Quiver, Bronze Bolt Quiver, Darksteel Bolt Quiver, Demon Quiver, Horn Quiver, Iron Quiver, Kabura Quiver, Scorpion Quiver, Silver Quiver, Stone Quiver  Side Quest  
Sea God Rewards1Tavnazian Safehold Meret Bellona's Ring, Aureole, Virtue Stone Pouch, Astute Cape, Mars's Ring, Raphael's Rod, Minerva's Ring, Novia Earring, Altruistic Cape, Futsuno Mitama, Merciful Cape, Novio Earring, Ninurta's Sash  Side Quest  
Shedir Armor1Mhaura Wilhelm (G - 10) Shedir Crackows, Shedir Gages, Shedir Manteel, Shedir Seraweels, Shedir Turban,    Side Quest  
Sparkling Light (R)0Batallia Downs (S) Lycopodium (NPC)   Side Quest  
Teleportation to Ru'Aun Gardens1Hall of Transference Teleportation to Ru'Aun  Side Quest  
The Mog Tablets1Ru'Lude Gardens Explorer Moogle (H - 9) Bloodwood Log, Talaria, Kupofried's Ring, Adaman Ingot, Noble's Bed,    Side Quest  
Waking the Beast70La Theine Plateau Leviathan's Couse, Ramuh's Mace, Titan's Baselard, Garuda's Sickle, Carbuncle's Cuffs, Shiva's Shotel, Ifrit's Bow, Carbuncle's Pole Disturber of Slumber Side Quest  
Walahra Turban1Al Zahbi Gajaad (I - 6) Walahra Water, Walahra Turban  Side Quest  
Witchfire Glen (R)1Grauberg (S) Fay Spring (F-8) Pixie Hate Reset / Gains influence with the Freelance Titania  Side Quest