Enchantment (Status Effect)  

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Enchantments are beneficial status effects that are placed upon the user of an item until it wears off or is removed. Characters under enchantments may gain varying effects, mainly dependent on the enchanted item. The enchantment effect is separate from other status effects gained from enchanted items.

For example: Jolt Axe gives the user an attack bonus of +3, but a Vulcan Sword, when activated, gives the user Enfire. Since those are different status effects, they will stack.

How to Remove This Effect

  • The duration of enchantments (non-instantaneous) are usually the same as their recast timer. (Mostly 30 minutes)
  • Some enchantments granted by equipment can be ended by removing the source piece of equipment, or by zoning.

How This Effect is Inflicted/Gained



Final Fantasy XI

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