AH Listing - Others - Misc.

132 Items found
Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Asphodel  0     
Aster Yggrete Rock  0     
Aster Yggrette Shard I  0     
Aster Yggrette Shard II  0     
Aster Yggrette Shard III  0     
Aster Yggrette Shard IV  0     
Aster Yggrette Shard V  0     
Aster Yggzi Bead I  0     
Aster Yggzi Bead II  0     
Aster Yggzi Bead III  0     
Aster Yggzi Bead IV  0     
Aster Yggzi Bead V  0     
Bell Cricket  0     
Brass Canteen  0     
Bruised Starfruit  0   Xarcabard Dropped 
Cactus Stems  0   Attohwa Chasm, Quicksand Caves Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Cehuetzi Claw  0     
Cehuetzi Ice Shard  0     
Chocobo Ticket  0    Quested 
Chocotrain: STR  0     
Cipher Of Mnejing's Alter Ego  0     
Cipher Of Ovjang's Alter Ego  0     
Cipher Of Sakura's Alter Ego  0     
Colorful Hair  0     
Crawler Calculus  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Damp Scroll  0     
Derfland Humus  0   Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Desert Venom  0   Eastern Altepa Desert, Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Doll Gizmo  0     
Drachenfall Water  0     
Eastern Pottery  0   Fei'Yin Dropped 
Frayed Arrow  0     
Freshwater Fish Set  0    Crafted 
Fruit Seeds  0   Batallia Downs, Crawlers' Nest, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Glowfly  0     
Grain Seeds  0   North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Hatchet  0   Kazham, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Herb Seeds  0   Eastern Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Ichinintousen Koma  0     
Imperial Bronze Piece  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Gold Piece  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Mythril Piece  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Silver Piece  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Infinity Core  0   Dynamis - Bastok, Dynamis - Jeuno, ... Dropped 
Karugo Clay  0   Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) Purchased 
Lambent Earth Cell  0   Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Fire Cell  0   Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Water Cell  0   Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Wind Cell  0   Al Zahbi Purchased 
Leshonki Bulb  0   The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Living Key  0   Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Loam  0   Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Lugworm Sand  0    Quested 
Magicmart Flyer  0     
Mana Barrel  0     
Metal Slime Spirit  0     
Mine Gravel  0   Palborough Mines  
Norg Shell  0   Sea Serpent Grotto  
Northern Fur  0   Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Qufim Island Dropped 
Phlox Yggrete Rock  0     
Phlox Yggrette Shard I  0     
Phlox Yggrette Shard II  0     
Phlox Yggrette Shard III  0     
Phlox Yggrette Shard IV  0     
Phlox Yggrette Shard V  0     
Phlox Yggzi Bead I  0     
Phlox Yggzi Bead II  0     
Phlox Yggzi Bead III  0     
Phlox Yggzi Bead IV  0     
Phlox Yggzi Bead V  0     
Pickaxe  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Pizza Cutter  0     
Pluton Box  0   La'Loff Amphitheater Dropped 
Pumice Stone  0     
Purple Spriggan Spirit  0     
R Chocotrain: DSC  0     
R Chocotrain: STR  0     
Ra'kaznar Visage I  0     
Ra'kaznar Visage II  0     
Ra'kaznar Visage III  0     
Ra'kaznar Visage IV  0     
Ra'kaznar Visage V  0     
Rancor Mantle  0   Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Red Gravel  0   Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Red Spriggan Spirit  0     
Rengedama  0     
River Foliage  0   Windurst Waters Purchased 
Rubber Harness  0   Nashmau Purchased 
Rubber Soles  0   Nashmau Purchased 
Russet Yggrete Rock  0     
Russet Yggrette Shard I  0     
Russet Yggrette Shard III  0     
Russet Yggrette Shard IV  0     
Russet Yggrette Shard V  0     
Russet Yggzi Bead I  0     
Russet Yggzi Bead II  0     
Russet Yggzi Bead III  0     
Russet Yggzi Bead IV  0     
Russet Yggzi Bead V  0     
Rusty Medal  0   Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Rusty Tail Cutter  0     
Saltwater Fish Set  0    Crafted 
Sands of Silence  0   Castle Zvahl Baileys Dropped 
Sea Foliage  0   Windurst Waters Purchased 
She-Slime Spirit  0     
Sickle  0   Al Zahbi, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Skeleton Key  0    Crafted 
Slime Rocket  0     
Southern Mummy  0   Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Spriggan Spark  0     
Starfall Tear  0     
Steam Clock  0   South Gustaberg Dropped 
Suit Of Dullahan Armor  0     
Tenshodo Invite  0    Quested 
Test Answers  0   Inner Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Thief's Tools  0   Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Tree Cuttings  0   Pashhow Marshlands Quested, Dropped 
Tree Saplings  0    Crafted 
Valkurm Sunsand  0     
Vegetable Seeds  0   North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Verdigris Stone  0   Western Adoulin, Yorcia Weald (U) Purchased 
Verdigris Stone +1  0   Western Adoulin, Yorcia Weald (U) Crafted, Purchased 
Verdigris Stone +2  0   Western Adoulin, Yorcia Weald Purchased 
Waktza Crest  0     
Waktza Rostrum  0     
Wandering Bulb  0   Fei'Yin, The Eldieme Necropolis Dropped 
White Butterfly  0     
Wildgrass Seeds  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Worm Mulch  0    Quested 
Yggdreant Bole  0     
Yggdreant Root  0     
Zeruhn Soot  0   Zeruhn Mines Dropped