Quests for San d'Oria

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Boy's Dream - PLD AF2 (R)50Northern San d'Oria Ailbeche (J - 8) Gallant Leggings  Artifact  
A Craftsman's Work - DRG AF1 (R)40Northern San d'Oria Miaux (E - 6) Peregrine  Artifact  
A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria) (R)1Port San d'Oria Eddy (H - 6) 500 Gil  General  
A Job For The Consortium (R)1Port San d'Oria Portaure (H - 9) 1000 Gil  General  
A Knight's Test (Paladin Flag Quest)30Southern San d'Oria Balasiel (F - 7) Kite Shield, Paladin Flag Tried and Tested Knight Job Related  
A Purchase of Arms1Southern San d'Oria Helbort (K - 7) Elm Staff Arms Trader General  
A Sentry's Peril1Southern San d'Oria Glenne (F - 8) Bronze Subligar Ronfaurian Rescuer General  
A Squire's Test10Southern San d'Oria Balasiel (F - 7) Spatha Knight in Training General  
A Squire's Test II15Southern San d'Oria Balasiel (F - 7)  Spelunker General  
A Taste For Meat1Port San d'Oria Antreneau (G - 7) Grilled Hare, 150 Gil Rabbiter General  
A Timely Visit20Southern San d'Oria Deraquien (G - 8) Medieval Collar Obsidian Storm General  
Advanced Teamwork1Northern San d'Oria Vilatroire (C - 7) Horn Ring First-Class Oraganizer General  
Appointment to Jeuno20Ru'Lude Gardens (Your Mission NPC) Rank 4, 5000 Gil  Mission  
Atelloune's Lament1Southern San d'Oria Atelloune (L - 6) Trainee Gloves  General  
Bat Hunt6Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 1-3  Mission  
Beans, Ahoy!0Port San d'Oria Thierride (G - 7) Angler's Cassoulet Seasoning Connoisseur General  
Black Tiger Skins20Southern San d'Oria Hanaa Punaa (D - 8) Tiger Stole Cat Skinner General  
Blackmail (R)20Northern San d'Oria Dauperiat (I - 10) 900 Gil  General  
Breaking Barriers65Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 9-2  Mission  
Chasing Quotas50Port San d'Oria Ceraulian (I - 10) Drachen Brais  Artifact  
Coming of Age65Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 8-2  Mission  
Cursed Armor -> Adaman Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Armada Breeches, Adaman Mufflers, Armada Hauberk, Armada Sollerets, Armada Mufflers, Armada Celata, Adaman Hauberk, Adaman Breeches, Adaman Sollerets, Adaman Celata  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Hecatomb Armor1Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Hecatomb Cap, Hecatomb Cap +1, Hecatomb Subligar +1, Hecatomb Subligar, Hecatomb Leggings +1, Hecatomb Mittens +1, Hecatomb Harness +1, Hecatomb Leggings, Hecatomb Mittens, Hecatomb Harness  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shadow and Valkyrie's Breastplate Set (R)0Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shadow Breastplate, Shadow Cuishes, Shadow Gauntlets, Shadow Helm, Shadow Sabatons, Valkyrie's Breastplate, Valkyrie's Cuishes, Valkyrie's Gauntlets, Valkyrie's Helm, Valkyrie's Sabatons,    Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shadow and Valkyrie's Coat Set70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shadow Clogs, Valkyrie's Hat, Shadow Cuffs, Shadow Coat, Shadow Trews, Valkyrie's Cuffs, Valkyrie's Clogs, Valkyrie's Coat, Shadow Hat, Valkyrie's Trews, Shadow Cuishes,    Side Quest  
Cursed Armor -> Shura Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Shura Haidate, Shura Togi +1, Shura Kote +1, Shura Togi, Shura Zunari Kabuto, Shura Sune-ate +1, Shura Sune-Ate, Shura Haidate +1, Shura Zunari Kabuto +1, Shura Kote  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor > Crimson Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Crimson Finger Gauntlets, Crimson Greaves, Blood Mask, Blood Finger Gauntlets, Blood Cuisses, Blood Scale Mail, Crimson Cuisses, Blood Greaves, Crimson Mask, Crimson Scale Mail  Side Quest  
Cursed Armor > Koenig Armor70Northern San d'Oria Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Kaiser Diechlings, Koenig Schuhs, Kaiser Handschuhs, Koenig Cuirass, Koenig Schaller, Kaiser Schuhs, Koenig Handschuhs, Kaiser Cuirass, Koenig Diechlings, Kaiser Schaller  Side Quest  
Cursed Beverage -> Amrita (R)1Aht Urhgan Whitegate Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6) Amrita  Side Quest  
Dismemberment Brigade (Hard)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Distant Loyalties1Southern San d'Oria Femitte (I - 8) White Cape  General  
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)20Southern San d'Oria Norejaie (K - 6) Dragon Chronicles, 5000 Gil  Vermillion Venturer General  
Enveloped in Darkness - RDM AF250Chateau d'Oraguille Curilla (I - 9) Warlock's Boots  Artifact  
Escort For Hire (San d'Oria)1Northern San d'Oria Rondipur (F - 6) Miratete's Memoir, 10000 Gil  General  
Exit the Gambler1Northern San d'Oria Aurege (F - 3) Map of King Ranperre's Tomb Daytime Gambler Map  
Father and Son1Northern San d'Oria Ailbeche (J - 8) Willow Fishing Rod Family Counselor General  
Fear of the Dark (R)1Northern San d'Oria Secodiand (F - 6) 200 Gil  General  
Fit for a Prince1Chateau d'Oraguille Halver Castor's Ring Royal Wedding Planner General  
Flyers for Regine1Port San d'Oria Regine (J - 8) 440 Gil Advertising Executive General  
Gates to Paradise7Northern San d'Oria Olbergieut (L - 6) Cotton Cape Pious One General  
Grave Concerns1Southern San d'Oria Andecia (M - 7) 560 Gil Royal Grave Keeper General  
Grimy Signposts1Southern San d'Oria Maugie (L - 9) 1500 Gil  General  
Growing Flowers1Northern San d'Oria Kuu Mohzolhi (F - 7) Exit Anywhere from Mog House  Storage  
Healing the Land1Northern San d'Oria Eperdur (M - 7) Scroll of Teleport-Holla Pilgrim to Holla Spell  
Her Majesty's Garden1Chateau d'Oraguille Chalvatot (F - 7) Map of the Northlands Area  Map  
Infiltrate Davoi20Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 3-2  Mission  
Intermediate Teamwork1Northern San d'Oria Vilatroire (C - 7) Scroll: Mage's Ballad Second-rate Organizer Spell  
Introduction To Teamwork1Northern San d'Oria Vilatroire (C - 7) Shell Ring Third-Rate Organizer General  
Journey Abroad18Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
Kindergarten Cap (R)1Horlais Peak    BCNM  
Knight Stalker - DRG AF3 (R)51Chateau d'Oraguille Rahal (H - 9) Drachen Armet Paragon Of Dragoon Excellency Artifact  
Last Orc-Shunned Hero (R)1Horlais Peak Strength Potion, Reraiser, Zircon, Hi-Reraiser, Vile Elixir +1, Wind Fewell, Scroll of Gain-VIT, Draca Couse, Scroll of Boost-MND, Lightning Fewell, Scroll of Refresh II, Tantra Seal: Legs, Mavi Seal: Body, Ordelle Bronzepiece, Raider's Seal: Feet, Dark Fewell, Jingang Greaves, Navarch's Seal: Head, Sylvan Seal: Legs, Scroll of Absorb-DEX, Montiont Silverpiece, Scroll: Regen IV,    KCNM  
Leaute's Last Wishes60Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 6-2  Mission  
Lightbringer65Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 9, 80000 Gil  Mission  
Lizard Skins (R)20Southern San d'Oria Hanaa Punaa (D - 8) Lizard Gloves Lizard Skinner General  
Lufet's Lake Salt1Port San d'Oria Nogelle (G - 7) 600 Gil Bean Cuisine Salter General  
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)1Southern San d'Oria Amutiyaal (L - 6) Red Invitation Card  General  
Magicite (San d'Oria)20Ru'Lude Gardens Ambassador in Jeuno Rank 5, Airship Pass, 10000 Gil Have Wings Will Fly Mission  
Messenger from Beyond - WHM AF1 (R)40Northern San d'Oria Narcheral (M - 6) Blessed Hammer  Artifact  
Methods Create Madness - Polearm Weaponskill71Southern San d'Oria Balasiel (F - 7) Impulse Drive  Weaponskill  
Old Wounds - Sword Weaponskill71Chateau d'Oraguille Curilla (I - 9) Savage Blade  Weaponskill  
Over the Hills and Far Away1Port San d'Oria Antreneau (G - 7) Map of Uleguerand Range  Map  
Peace for the Spirit - RDM AF3 (R)50Chateau d'Oraguille Curilla (I - 9) Warlock's Chapeau Paragon of Red Mage Excellence Artifact  
Perils of the Griffon1Southern San d'Oria Rholont (E - 7)    General  
Pieuje's Decision - WHM AF350Chateau d'Oraguille Pieuje Healer's Briault Paragon of White Mage Excellence Artifact  
Prelude of White & Black - WHM AF2 (R)50Chateau d'Oraguille Pieuje Healer's Duckbills  Artifact  
Prestige of the Papsque60Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 7-2  Mission  
Ranperre's Final Rest60Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 7, 40000 Gil  Mission  
Rosel the Armorer1Southern San d'Oria Rosel (K - 8) 200 Gil  General  
Save the Children8Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 2, 1000 Gil Fodderchief Flayer Mission  
Sharpening the Sword - PLD AF1 (R)40Northern San d'Oria Ailbeche (J - 8) Honor Sword  Artifact  
Signed in Blood1Southern San d'Oria Sobane (D - 6) Cunning Earring, 3500 Gil  General  
Sleepless Nights10Southern San d'Oria Paouala (M - 8) 5000 Gil  General  
Smash The Orcish Scouts1Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 1-2  Mission  
Sorcery of the North1Northern San d'Oria Eperdur (M - 7) Scroll of Teleport-Vahzl  Spell  
Souls in Shadow - Scythe Weaponskill71Bostaunieux Oubliette Novalmauge Spiral Hell  Weaponskill  
Spice Gals (R)1Southern San d'Oria Rouva (I - 8) Miratete's Memoir  General  
Starting a Flame (R)1Southern San d'Oria Legata (K - 6) 100 Gil  General  
Tea With a Tonberry?1Southern San d'Oria Sobane (D - 6) Willpower Torque,  Talks with Tonberries General  
The Brugaire Consortium1Port San d'Oria Fontoumant (H - 9) Lauan Shield Courier Extraordinaire General  
The Crimson Trial - RDM AF140Southern San d'Oria Sharzalion (K - 6) Fencing Degen  Artifact  
The Crystal Spring1Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 3-3  Mission  
The Davoi Report20Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 2-3  Mission  
The Dismayed Customer1Port San d'Oria Gulemont (G - 7) 560 Gil Lost & Found Officer General  
The General's Secret15Chateau d'Oraguille Curilla (I - 9) Lynx Baghnakhs  General  
The Heir to the Light70Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard San d'Orian Flag, Rank 10, 100000 Gil  Mission  
The Holy Crest (Dragoon Flag Quest)30Port San d'Oria Arminibit (I - 9) Dragoon Flag Heir to the Holy Crest Job Related  
The Medicine Woman1Northern San d'Oria Abeaule (F - 8) 2100 Gil Traveling Medicine Man General  
The Merchant's Bidding (R)1Southern San d'Oria Parvipon (E - 8) 120 Gil  General  
The Pickpocket1Port San d'Oria Altiret (I - 8) Light Axe Pickpocket Pincher General  
The Rescue Drill8Northern San d'Oria Any gate Guard Rank 2-2  Mission  
The Rivalry/The Competition1Port San d'Oria Gallijaux (H - 8) Lu Shang's Fishing Rod, 10 Gil Carp Diem General  
The Ruins of Fei'Yin50Ru'Lude Gardens San d'Orian Mission NPC Rank 5-2 Archmage Assassin Mission  
The Rumor1Bostaunieux Oubliette Novalmauge Scroll of Drain  Spell  
The Seamstress (R)7Southern San d'Oria Hanaa Punaa (D - 8) Leather Gloves The Silencer of the Lambs General  
The Secret Weapon1Northern San d'Oria Any Gate Guard Rank 8, 60000 Gil  Mission  
The Setting Sun50Northern San d'Oria Vamorcote (F - 5) 10000 Gil  General  
The Sweetest Things (R)1Southern San d'Oria Raimbroy (F - 8) 400 Gil Apiarist General  
The Trader in the Forest1Northern San d'Oria Abeaule (F - 8) Robe Green Grocer General  
The Vicasque's Sermon7Northern San d'Oria Abioleget (M - 6) Brass Ring Benevolent One General  
Thick Shells (R)20Port San d'Oria Vounebariont (I - 10) 750 Gil Bug Catcher General  
Tiger's Teeth (R)20Southern San d'Oria Taumila (E - 9) 2100 Gil Fang Finder General  
To Cure a Cough15Southern San d'Oria Nenne (F - 6) 3000 Gil A Moss Kind Person General  
Trial By Ice45Northern San d'Oria Gulmama (E - 7) Shiva's Claws, Rust 'B' Gone, Ice Ring, Ice Belt, 10 Gil Heir of the Great Ice Job Related  
Trial Size Trial by Ice20Northern San d'Oria Castilchat (E - 7)   General  
Trouble at the Sluice1Northern San d'Oria Belgidiveau (G - 8) Heavy Axe  General  
Trust: San d'Oria5Southern San d'Oria Gondebaud (L - 6) San d'Oria Trust Permit, Red Institute Card,    General  
Under Oath - PLD AF350Chateau d'Oraguille Trion Gallant Surcoat Paragon of Paladin Excellence Artifact  
Undying Flames1Northern San d'Oria Pagisalis (M - 6) Friar's Rope Faith Like a Candle General  
Unexpected Treasure1Northern San d'Oria Morunaude (G - 8) 12000 Gil  General  
Warding Vampires (R)18Northern San d'Oria Maloquedil (J - 8) 900 Gil Vampire Hunter D-Minus General  
Waters of the Cheval1Northern San d'Oria Miageau (L - 7) Wing Pendant The Pure One General