furnishings (ffxi)  

Furniture can be added to your Mog House to use as decoration and storage. To use furniture, it must be placed in your Mog Safe. Once in your Mog Safe, the furniture can be accessed through the Layout menu function, and your moogle will place it where you think appropriate. After furniture has been placed, your moogle can then use the piece for Mog Storage, allowing even more things to fit into your small, one-room house. Every furniture piece has a storage value of at least one.

Each piece of furniture has a storage value, as well as an affinity for a certain element. The more pieces with like elemental affinity in your Mog House, the greater a specific elemental aura your Mog House emits. Opposite elements, if placed in your Mog House at the same time, will cancel each other out. A furniture piece's elemental affinity can be greater than the value of one, like storage, however you are not told how strong the elemental affinity is. Most pieces will grant you a Moghancement of some kind when placed in your Mog House.

Some furnishings, after Layout placement, and meeting certain conditions, may cause your moogle to interact with you about them in some way. (I.E., you may trigger the quest to expand your Mog Safe, or your moogle might "find" something in your room whilst cleaning and give it to you the next time you speak.)

See Furniture Quests for details on which pieces trigger which reactions.

NameStorage ValueDimensionsPlacementMoghancementElement AffinityElement StrengthHow Obtained
3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Water7Woodworking 92, Clothcraft 48
6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Water8Woodworking 92, Clothcraft 48
9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Water9Woodworking 92, Clothcraft 48
Acolyte's Grief1N/AWallDesynthesis4Purchased: Gekko (Port Jeuno)
Adventuring Certificate1N/AWallLight3Special Event
Alchemist's Signboard11 x 2FloorAlchemy10Guild Item: Alchemy 200,000 GP
Alchemist's Tools12 x 2Floor or TableDesynthesis4Alchemy ??
Aldebaran Horn31 x 2Floor or TableMoney6Special Event
Amiga Cactus21 x 1Floor or TableUnknown4Woodworking 55, Alchemy ??
Amigo Cactus22 x 2Floor or TableUnknown4Woodworking 55, Alchemy ??
Amir Bed14 x 6FloorExperience6Goldsmithing 79, Clothcraft 59
Ancient Blood1N/AWallDesynthesis3Quested
Arcane Flowerpot11 x 1Floor or TableEarth4Quested
Armoire143 x 2FloorWater9Woodworking 90, Goldsmithing 49
Armor Box52 x 2FloorWater2Purchased: Justi, S San d'Oria
Athenienne11 x 1FloorGardening2Smithing 27, Goldsmithing ?? Woodworking ??
Autumn's End1N/AWallDark5Purchased: Gekko (Port Jeuno)
Bahut81 x 4Floor*Gardening10Woodworking 40
Bastokan Flag1N/AWallBastok Conquest9Bastok Rank 10
Bastokan Tea Set12 x 3Floor or TableUnknownUnknownUnknown at this time
Bastokan Tree13 x 3FloorGardening12004 Starlight Celebration
Bay Aquarium11 x 3Floor or TableWater5Woodworking 89, Alchemy ??
Beverage Barrel12 x 3FloorGardening4Woodworking 67, Cooking 32
Black Hobby Bo12 x 1FloorDark1Woodworking 83
Black VCS Plaque11 x 1Floor or TableDark1Chocobo*
Blackhorn1UnknownFloor or TableUnknownUnknownPankration 1st Place
Blacksmith's Signboard12 x 1FloorSmithing10Guild Item: Smithing 200,000 GP
Blue 3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Ice7Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Blue 6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Ice8Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Blue 9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Ice9Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Blue Bamboo Grass22 x 3FloorMoney3Special Event
Blue Hobby Bo11 x 2FloorUnknown1Woodworking 83
Blue Pitcher41 x 1Floor or TableWater2Special Event
Blue VCS Plaque11 x 1Floor or TableIce1Chocobo*
Bomb Lantern11 x 1Floor or TableFire2Special Event
Bonbori22 x 2Floor or TableGardening3Special Event
Boneworker's Signboard11 x 2FloorBonecraft Skill10Guild Item: Bonecraft 200,000 GP
Book Holder11 x 1FloorDesynthesis1Woodworking 31; Purchased from Cauzeriste or Chaupire, Northern San d'Oria
Bookshelf205 x 2Floor*Fire8Woodworking 95, Goldsmithing 5
Brass Flowerpot11 x 1Floor or TableEarth1Goldsmithing 16; Purchased from: Boytz, Bastok Mines
Bronze Bed14 x 6FloorExperience6Smithing 19, Clothcraft 19
Bronze Rose11 x 1Floor or TableLightning10Smithing 99, Goldsmithing ??
Bronze Trophy11 x 1Floor or TableUnknown21st Place in CRA Classics Race
Buckler Plaque1N/AWallRegion4Goldsmithing 94, Woodworking ??, Clothcraft ??
Bureau23 x 2FloorEarth3Woodworking 75, Smithing 41
Cabinet73 x 2Floor*Water9Woodworking 81
Caisson35 x 2Floor*Gardening3Woodworking 38, Smithing 30
Carpenter's Signboard11 x 2FloorWoodworking Skill10Guild Item: Woodworking 200,000 GP
Cartonnier202 x 6FloorGardening8Woodworking 97, Smithing ??
Ceramic Flowerpot11 x 1Floor or TableEarth1 Purchased from: Pirvidiauce, Northern San d'Oria
Chest33 x 1Floor*Water4Woodworking 61
Chiffonier62 x 2Floor*Water8Woodworking 73, Smithing 26
Chocobo Bedding15 x 5FloorExperience2Purchased from: Albinie, Port San d'Oria
Cleaning Tool Set11 x 2FloorEarth2Assault ??? Box appraisal
Clockwork Egg11 x 1Floor or TableRegion4Special Event
Coffee Table13 x 5Floor*Region7Woodworking 95, Clothcraft ??, Goldsmithing ??
Coffer54 x 2Floor*Water4Woodworking 63, Goldsmithing 11
Commode63 x 2Floor*Water9Woodworking 77
Console62 x 3Floor*Lightning6Woodworking 69, Smithing 40
Cordon Bleu Set12 x 3Floor or TableCooking Skill9Guild Item: Cooking 150,000 GP
Credenza71 x 3FloorUnknown7Woodworking 84
Crystal Rose11 x 1Floor or TableLight10Alchemy 100, Goldsmithing 56
Crystal Stakes Bronze Cup11 x 1Floor or TableExperience2Place 3rd in the Crystal Stakes
Crystal Stakes Gold Cup11 x 1Floor or TableExperience4Place 1st in the Crystal Stakes
Crystal Stakes Mythril Cup11 x 1Floor or TableExperience3Place 2nd in the Crystal Stakes
CS Bronze Stand11 x 1FloorGardening1Purchased: Michaela, Chocobo Circuit
CS Gold Stand11 x 1FloorGardening1Purchased: Michaela, Chocobo Circuit
CS Mythril Stand11 x 1FloorGardening1Purchased: Michaela, Chocobo Circuit
Culinarian's Signboard12 x 1FloorCooking Skill10Guild Item: Cooking 200,000 GP
Cupboard63 x 2FloorFire6Purchased: Justi, S San d'Oria
Dark Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableDark2Goldsmithing 98
Desk13 x 3Floor*Region5Woodworking 51, Clothcraft 26
Drawing Desk12 x 3Floor Woodworking Skill9Guild Item: Woodworking 150,000 GP
Dream Coffer21 x 1Floor or TableDesynthesis3Special Event
Dream Platter22 x 2Floor or TableDesynthesis3Special Event
Dream Stocking21 x 1Floor or TableDesynthesis3Special Event
Dresser152 x 1FloorLight4Woodworking 85, Goldsmithing 49, Clothcraft 37+
Drogaroga's Fang12 x 2Floor or TableBonecraft Skill9Guild Item: Bonecraft 150,000 GP
Earth Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableEarth2Goldsmithing 98
Earthen Flowerpot11 x 1Floor or TableEarth1Purchased: Ensasa, Windurst Waters
Elshimo Palm13 x 3FloorGardening2Woodworking 83
Elvaan F Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Elvaan M Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Emeralda13 x 3Floor or TableAlchemy Skill9Guild Item: Alchemy 150,000 GP
Falsiam Vase62 x 2FloorLightning4Smithing 71
Federal Mercenary's Hammock28 x 3FloorExperience6Woodworking 60
Festival Dolls32 x 2Floor or TableFire32008 Doll Festival
Fighting Fish Tank11 x 1Table onlyWater2Woodworking 20, Alchemy 7, Smithing 4
Fire Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableFire2Goldsmithing 98
Fisherman's Signboard11 x 2FloorFishing Skill10Guild Item: Fishing 200,000 GP
Fishing Hole Map1 Wall hangingFishing Skill9Guild Item: Fishing 150,000 GP
Flower Egg11 x 1Floor or TableEarth2Special Event
Flower Stand11 x 1Floor**Lightning2Woodworking 44
Fluoro-flora11 x 1Floor or TableUnknownUnknownAlchemy 80, Goldsmithing ??
Fool's Gold11 x 3Floor or TableGoldsmithing Skill9Guild Item: Goldsmithing 150,000 GP
Freshwater Aquarium11 x 3Floor or TableGardening5Woodworking 80, Alchemy 36
Galka Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Gallipot82 x 2FloorEarth6Alchemy 78+ Woodworking ??
Gilt Tapestry1 Wall hangingClothcraft Skill9Guild Item: Clothcraft 150,000 GP
Golden Fleece1 Wall hangingLeathercraft Skill9Guild Item: Leathercraft 150,000 GP
Goldfish Bowl11 x 1Floor or TableWater2Woodworking 10 Alchemy 7, Smithing 4
Goldsmith's Signboard12 x 1Floor or TableGoldsmithing Skill10Guild Item: Goldsmithing 200,000 GP
Green 3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Wind7Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Green 6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Wind8Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Green 9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Wind9Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Green Bamboo Grass22 x 3FloorMoney3Special Event
Green Hobby Bo12 x 1FloorUnknownUnknownWoodworking 83
Green VCS Plaque11 x 1Floor or TableWind1Chocobo*
Harpsichord42 x 4FloorGardening3Limited*
Hatchling Egg11 x 1Floor or TableRegion4Special Event
Hoary Spire1 Wall hangingMoney3Special Event
Horn Trophy2 Wall hangingUnknownUnknownBonecraft 85, Woodworking 50
Hume F Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Hume M Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Ice Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableIce2Goldsmithing 98
Imperial Standard1 Wall HangingConquest9
Imperial Tapestry2 Wall hangingRegion3
Jeweled Egg11 x 1Floor or TableIce2Special Event
Jeunoan Flag1 Wall HangingCampaign9
Kadomatsu13 x 2FloorGardening1Special Event
Kaiserin Cosmetics11 x 2Floor or TableIce1Purchased from: Denvihr, Port Bastok
Lamp Egg11 x 1Floor or TableEarth2Special Event
Leather Pot41 x 1Floor or TableEarth1Leathercraft 93Alchemy ??, Woodworking ??
Light Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableLight2Goldsmithing 98
Lightning Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableLightning2Goldsmithing 98
Lines and Space1 Wall hangingDesynthesis5Brigand's Chart
Mahogany Bed13 x 6FloorExperience10Woodworking 60, Clothcraft 50
Mandragora Lantern11 x 1Floor or TableFire2Special Event
Maple Table15 x 3Floor*Gardening8Woodworking 16
Marble Bed14 x 6FloorExperience16Goldsmithing 86, Clothcraft ??
Mastersmith Anvil13 x 3Floor or TableSmithing Skill9Guild Item: Smithing 150,000 GP
Matka21 x 1FloorUnknownUnknownAlchemy 19
Melodious Egg11 x 1Floor or TableRegion4Special Event
Millionaire Desk12 x 5Floor*Conquest2Goldsmithing 96, Woodworking 59, Smithing ??
Miniature Airship12 x 3Floor or TableExperience9Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program
Mithra Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
My First Magic Kit12 x 2Floor or TableLightning2Purchased: Uli Pehkowa, Port Windurst
Mythril Bell12 x 2Floor or TableLightning Smithing 100, Goldsmithing ??
Mythril Trophy11 x 1Floor or TableUnknown2Chocobo**
Ngoma2UnknownUnknownWindUnknownWoodworking 77, Leathercraft ??
Noble's Bed14 x 6FloorExperience12Woodworking 78, Clothcraft 56, Goldsmithing 50
Oak Bed14 x 6FloorExperience5Clothcraft 53, Woodworking 49
Oak Table Floor*Gardening9Woodworking 40
Parclose16 x 1FloorUnknownUnknownWoodworking 85
Partition16 x 1FloorGardening4Woodworking 79
Porcelain Flowerpot11 x 1FloorGardening2Alchemy 61
Pumpkin Lantern11 x 1FloorFire2Special Event
Red 3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Fire7Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Red 6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Fire8Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Red 9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Fire9Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Red Bamboo Grass22 x 3FloorMoney3Special Event
Red Hobby Bo12 x 1FloorFire1Woodworking 83
Red Jar72 x 2Floor or TableFire5Chocobo Digging
Red VCS Plaque11 x 1Floor or TableFire1Chocobo*
Reef Aquarium11 x 3Floor or TableWater5Woodworking 89, Alchemy ??
Reliquary82 x 2FloorUnknown2Goldsmithing 73, Woodworking 31
Republican Legionnaire's Bedding46 x 4FloorExperience3Clothcraft 33+, Smithing ??
River Aquarium11 x 3Floor or TableWater5Woodworking 79, Alchemy ??
Rook Banner1 Wall hangingFire7Clothcraft 92, Woodworking ??, Smithing ??
Royal Bed24 x 6FloorExperience24Woodworking 87, Clothcraft 59, Goldsmithing 54
Royal Bookshelf102 x 3Floor*Wind4Woodworking 98, Goldsmithing 10
Royal Squire's Bunk36 x 4FloorExperience4Woodworking 65, Clothcraft 57, Smithing ??
Rusty Bucket11 x 1Floor or TableFishing11Purchased: Kahah Hobichai, Al Zahbi
Saltwater Aquarium11 x 3Floor or TableWater5Woodworking 89, Alchemy ??
San d'Orian Flag1 Wall hangingConquest9San d'Oria Rank 10
San d'Orian Tea Set12 x 3Floor or TableUnknownUnknownAlchemy ??
San d'Orian Tree13 x 3FloorGardening12004 Starlight Celebration
Scimitar Cactus13 x 3TableGardening1Woodworking 79, Smithing 20
Secretaire14 x 3Floor*Region2Woodworking 65
Shell Lamp12 x 3FloorDark10Bonecraft 94, Alchemy ??
Shield Plaque1 Wall hangingRegion3Goldsmithing 84, Woodworking ??, Clothcraft ??
Simple Bed14 x 6FloorExperience3Woodworking 20, Clothcraft ??
Sky Pot72 x 2Floor or TableIce5Brigand's Chart
Snowman Knight42 x 2FloorGardening42008 Happy New Year
Snowman Mage42 x 2FloorGardening42008 Happy New Year
Snowman Miner42 x 2FloorGardening42008 Happy New Year
Star Globe13 x 3Floor or TableRegion10The Tigress Strikes
Stationery Set13 x 2Floor or TableIce3Reap What You Sow
Stripehorn1UnknownFloor or TableUnknownUnknownPlace 2nd in Pankration
Tableware Set13 x 2Floor or TableLightning3Expertise
Tanner's Signboard12 x 1FloorLeathercraft Skill10Guild Item: Leathercraft 200,000 GP
Tarutaru Desk24 x 2FloorGardening4Woodworking 36
Tarutaru F Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Tarutaru Folding Screen17 x 1FloorIce3Woodworking 72
Tarutaru M Mannequin74 x 4FloorLight6It's Raining Mannequins!
Tarutaru Stool12 x 2FloorDesynthesis2Woodworking 25
Tea Set13 x 2Floor or TableWater3Woodworking ??
The Big One1 Wall hangingFishing Skill5Woodworking 94, Goldsmithing 41, Alchemy 52
Thurible11 x 1Floor or TableDesynthesis8Goldsmithing 97, Smithing ??
Timepiece11 x 1Floor or TableDark5Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program
Totem Pole13 x 2FloorFire8Woodworking 94, Bonecraft ??
Tsahyan Mask1 Wall hangingDesynthesis3Woodworking 92, Clothcraft 53, Smithing 48
Walahra Burner32 x 2Floor or TableDesynthesis4Goldsmithing 93, Woodworking ??
Wardrobe102 x 2FloorEarth6Woodworking 98, Goldsmithing 60
Wastebasket22 x 2FloorDesynthesis2Donate to Recycling
Water Barrel62 x 2FloorWater4Woodworking 71
Water Cask11 x 1FloorGardening2Purchased: Justi, S San d'Oria
Water Jug22 x 2Floor or TableWater3Purchased: Scamplix, Rabao
Water Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableWater2Goldsmithing 98
Weaver's Signboard11 x 2FloorClothcraft Skill10Guild Item: Clothcraft 200,000 GP
White 3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Light7Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
White 6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Light8Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
White 9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Light9Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
White Jar62 x 2Floor or TableLight5Purchased: Ensasa, Windurst Waters
Whitehorn1UnknownFloor or TableUnknownUnknownPlacing 3rd in Pankration
Wicker Box42 x 2Floor*Wind2Woodworking 35, Leathercraft 30
Wind Lamp11 x 2Floor or TableWind2Goldsmithing 98
Winged Altar2UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownClothcraft ??, Goldsmithing ??
Winged Balance2UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownBonecraft 100
Winged Plaque2UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Windurstian Flag1 Wall hangingConquest9Windurst Rank 10
Windurstian Tea Set12 x 3Floor or TableUnknownUnknownWoodworking ??
Windurstian Tree13 x 3FloorGardening12004 Starlight Celebration
Wing Egg11 x 1Floor or TableEarth2Special Event
Wooden Flowerpot11 x 1Floor or TableUnknown2Brigand's Chart
Workbench17 x 3Floor*Gardening6Woodworking 7
Yellow 3-Drawer Almirah146 x 2Floor*Earth7Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Yellow 6-Drawer Almirah156 x 2Floor*Earth8Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Yellow 9-Drawer Almirah166 x 2Floor*Earth9Clothcraft 72, Alchemy ??
Yellow Hobby Bo12 x 1FloorUnknownUnknownWoodworking 83
Yellow Jar41 x 1Floor or TableEarth2Purchased: Ensasa, Windurst Waters
Yellow VCS Plaque11 x 1Floor or TableEarth1Chocobo*
Chocobo* = Retire an adult chocobo of the appropriate color.
Chocobo** = Finish 1st place in the Dream Race of The Pashhow Swamptrot
Floor* = Must be placed on the floor of your Mog House, but can have things placed on top of it.
Limited* = Redeemed from a code found within Square-Enix memorabilia.

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