PM 4-2 The Savage  

Start Area: Tavnazian Safehold
Related Areas:Misareaux Coast
Monarch Linn
Riverne - Site #B01
Related Mobs:Justinius (J - 6)
Mission:4 - 2
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Giant Scale
This Quest requires Promathia
This Mission is Not Skippable
Previous Mission: PM 4-1 Sheltering Doubt
Next Mission: PM 4-3 The Secrets of Worship
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Mission Orders

Ulmia is determined to know the truth, and is ready to revisit Bahamut to learn it. Enlist the aid of Tenzen and Justinius to help you find Ulmia before something terrible occurs.


Check on another Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) Misareaux Coast for another cutscene and you will be able to access to Riverne Site B01 this time from the Spatial Displacement. B01 has a level cap of LV50 this time so make sure you have the right equipment prepared at Safehold first. The navigation pattern for B01 is more or less the same as A01 in Chapter 2, where you'll need 1 Giant Scales from the Pyrodrake wyverns to pass through the Unstable portal. The final spatial displacement at (E-8) will bring you to the BC holding area of Monarch Linn.

BC fight of LV50 against the great dragon of Ouryu. This dragon has the ability to fly, which makes all close range attacks useless.

After the fight, return to the safehold. Go to the top floor and talk to Justinus at (J-6) for a cutscene. This mission is done procede to the next.

Ouryu's Tactics

Mob TP Moves

TP moves on the ground:

  • Absolute Terror: Terrorizes whoever has hate for roughly 30 seconds. Players who are terrorized are frozen in place and cannot do anything.
  • Geotic Breath: Frontal earth-based cone attack. Tank can take roughly 700 damage if standing directly in front of Ouryu. Damage is less if standing slightly off to the sides (on Ouryu's feet).
  • Spike Flail: Devastating AoE attack used if someone behind Ouryu takes hate. Utsusemi shadows will absorb this attack.
  • Horrid Roar: Dispels up to 10 buffs on a single target, including food effects.
  • Typhoon Wing: Frontal AoE attack that does 100-180 damage, as well as blind.

TP moves in the air:

  • Bai Wing: AoE earth damage that does up to 385 dmg unresisted. Also causes the effect of slow.
  • Ochre Blast: AoE earth damage that does around 400 damage.

Other Ouryu attacks and abilities

  • Evasion and spell resistance boost while airborne: Ouryu gains evasion boost which cannot be dispelled, as well as an increased resistance to sleep and other spells.
  • Touchdown: AoE damage of roughly 140 dmg per player when Ouryu lands without the party using a mistmelt.
  • Alternates between walking and flying every 2 minutes.
  • Usually uses invincible when around 70 percent health.
  • Uses a powerful stoneskin at the start of the fight, and he recasts later on.
  • Casts Slowga
  • Casts Stoneaga II
  • Ouryu's attacks on the ground are physical.
  • Ouryu's airborne attacks are elemental and will ignore utsusemi, invincible and other forms of physical damage reduction. His unresisted attacks while flying do 280 dmg.

Other Ouryu Notes

  • When Ouryu takes off, the wyrm can be brought back to earth using a Mistmelt. These items are obtained through the quest Fly High. They can also be bought from the auction house.
    • Don't use mistmelts on Ouryu if he's asleep in the air, as the mistmelt won't work until the wyrm wakes up.
  • Ouryu is resistant all forms of stun.
  • Ouryu can be slept with sleep and repose.
  • Blind, Paralyze and Silence all stick on Ouryu, but resistance builds after a few casts.
  • Slow does not stick on Ouryu.
  • Ouryu will return to his starting position and regen to full if the party is KO'd.

BCNM Strategy for Standard Party Setup

This setup assumes you have a tank, a healer, a support job and three magic or physical damage dealers.

What to bring to the fight

  • Plan on bringing eight mistmelts per fight; that's enough mistmelts to ensure victory despite most of the worst situations, assuming the party remains focussed and doesn't panic.
  • Tanks and melee DDs should bring hi-potions.
  • Paladin tanks (recommended for this fight) should also bring Yagudo drinks and hi-ethers.
  • Mages should also bring ethers and yagudo drinks. A Vile elixir is also helpful.
  • Other regen drinks are also recommended.
  • All party members should also bring reraise.
  • Someone in the party must have dispel or an alternative form of dispel.
  • Someone in the party must have Sleep II.
  • barstonra and repose are extremely helpful.

Battle Plan

  1. Split up mistmelts among tank and melee DDs and establish a mistmelt order.
  2. Enter BCNM, buff up and rest.
  3. Begin the fight by running in and sleeping Ouryu. The tank and melee DDs should get in position by standing on Ouryu's front feet. Tank provokes/flashes to grab hate. Mages stand off to the side of Ouryu, BUT NOT BEHIND OURYU, to avoid frontal AoE attacks and spike flail.
  4. Once Ouryu is sleeping, immediately cast dispel on Ouryu to remove his stoneskin.
  5. Tank and melee engage the moment Ouryu's stoneskin is gone. Mages should cast barstonra on melees and paralyze and silence on Ouryu.
  6. Ouryu will take off 2 minutes after being hit with the first sleep. Tank and melees should stay in place and immediately use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down.
  7. Ouryu lands, fighting continues. Watch for Ouryu to recast dispel after landing. Dispel must always be removed immediately.
  8. Continue this cycle until Ouryu uses invincible.
  9. When Ouryu uses invincible, ALL MELEES DISENGAGE. Mage immediately sleeps Ouryu. Take this opportunity to cure melees and rest mp.
  10. Ouryu will most likely fly the moment he wakes up. Immediately bring him down with a mistmelt. Resume fighting, as his invincible has worn off. Watch for stoneskin recast.
  11. Continue until Ouryu's health is around 55 percent. At that point, everyone should unleash two-hour abilities (except ninjas). Be ready to use a mistmelt to bring Ouryu down quickly if needed, and watch out for stoneskin recast. The blast of 2-hrs is usually enough to bring Ouryu to 30 percent, when he gives up.

If at any point in the battle things begin to go south, sleep Ouryu and allow mages to rest. Remember that Ouryu usually takes flight after waking up from sleep (because 2 minutes have passed), so have someone ready to use a mistmelt. Ouryu can then be slept again upon landing. This can give your party valuable time to rest mp or unweaken members who had been KO'd. This is where bringing extra mistmelts can be extremely beneficial.

Mission Series

Final Fantasy XI

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#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 01 2006 at 12:40 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) WELL MY LS JUST DID IT (TAB KEY ON HADES SERVER) AND WE HAD A LINEUP OF
RE: did it
# Mar 06 2006 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
495 posts
It'd make you look like less of a fool if you turned the caps lock off.
RE: did it
# Mar 07 2006 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
40 posts
i dunno, even with caps lock off he still looks like a fool saying the drk/nin used boost
ouryu Movie
# Feb 27 2006 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
MOVIE killing ouryu (spoiler at end)

Edited, Mon Feb 27 18:17:21 2006
n00b question:
# Feb 25 2006 at 7:11 AM Rating: Decent
87 posts
I know it's lame, but hell....

Does stun in anyway awakens the Ouryu or shorten it's sleep period?

I don't think so, but I need 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc...) opinion.

Regular Setup Take Down
# Feb 19 2006 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
2,393 posts

Pwned him pretty bad. It was a smooth fight, me and the DRK were able to chip away at his HP pretty easily. I had all the mistmelts and kept my fingers over the macro for them so he was never in the air more than a few seconds. BLM was doing his smaller nukes. PLD got terrorized so we slept Ouryu, that was the only time we slept him.

At about 55% I hit my 2hr, full buffed and used Raging Axe, did around 350 DMG, used a Wing and hit a second WS, about 300 DMG. DRK did a vorpal Scythe, didnt see damage, then hit a wing but Ouryu took off as it went off so it missed. BLM finished Freeze at this point and he went down. No deaths and PLD only hit red HP once or twice after that geotic breath or whatever its called.
nin tank no blm lol we beat his ass
# Feb 18 2006 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
smn 2 rdm nin war and whm, war died at very end, just followed what was said in guide here, smn 2 houred at end, im 75 pld, but i didnt have any lvl 50 pld stuff, but very good 50 nin stuff hehe. Dont listen to all the negativety if u have good party u can beat this guy, ^^ good luck
I'm 75 ninja and 75 paladin ffxi, and 70 dranai war for WoW. I prefer WoW, the pvp is exciting and fun. If you think you can gank me giterdun, and if successful youll have my respect LOL :)
# Feb 16 2006 at 5:16 PM Rating: Default
177 posts
Overall Ouryu is an easy fight with the right setup, but not so much with a basic setup.

First attempt:

Needless to say we were slaughtered, we wanted to get him to a decent amount of dmg before we used any MM so we wouldnt have to farm them again incase we lost (we only had 4 >.>). Ouryu's attacks go through shadows when he's flying fyi so....bring mistmelts if you use nin >.>
Second Attempt:

Same people new setup, needless to say, we pawned it. Aeriel Armor + Defender + Ancient Circle + Dragon Killer and I only got hit like twice in the 20 seconds I had him engaged before freezex4 went off. The Drg and Rng's job was to take off his Stoneskin and tank him while the first freezes went off, then mistmelt, sleep, freezex4, mistmelt, sleep, freeze
The Rng/Nin also casted Huton to lower Ouryu's resistence to freeze during the second and third casting of freezes
Easy as pie.
# Feb 13 2006 at 5:39 PM Rating: Decent
79 posts
Cleared this a few days ago with the following setup:

Blm/Whm (me)

We totally obliterated Ouryu; she didn't stand a chance. Dragoons have RIDICULOUS offensive power against her, and within 30 seconds we'd done 15% damage to get her flying. All we used were normal attacks from the Dragoons; White Mage kept the tank and others healed; I did my best to keep Ouryu silenced, support heal, and cast the occasional Aero II spell (I only actually cast Aero II one time during the entire battle, it went that fast O_o;;), and slept it once when the Ninja lost hate from all of the healing we were tossing around. The only WS we actually had time to use was a Double Thrust at the end, which finished off the battle. I didn't cast Freeze once. We went through four mistmelts.

Drg/Whm is an invaluable healer for this - when someone's HP goes below orange, have them cast Barstonra. That'll trigger Healing Breath, which is quite useful for this. Not to mention their damage output vs. a dragon is obscenely high. Bring a few Dragoons for this! You won't regret it.

Not counting the 8 minutes we used for preparing at the start (dunno how we took that long xD) we finished the battle in roughly 7 minutes.

Edited, Mon Feb 13 16:41:12 2006
RE: Easy as pie.
# Feb 14 2006 at 3:32 AM Rating: Default
265 posts
well ok did this a total of 7 times on 3 different days with my set.. prob with us we had no pld... so first time we went in..

first of all we got pwned, basically cause nin went down wayyyy to fast, and had no mistmelts, which brings to lesson #1
==>mismelts = the key to success

2nd attempt we made was a manaburned style
4BLMs 1drk 1 leech

==> make sure the BLMs are good, we had 2 terrible BLMs that ****** us and made us wipe 3 times, they were n00bs wouldnt cast or sleep..

3 attempt we orginally went manaburn style
4 BLMs 1 rdm 1 leech,
now in reality this is a great setup, but our BLMs ran outa mp in the end, and got ******* btw burned there ES on Freeze and didnt have for sleep..

ok now to get to the good stuff what is successful..plus a funny thing that did on my run ( i was last)

we went in as BLM BLM BLM RDM NIN DRK

ok strategy goes as follows, please for the love of god make a sleep order with ES! save the ES for sleeps.. IMO the sleeps are more important than the freeze... now 3-5 mistmelts is a requirement!, not a luxury... u will see why..

-rdm goes in first, ES (first ES in order) and sleep IIs (i didnt know if that sleep 1, sleep 2 worked, our rdm didnt waisted MP he said)
-once its sleep a LEAD BLM calls out a time to start casting, ( this would have helped us on 2nd run gets rid of n00b confusion)
-RDM at same time, dispels, silences, and gravities [see why in sec]

after the 1st volly a freeze lands have the leech waiting with his 3-5 mistmelts, for the love of god have it macroed /item "Mistmelt" <t>
ok heres tip: wait for it to be in the air to use it, if u use it as hes lifting off, he will resist you ( yea resist) so use it once hes in the air, i will get to how it is safe in a min..

-getting back to that sleep order, a BLM should be ready with ES and casting Sleep 1 here, WHEN ITS ON THE GROUND~ cant stress this enough its important he cant be slept in the air.. with RDm slapping on sleep2 after sleep 1 lands.. this helps it stick longer..
- now BLMs should be resting mp, getting ready for timer, with rdm keeping an eye on it, i will get to how the rdm keeps an eye on it in a min..
-head BLM calls out time, and begins casting 2nd volly.
-volly lands, leech waiting for it to lift off (my time it didnt so we skipped this step) and uses mistmelt
-3rd in the ES sleep order sleeps it...
-it could be dead here, but we did it one time and it was at 50% so dont think its a sure thing
-ok heres where the BLMs could be running low on mp, if you brought Ethers, use now, get MP, now is when ouryu's resistant to sleep comes, so have that 4th BLM (if u have ready for ES sleep)..
-set up the time and pound it with a last volly..

so this is basic manaburn setup right... now heres what having a drk is good for...

every time he flew the drk would spam a stun, and bind it, this helped ALOT because it wasnt going ******* on the mages, this gave the leech time to bring it down, and to be slept.. now the rdm every time it flies should be casting bind, and gravity.. tell u why, again time to bring down, and because a slow moving ouryu can save a BLMs life...

now, also another thing, it helps to stay the **** outa the way, if your the mistmelt man, u need to be close, also the rdm and drk, but time it so your there when the freezes land... after freezes land the BLMs need to find a far place to go and get away... because all hate will be on them.. so DRK = good thing, Ninja = really a leech was completely useless ( we tried him tanking and doing slow dmg, but he went down first min and switched to MB)

now heres the goody .. we beat this guy at 5 people, down a BLM, he d/c and we sorta waiting and got sick of it, and we arent n00bs so we said **** it lets go we got this...

so with drk stunning, rdm doing his debuffs and bind/ sleep when needed... we did this with 2 BLMs... heres how it went..
since i was mnk im in here so we were blm x2 rdm drk mnk

sleep dispel
2 freeze + chi blast ( i timed my chi blast to land with BLMs
mistmelt +stun + bind + gravity
ES sleep
rdm dispel if needed but paralyze debuffs
2 freeze + chi blast (should be ready)
mistmelt +stun + bind + gravity
(resistance built up)
ES SLeep [resist] drk spammed sleep and landed it
rdm reapplied sleep 2
finall volly (had mp they were taru)
freeze x 2
now was outa mistmelts but i had chi blast ready and it was at 37 % so CHI blast

cutscene and yippy done..

so basically if you arent n00bs dont panic, sleep order, mistmelt, and dont be n00bs and focus, this is sooOOo easy... can even do it with 5 ^^ (btw it wont break the record at 5, but i got it cleared and your trying to learn how so :)~ haha)

RE: Easy as pie.
# Mar 05 2006 at 10:43 AM Rating: Decent
1,469 posts
"mistmelts = key to success"

Yet you refer to the person applying mistmelts as 'leech'.

It's just funny how in this game if you don't do 'uber damage', heal or debuff your job gets no recognition.

The whole point of teamwork and strategy is that everyone's part contributes to overall success.

heh, nevermind. Disregard my OT rant.

Edited, Sun Mar 5 09:41:33 2006
Seraph Server OWNED!
# Feb 13 2006 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
5,870 posts
Ok, this scumbum had been ******** us over for the better of a month and half forcing 1/2 of the LS static for CoP to lvl BLM, and thank god we did. We made our way there in record time taking a lil over 10 minutes total including an oops by our PLD. Our first run was a lil messy at 5 BLM and PLD. We beat it in 5 and change barely missing the server record. Our next run was 5 BLM and NIN and we DESTROYED the record clearing it in 3:30, then BLM and SAM, 4 and change. Our final run of the night, WHM for 6th, we went balls out and cleared it in 2:59, WOOHOOOO. By the way, all the BLM subbed NIN, and the fight was Sleep II, Freeze, MM, Sleep II, Freeze, all done. Its as easy as that ^^
Geotic Breath hurts
# Feb 11 2006 at 3:30 AM Rating: Good
901 posts
Geotic Breath Truly is a killer. Tonight My CoP LS and I attempted to finish this for (i think) 14 different people). Lucky me, being the only PLD in the bunch, i got to tank him every fight. Was fairly smooth sailing through most of the fights until the very last for the night. Setup was PLD, SAM, BLM, RDM, RDM, SMN (mostly stragglers of the group) We were literally demolishing him until about 65%. I noticed that every other fight, he would Invincible between 70% and 75% The last Fight, he did not invincible at all. Instead, he used Geotic Breath twice, one which dropped me into Red HP, and the other which came about 2 mins later, which did 721 damage and wiped me out from what HP i had left. I was able to get back up and begin to heal, when he started going crazy again. Sleeps were being resisted left and right, we managed to get off freez and 2 Aerial Blasts, which brought him down to 32%, but also forced him to physically assault everyone. A really crappy wipe(no pun intended).

So in closing, 3 things:
1. Pray he doesn't use Geotic Breath
2. Barstonra like a mad-man if you fear he WILL use Geotic Breath
3. Don't fight him on Darksday
Another TP move
# Feb 06 2006 at 11:58 AM Rating: Decent
435 posts
There is another TP move I haven't seen mentioned anywhere (Perhaps my party is the only group unlucky enough to see it).


We saw it happen once, in the air. AoE damage that has quite a large range. I had recently Drained him, so I was very near full HP. The AoE did 450-550 damage to everyone and wiped everyone but myself. A single hit afterwords took me down also.

Everyone but the tank was behind him at the time. Mages were cure bombing the tank and the WAR and I (DRK) were shooting bolts. Perhaps this is the equivalent of Spike Flail in the air?

Edited, Mon Feb 6 21:27:31 2006
Very fun.
# Jan 24 2006 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent
99 posts
We did this just last night and it was incredibly fun. First run our setup was


Basically for this fight we used Aero2 and Aeroga 2 until he was at around 55% or so and then all 3 blm's used Freeze....Overkill haha. It was kinda scary doing this b/c a few times our pld nearly died. This was nice b/c no 2hrs were needed so we saved them for the second run.

Second run setup was


This time we were gonna try the sleep/nuke method and have the MNK use a fully charged Chi Blast. I'm not sure what happened but our pld went down right before the first set of freezes hit. Basically all hell broke loose. We slept it and were waiting for the recast timers and some mp when he woke surprisingly early. Next followed people going crazy and multiple deaths (I went down as did another blm) and we had him slept again. Both blm's and pld reraised. Pld used 2hr I believe as did all blms and we all just went off. My Freeze hit first but I was able to get that and an Aeroga2 off before I went down for a second time and the other blms were able to finish him off.

The second run wasn't pretty but we went 2/2 and got 7 guys through.

Edited, Tue Jan 24 13:52:12 2006
omg, so easy
# Jan 16 2006 at 2:52 AM Rating: Decent
138 posts
I did this today with members from my ls, and I was stunned at how easy it was. our setup was pld (me) rng, blm, blm, whm and rdm, and we raped that big *** dragon.

we went farming for feathers while we waited for the rng and one of the blms, by the time we were finished we had 18 feathers = 9 mistmelts and they are the reason it all went so easily.

when we went in we buffed as usual, then I went and voked him, flashed, sentinel, and shield bashed. I cured myself, whm cured me, rdm and both blm sat there nuking, rng landed all his shots, which was nice, and he was at 80% hp when he took to the skies the first time.

1 mistmelt used, big *** dragon comes back down and I continue the usual voke, flash, cure 3, wait a bit, repeat.

the moment he hit 50% I popped invincible, both blm popped manafont, they both threw 1 freeze each, rng EES did 1200 dmg (was very impressed) and everything stops as I sit back to enjoy a very cool cutscene.

I was happily surprised at just how easy we found it, but the key to it is most definately to farm for feathers first
OMG was it easy
# Jan 14 2006 at 4:58 AM Rating: Decent
Ok so I start forming a party for this shouting in Lower Jeuno for a Paladin and a Black Mage... The idea was once I got Paladin to just fill in the blanks... well I kept getting requests from blackmages and before I knew it I had 4 and ranger joined and a ninja...
So Blmx4

now for the most part the rng pulled for tailfeathers and Giant scale.. once we had 2 Tailfeathers Nin ran back to town to get a Mistmelt.

Nin never really tanked, The blm's boxed in the enemy and shared hate.

Once we made it to the Boss fight.. Ranger and Nin sat back we ran it slept it.. let go a 4 shot FREEZE it flew nin ran it brought it down.. something went wrong and one of our blm's went down. We didnt even sleep it again let go 3 more Freeze's and it was over.. took a whole 5 mins...
A win :)
# Jan 10 2006 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
259 posts
Last night we beat Ouryu, he was a tough dragon but the cutscenes were very VERY nice!!!

Ok.. Our setup was Whm/Blm (Me), Blm/Whm, Smn/Whm x 2, Sam/Rng and Pld/War.

We had three failed attempts and decided (since we had no mistmelts left) to go a little bit crazy. I would continue what I was doing (Barstonra, Silence and Paralyzing) and Smn #1 would call out Fenrir to do the dispelling move... Although frankly... the dispel didn't work like it mentioned above was resisted. The Blm Sleep 2'd the mob waiting for BP to come back. Once BP back:

Astral Flow x 2 (Garuda) (First Smn hit for 0 due to stoneskin - second 700+)
Sleep 2
Astral Flow x 2
Sleep 2
Astral Flow x 2
Sleep 2 (which saved my life cause during the casting the pld nearly died and I Bene'd)
And another maybe 2 (not sure which spells ~ cause after this point we went to CS and I was so excited that we won)

While the drg was awake getting the astral flows the sam/rng was spamming piercing arrow and did a distortion chain for the first Freeze.

Not a super traditional strategy or party setup (for these battles as most ppl just recommend manaburn) but a win none the less. :)
Sleep, majorly important
# Jan 09 2006 at 7:33 PM Rating: Good
70 posts
Just finished this mission recently, our PT setup was:


Was somewhat of a fun fight, despite him being so intimidating. We had our strategy thought out, were made it to Monarch Linn on Iceday but by the time we got there it was Lightningsday (if that has to do anything, maybe he's weak on that day or Iceday for Freeze). Anyways our strategy was this:

BLMs set up a stun order to stun Stonega II, NIN's shadows down, and when he takes flight. SMN heals a longside RDM who helps dispel. I suggest mages bring your own yag drinks for refresh RDM gotta be focused on curing and dispeling/silence/paralyze. RDM and NIN would be in control of using the Mist Melts, use them as quickly as you can. And NIN can also use their debuffs on it while tanking it, hojo, kuryami, jubaku. And NO DoT what-so-ever. RDM is also main sleeper, if theirs happen to fail BLMs need to ES+Sleep II and should be in order of their stuns. Aslo come prepared with Reraise Earrings just in case and some Hi-Pots for the melee.

This is how we did it... NIN and SMN start out with a SC, Blade: Chi > Double Slap (Shiva). Once done disenguage, release avatar. BLMs then burst with either Blizzard II or Blizzaga. After than RDM does Sleep II. Mages rest a bit, and Ninja continues to voke it and be ready with Mist Melt. After a short time, BLMs then set a time to cast Freeze all at once while SMN prepares with 2 hour with Garuda. (It's important whil casting Freeze to tell your SMN when to 2 hour and Areial Blast so that Freeze doesn't drag Ouryu away and and thus blowing 2 hour for SMN). Aerial blast should land first followed by a volley of 3 Freezes. And SMN needs to release immediatly after 2 hour to avoid waking up Ouryu. Then RDM goes to sleep, if it misses one of the BLMs (first in stun order) ES+Sleep II, and rest up again. Hoping this time another Areial Blast and Freeze x3 will bring him to 30%. During the Freeze i got some hate and i went to ES+Sleep II but Ouryu woke up some how and i ended up eating dirt. I got up thanks to Reraise Earring and 2 hour'd but the other BLMs Freezes brought him to 30% and it was over. So prepare to 2 hour when he's close to being at 30% BLMs.

At times the battle got scary but i think we all did a superb job. ^^b
ALL-BST version of the fight
# Dec 31 2005 at 9:48 PM Rating: Decent
356 posts
Xenorex of Ramuh
Monsters Inc
# Dec 24 2005 at 2:43 PM Rating: Default
well i did this 2x now and by far SMN own this BC
if you have 3+ smn in party its an easy win... i did it with a group config. like
everybody but the smn died and garuda ended up tanking and wining with 7 Aerial Blast on garuda
the second time i went is was with 6 smn.
yeah, thats right 6 smn lol we ended up breaking the record with 3mins. 10 sec its safe to say 7~8 aerial blast from garuda fight is over.. i hope it helps
Ouryu guide, part 1
# Dec 24 2005 at 2:30 AM Rating: Excellent
1,092 posts
FFXIclopedia > IGE dog.

Edited, Fri May 5 08:15:46 2006
Ouryu guide, part 2
# Dec 24 2005 at 2:31 AM Rating: Excellent
1,092 posts
Nin tanks : Ouryu's fast and cannot be slowed without a bard( he's earth-based ). If you don't want to take risks, and you shouldn't, then a stunner in the party is a must. Work with him/her so she stuns as much as possible for your Utsusemi. Timing is gold. I strongly suggest having a redmage in the party to keep both the ninja and the stunner hasted. Stun's recast is 45 seconds without haste, 37 seconds with it. Ouryu will also use slowga several time a fight, so he's not just a b???? to blink tank, he's a dirty b????. I suggest getting at least 5 hi-potions and use them when you can.

Paladin tanks : Hi-Pots x 12, if not more. Sorry, but he's gonna hit you for 70-100 fully buffed, plus the occasionnal 40-50 with Enstone. One whm is not enough to cure, he'll steal hate after 40 seconds. Get a macro ready for the hi-pots, and don't hesitate to use invincible when you're about to die. Note on invincible : When Ouryu starts flying, it's not considering physical damage, but somehow as magical damage. When he flies, he will hits you, invincible or not. If some hi-pots are left because you had a kicking *** pt, save them till next CoP fight ^.^

DDs : The fight is fast and furious, except when Ouryu is slept. No offenses intented, but you guys are the ones that have the most free time, in that, you're not the ones keeping people alive or tanking. So, consider yourself the mismelts users. Again, a macro is useful here ( /item "Mismelts" <t> ) and save precious seconds. The moment Ouryu begin flying, make sure he is flying and not just lifting up, use a mismelt to bring his *** on the ground. War/nins can share the love with nin tanks if they're in trouble, but you won't last long, so be careful. Beforing entering the fight, tell the sleepers to make a 3-5 seconds warning before they cast sleep. If they refuse, beat them up untill they do. Bringing 2 or 3 hi-pots will considerably ease the stress of your healers. Use them after the smalls AoE. Oh, and I'm told dragoons eats Ouryu meat for breakfast. Their anti-dragon abilities are at last useful!!

Side note of thfs : Thf/war is the way to go. /nin is not gonna be needed here. You want Str, not agi or dex because you're not gonna SATA anybody behind Ouryu ( helllooooo Spike Flail ).

Summoners : Untill Ouryu's is 60% down, you'll have the ingrate role of keeping Stoneskin up of on tanks and being back up healer. Yea, I know it sucks, but it's gonna be incredibly helpful, especially with nin tanks. Once he's at 60%. Astral flow with Garuda ( he's earth based ). Except him to fly away after each of your Aerial Blast. Make sure Garuda is near the tank when you use astral flow, as you DON'T want Ouryu to face you mages and with bad luck do a G.Breath.

Redmages and bards : After the tank enter the fight and provoke, the first thing to do is dispeling his Stoneskin. Keep mages refreshed and cure people when Ouryu does a minor ( 150-200 to everyone ) AoE. Red mages with nin tanks, keep them hasted as well as their stunners. Your real role is sleeping Ouryu. Make 2 macros for that. One is a /p macro, make it as big, flashy and obvious as you can, with a <call2>. The 2nd macro is sleep/lullaby itself. When you feel like he is getting out of control, like the tank has been in the orange 2 or 3 times in a short period of time, hit the warning macro and when everyone stops attacking, hit the sleep macro. If everything goes well, it shouldnt happen while Ouryu still has over 80%, yet dont hesitate. Dead people can't help defeating him. Keep Ouryu asleep for long as you need to be ok to start the fight again, but keep in mind the number of mismelts is limited.

Redmages : Silence his *** and keep it that way. Slow wont work no matter what, but paralyze and blind will. No DoT. If with nin tank, keep him hasted, and prepare to do it again after Ouryu uses Slowga. Hi-Ethers x 2 at least.

Bards : I strongly recommend you go with a paladin tank. Haste is too important for ninjas, and white mages are gonna be too busy to deal with that. I suggest earth carrol for everyone, and melee songs on melees and ballad on mages and paladings ( duh ). After you sleep Ouryu, regen/refresh to get the pt up as fast as possible. Battle Elegy on Ouryu, Ice/wind threnody before Freeze or smn's 2hr. hi-ethers can also help.

Black Mages : Ahhh, people are now begging you to join, huh? They're probably right, but you're gonna be busy in this fight. Black Mage is incredibly useful in this fight, as long as you have mp and you dont cross the hate line, because he's gonna spank ya hard. With normal setup, make sure Ouryu stays silenced and paralyzed ( capped enfeebling, {yes, please}. ). Work with the rdm on this. You're also helping out the nin tank if you have one on stun for his/her utsusemi. Don't fool around with that, or he's gonna be in big trouble. Lastly, you're also the sleep masters. Lvl 50, no one has a stronger sleep than a blm with Sleep II ( again, enfeebling ). When a bard or a rdm throws the first sleep, throw Sleep II about 10 seconds later to give more time for the others to rest. As for nuking, Aero II, Aeroga II ( watch that hate ) and Freeze are your tools. Freeze is gonna do around 750 dmg, that's roughly 9-10%, and only if you're well-equipped ( good +INT gear, moldavite earring ) You could try to use sorcerer's ring's latent and reach 825-850, but that's a suicide considering you're already in yellow/oj hp. Hi-Ethers x 2

White mage : Pretty much usual fight. Keep Barstonra up all the time. I would focus curing only the tank, and whoever Ouryu targets, if I were you, and let back up healers cure the others that get hurts by the AoE. If you're having 100 mp or less, tell your rdm, bard or blm to sleep so you can rest. If you don't have a rdm, you're gonna have to erase/haste whoever absolutely needs it. That excludes fancy melees. Keep everyone alive and in good shape. Mushroom Stew is nice food, as usual. -4 enmity +40 mp +4mnd and +4 hnm. I won't advice hi-ehters for you unless you have a rdm and a blm that will take care of the curing while you use it.

Cookie-cutter parties :

Pld, brd, blm, whm, dd #1, dd#2

Nin, rdm, whm, smn, drk, dd#2.

2nd method :

"Anything that can be slept can be .... manaburned." - A blackmage on Lakshmi

I mentioned earlier our nin getting killed by his big frontal AoE attack shortly after we started fighting. We still won. The party setup was blm blm rdm war sam whm. Our initial plan was letting the sam and the war spank his *** untill he was around 70%, then both blm would freeze at the same time, rdm sleeps, blm sleep II to make sure, and freeze again, etc... Without a tank, we had to do it almost from the start. Worked out very nicely. As long as the mismelts and the sleeps are coming quickly after he starts flying, both blms should be able to stay alive with the whm backing them up.

number of freeze to get the job done : 8, and one Aeroga II for each of them that gets resisted.

Have fun with Ouryu. The key to win this is keeping control of the fight. Mismelts and sleep are there for that.

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blm is a must? cool. finally we are useful for CoP. woot!

lol rate down wtf

Edited, Tue Dec 27 13:02:12 2005
# Dec 06 2005 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Just did this mission with no tank ;)

49 Smn
49 Smn
50 Smn
50 Smn
50 Brd

Strategy is very good.. at start of battle the bard runs in and 2h's + Horde Lullaby.. puts the dragon out and allows the smns to run up with Garuda out, 2h and all at about the same time use Aeral Blast. This brought him down to 60ish % HP for us. Had the bard once again sleep the dragon while we waited for bloodpacts to reset and to get 100 mp back. Once this was done we hit him with the 2h again, and it took him to below 30%.

props to Thang, Bracsith, Myself, Tynida, and Egwene from Titan.
Fun, Easy.
# Dec 05 2005 at 2:17 PM Rating: Excellent
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When I talked to my friend who had completed CoP before I had even begun (Just never was too interested.) He told me that this BC was one of the hardest; No way. Personally Diabolos was more of a challenge then this guy, and with the same set up (<3 my SP).


Now before I tell you how our fight went I'd just like to say that this battle can be done with 5 ppl, easily, the DRK did little to none in this battle, he stunned a few times out of boredem and casted Absorb-MND so that nukes would hit harder. As for NIN tanks tanking Ouryu, I recommend it, though I don't know how good PLDs do, our NIN took little damage and kept hate suprisingly well.

Our strategy was to go in a Sleep Ouryu, allowing the NIN to build up hate before the intial assualt of Freezes. The RDM silenced, dispelled, gravitied and all the other debuffs he could stick. The NIN the whole time was voking and casting Enfeebs(to build hate, he casted all Ichi and all Ni spells), BLM both popped yag drinks and started casting Freeze, when they hit Ouryu flew up in the air, the NIN kept hate up; Mistmelt was used by the WHM. The RDM then cast Sleep and then Sleep II (note: before he only used Sleep, we didnt want to build up Ouryu's resistance early.)

BLM popped yag drinks again and rested MP to Freeze, Aspir on Ouryu took back 50 MP to BLMs. When second freeze hit BLM took a bit of hate, but kiting it around was not too difficult as the (WHM Again)Mistmelt was being used, NIN voked back hate shortly and WHM cured up the BLM and passed a regen to the NIN. RDM ES+ Sleep II on Ouryu and put him back to sleep, the next part was when it got most hectic.

BLM popped Manafont, Elemental Seal and Freeze Ouryu, when he woke he popped back up in the air and the DRK then used his Mistmelt to bring it back down, the NIN kept hate this time as well, RDM popped chainspell and began to debuff, aero spell and eventually sleep Ouryu again, BLM in the meantime used their manafont to cast a few nukes, however when Ouryu had been slept for the 4th time, one BLM didnt cancel nuking and woke him up, resulting in his death. RDM resleept Ouryu with some difficulty (Sleep II stuck, but not Sleep), BLM began to rest with Hi-Ether being popped.

BLM that was left Casted Freeze while the WHM raised the dead BLM, he didnt have enough MP for Freeze when he got back up. When Ouryu woke the last time he was close to death, NIN cast a few nukes on him and one BLM was out of MP, the BLM who had died before cast Aeroga II ftw.

Just somethings to note: Ouryu used invicible very early off in the fight, just after first Freeze.

He likes to fly, but one time he omitted flying, which was his mistake.

Silence and Sleep are your friends, Mistmelts are awesome.

NIN had all the Enmity + gear he could get Nemesis Earring and Cache-nez.

He was fought(by mistake) on Windsday.

Once Freeze is casted, the damage most likely enough to bring HP down to 30%.

I wish, this information, however lovely it would be is incorrect. We had two BLM doing ALL the damage on this fight so I was able to watch the damage closely to see how well we did. Each freeze was unresisted by a BLM/RDM(HUME) and a BLM/WHM(TARU) with the BLM/RDM's damage capping out slightly higher then the BLM/WHMs at approx 789 a Freeze.. this brung Ouryu's max HP down by 9% Approx; With that information and the info I gave you above, we casted 7 Freezes total for a max output of 63% damage(leaving him @ 37% HP), the rest of the 7% damage was done by RDM Aero II (twice) Blizzard II(BLM) Aero II(BLM) and Aeroga II(BLM FTW)..

Also based on the information I obtained Ouryu has approx.. 8000 HP; and only needs to be brought to 2400 for a win... Have fun with this info ;)

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We came, we saw, we conquered
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We were a bit worried about this fight, well some of us anyhow ^^;

Our pt setup was :
rng/nin (me) wearing 40cap gear out of lack of 50 cap gear at the time

We had 4 mistmelts.
Went in
Voke > dispel > freeze x2 > barrage > sneak attack > sleep > sleep 2


voke > voke > dispel > freeze x2 > eagle eye shot > sneak attack > sleep > sleep 2

out of mistmelts now due to a failed run before so we only had 2 mistmelts for this run

voke > shadowbind > dispel > freeze x2 > blm and rdm 2hr > spam aero II from rdm and aero III? from blm > invincible to hold hate

Total time of 9 minutes, no deaths.
(btw I spammed normal silver bullets on him when he was not asleep, elvaan in 40 cap gear with the exception of bullets using yellow curry, did about 120-130 damage a hit to him)

Sleep is what got us our victory.
# Nov 06 2005 at 1:49 AM Rating: Default
******* impossible. Everytime we start doing well it flips out and does some random *** ****. It must have triple attack or double attack or something. Sometimes it fought like it had hundred fists and sometimes it didn't.
# Nov 06 2005 at 12:31 AM Rating: Good
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To add to the list of abilities found below, he also uses:

Horrid Roar, which dispels buffs; the one time i counted, it took 5 buffs off our PLD.

Typhoon Wing, 175~ AOE dmg; uses it on the ground.
"The coffee is for closers."

"We demand that you set up a delicious buffet!"

BLM not needed
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I spent weeks dealing with "BLM Onry" PT leaders, so I formed my own PT.


Ninjas split tanking, RNG and I DD'd, RDM/BLM debuffed, RDM/WHM and I healed.

I had 8 mistmelts, of which I used 5.

Edited, Wed Nov 2 08:55:47 2005
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