AH Listing - Materials - Clothcraft

116 Items found
Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Alluring Cotton Cloth  0    Crafted 
Apkallu Feather  0     
Arachne Thread  0    Crafted 
Arachne Web  0   Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Balloon Cloth  0   Phomiuna Aqueducts, Sacrarium Dropped 
Bird Feather  0   Valkurm Dunes, Windurst Woods Purchased, Dropped 
Black Chocobo Feather  0   Bastok Mines, Batallia Downs, ... Purchased 
Bloodthread  0   Pso'Xja Quested, Dropped 
Brilliant Gold Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Cambric  0   Castle Zvahl Keep (S), Xarcabard (S) Dropped 
Cashmere Cloth  0   King Ranperre's Tomb Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Cashmere Thread  0   King Ranperre's Tomb Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Cashmere Wool  0   King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Cheviot Cloth  0   Gustav Tunnel, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Chocobo Feather  0   Bastok Mines, Windurst Woods Purchased, Dropped 
Cilice  0    Crafted, Quested 
Clump of Akaso  0     
Colibri Feather  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Quested, Dropped 
Cotton Cloth  0   Gusgen Mines Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Cotton Thread  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Crawler Cocoon  0   Crawlers' Nest, Giddeus, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Dahu Hair  0   Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Damascene Cloth  0   Jugner Forest, Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Hair  0   West Sarutabaruta (S) Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Dull Gold Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Ensanguined Cloth  0   Fei'Yin Dropped 
Ephemeral Cloth  0   Giddeus Dropped 
Ether Cotton  0    Crafted 
Fine Linen Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Flax Flower  0   Valkurm Dunes, West Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased 
Foulard  0    Crafted, Quested 
Galateia  0    Quested 
Giant Bird Feather  0   Kuftal Tunnel, Meriphataud Mountains Dropped 
Giant Bird Plume  0   Eastern Altepa Desert, Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Gnat Wing  0    Dropped 
Gold Brocade  0    Crafted 
Gold Thread  0   Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Grass Cloth  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Grass Thread  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Hippogryph Feather  0    Dropped 
Hippogryph Tailfeather  0   Riverne - Site #A01 Dropped 
Humidified Velvet  0    Crafted 
Hunter's Cotton  0    Crafted 
Imperial Silk Cloth  0    Crafted 
Incombustible Wool  0    Crafted 
Inferior Cocoon  0   Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Insect Wing  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Quested, Dropped 
Karakul Cloth  0    Crafted 
Karakul Thread  0   Al Zahbi Crafted, Purchased 
Karakul Wool  0    Crafted 
Kejusu Satin  0    Quested 
Ladybug Wing  0    Dropped 
Lineadach  0   Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Linen Cloth  0   Garlaige Citadel, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Linen Thread  0   Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Luminicloth  0   Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Magical Cotton Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Magical Linen Cloth  0    Crafted 
Magical Silk Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Manticore Hair  0   Cape Teriggan, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Marid Hair  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Moblin Thread  0   Oldton Movalpolos Quested, Dropped 
Moblinweave  0    Crafted 
Mohbwa Cloth  0   Arrapago Reef Crafted, Dropped 
Mohbwa Grass  0   Wajaom Woodlands  
Mohbwa Thread  0    Crafted 
Moko Grass  0   Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Oil-Soaked Cloth  0     
Phoenix Feather  0   Monastic Cavern, Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Platinum Silk Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Puk Wing  0    Quested, Dropped 
Radiant Velvet Cloth  0   Beaucedine Glacier Dropped 
Rainbow Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Rainbow Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Rainbow Velvet  0    Crafted 
Raxa  0    Quested 
Red Grass Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Red Grass Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Red Moko Grass  0   Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta  
Rugged Gold Thread  0   Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Sailcloth  0    Crafted 
Sarcenet Cloth  0   Korroloka Tunnel Dropped 
Saruta Cotton  0   Buburimu Peninsula, East Sarutabaruta, ... Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Scarlet Linen Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Sheep Wool  0   Selbina, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Shining Cloth  0   Behemoth's Dominion, Ru'Aun Gardens Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Shiny Gold Thread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Sif's Lock  0    Quested 
Silk Cloth  0   Bostaunieux Oubliette, Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Silk Thread  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Silver Brocade  0    Crafted 
Silver Thread  0   Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Siren's Hair  0   King Ranperre's Tomb, Ru'Aun Gardens Quested, Dropped 
Siren's Macrame  0    Crafted 
Smooth Velvet Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Spindle  0   Windurst Woods Purchased 
Spool of Akaso Thread  0     
Spool of Sif's Macrame  0     
Square Of Ancestral Cloth  0     
Square of Akaso Cloth  0     
Taffeta Cloth  0   Bostaunieux Oubliette Dropped 
Tulfaire Feather  0    Dropped 
Twincoon  0   Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Twinthread  0    Crafted, Quested 
Velvet Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Wamoura Cloth  0    Crafted, Quested 
Wamoura Cocoon  0   Halvung, Mount Zhayolm Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Wamoura Hair  0   Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Wamoura Silk  0    Crafted, Quested 
Wolf Felt  0    Crafted 
Wolf Fur  0    Crafted, Quested 
Wool Cloth  0   Konschtat Highlands, North Gustaberg, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Wool Thread  0   Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Yagudo Feather  0   Windurst Woods Purchased, Dropped 
Yoichi's Sash  0    Quested 
Zephyr Thread  0   Windurst Woods Purchased, Quested