AH Listing - Materials - Alchemy

212 Items found
Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
Ahriman Tears  0    Dropped 
Ahriman Wing  0   Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep Quested, Dropped 
Air Rider  0    Crafted 
Airborne  0    Crafted 
Amaryllis  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Ameretat Vine  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Angelwing  0   Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Animal Glue  0   Buburimu Peninsula, Dangruf Wadi, ... Crafted, Dropped 
Aramid Fiber  0   Lower Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Arnica Root  0   Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Artificial Lens  0   Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Avatar Blood  0   Pso'Xja Dropped 
Baking Soda  0    Crafted 
Bat Wing  0   Castle Oztroja (S), Grauberg (S), ... Quested, Dropped 
Beast Blood  0   Behemoth's Dominion, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dropped 
Beehive Chip  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta, ... Dropped 
Beeswax  0    Crafted 
Bird Blood  0   Buburimu Peninsula, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ... Dropped 
Bitter Cluster  0    Quested 
Bitter Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Bittern  0    Crafted 
Black Beetle Blood  0   Batallia Downs, Monastic Cavern Quested, Dropped 
Black Ink  0   Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Blue Textile Dye  0    Crafted 
Bomb Ash  0     
Bottle of Snapweed Secretion  0     
Boyahda Moss  0    Quested, Dropped 
Brilliant Snow  0    Crafted 
Brimsand  0    Crafted 
Burning Cluster  0    Quested 
Burning Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Cactuar Needle  0   Quicksand Caves Purchased, Dropped 
Cactuar Root  0   Eastern Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Cantarella  0    Crafted 
Carbon Dioxide  0    Crafted 
Carbon Fiber  0    Crafted 
Carnation  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Casablanca  0   Bastok Markets, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Catalytic Oil  0     
Cattleya  0   Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Cermet Chunk  0    Crafted, Quested 
Chimera Blood  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Cluster Ash  0   Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Cluster Core  0   Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Coeurl Whisker  0    Dropped 
Cracker  0    Crafted 
Crackler  0     
Dahlia  0    Dropped 
Dark Anima  0    Crafted 
Dark Fewell  0    Crafted, Quested 
Datechochin  0     
Demon Blood  0   Caedarva Mire, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Desalinator  0   Windurst Waters Purchased 
Djinn Ash  0    Dropped 
Doll Shard  0   Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Middle Delkfutt's Tower Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Blood  0   Dragon's Aery, Ifrit's Cauldron Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Dried Mugwort  0   Den of Rancor, Temple of Uggalepih Crafted, Dropped 
Dryad Root  0   Batallia Downs Quested, Dropped 
Dyer's Woad  0   Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta  
Earth Anima  0    Crafted 
Earth Fewell  0    Crafted 
Ebonite  0    Crafted 
Ethereal Vermilion Lacquer  0    Crafted 
Falling Star  0   Western Adoulin Purchased 
Festive Fan  0   Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Fiend Blood  0   North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Fire Anima  0    Crafted 
Fire Fewell  0    Crafted 
Firesand  0   Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Flan Meat  0   Halvung Quested, Dropped 
Flauros Whisker  0   Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Flaxseed Oil  0    Crafted 
Fleeting Cluster  0    Quested 
Fleeting Memory  0     
Flint Glass Sheet  0    Crafted 
Flytrap Leaf  0   Carpenters' Landing, Manaclipper Dropped 
Four-leaf Korringan Bud  0   The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Fresh Mugwort  0   Konschtat Highlands, West Sarutabaruta  
Fresh Orc Liver  0   Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Freya's Tear  0   The Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Gargouille Eye  0    Dropped 
Giant Stinger  0   East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Purchased, Dropped 
Glass Fiber  0   Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Glass Sheet  0    Crafted, Quested 
Gold Leaf  0    Crafted 
Golem Shard  0   Beaucedine Glacier Quested, Dropped 
Goshikitenge  0    Quested 
Great Boyahda Moss  0   The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Green Textile Dye  0    Crafted 
Hecteyes Eye  0   Maze of Shakhrami, The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped 
High Ebonite  0    Crafted 
Homunculus Nerves  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Hydrangea  0   Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Hysteroanima  0    Quested 
Ice Anima  0    Crafted 
Ice Fewell  0    Crafted 
Imp Wing  0    Quested, Dropped 
Imperial Cermet  0    Crafted 
Kaolin  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands  
Khimaira Tail  0   Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Kongou Inaho  0    Crafted 
Konron Hassen  0    Crafted 
Leech Saliva  0   Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Lesser Chigoe  0   Bhaflau Thickets, Grauberg (S)  
Light Anima  0    Crafted 
Light Fewell  0    Crafted, Quested 
Lightning Anima  0    Crafted 
Lightning Fewell  0    Crafted, Quested 
Lilac  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Little Comet  0    Crafted 
Lizard Blood  0   Pso'Xja Dropped 
Lizard Tail  0   Pso'Xja Dropped 
Lycopodium Flower  0    Dropped 
Magic Pot Shard  0   Fei'Yin, Middle Delkfutt's Tower Purchased, Dropped 
Magicked Blood  0   Ordelle's Caves, Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Malboro Fiber  0   Monastic Cavern, The Boyahda Tree Quested, Dropped 
Malboro Vine  0   The Eldieme Necropolis, Yhoator Jungle Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Malevolent Cluster  0    Quested 
Malevolent Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Marguerite  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Marine Bliss  0   Western Adoulin Purchased 
Marksman's Oil  0    Crafted 
Meifu Goma  0    Crafted 
Mercury  0   Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Maze of Shakhrami Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Mistletoe  0   Batallia Downs, Jugner Forest Dropped 
Movalpolos Water  0   Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Muteppo  0     
Mythril Leaf  0    Crafted 
Olive Flower  0   Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Orobon Lure  0   Open sea route to Mhaura, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Dropped 
Orpiment  0   Ifrit's Cauldron  
Ose Whisker  0   Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Osseous Serum  0    Crafted 
Ouka Ranman  0    Crafted 
Papaka Grass  0   Buburimu Peninsula, Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Papillion  0   Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Paralysis Dust  0   Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Peiste Stinger  0    Dropped 
Pephredo Hive Chip  0   Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Phalaenopsis  0   Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Philosopher's Stone  0   Eastern Altepa Desert, Monastic Cavern, ... Quested, Dropped 
Photoanima  0    Crafted 
Plasma Oil  0    Crafted 
Platinum Leaf  0    Crafted 
Poison Dust  0    Crafted, Quested 
Poison Flour  0   Buburimu Peninsula, Valkurm Dunes Purchased, Dropped 
Polyflan  0    Crafted, Quested 
Polyflan Paper  0   Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Popper  0     
Popstar  0    Crafted 
Profane Cluster  0    Quested 
Profane Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem Dropped 
Psychoanima  0    Quested 
Radiant Cluster  0    Quested 
Radiant Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Rafflesia Petal  0    Dropped 
Rafflesia Vine  0    Dropped 
Rain Lily  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Recollection of Fear  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Recollection of Guilt  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Holla Dropped 
Recollection of Pain  0   Promyvion - Dem Dropped 
Red Chocobo Dye  0     
Red Rose  0   Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Red Textile Dye  0    Crafted 
Revival Tree Root  0   Batallia Downs, East Sarutabaruta, ... Quested, Dropped 
Rock Salt  0   Batallia Downs, Korroloka Tunnel Purchased, Dropped 
Salinator  0   Windurst Waters Purchased 
Shisai Kaboku  0   Western Adoulin Purchased 
Shu'Meyo Salt  0     
Sieglinde Putty  0    Crafted, Quested 
Silica  0   Maze of Shakhrami, Sea Serpent Grotto, ... Dropped 
Silver Leaf  0     
Slime Juice  0   Dynamis - Bastok, Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Slime Oil  0   Bastok Mines, Davoi, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Slug Eye  0    Dropped 
Snapweed Tendril  0     
Snow Lily  0   Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Somber Cluster  0    Quested 
Somber Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Soulflayer Tentacle  0   Arrapago Reef, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Sparkling Hand  0   Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Spectral Serum  0    Crafted 
Spirit Masque  0   Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Sprig of Hemlock  0     
Startling Cluster  0    Quested 
Startling Memory  0   Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Sulfur  0   Bastok Mines, Dangruf Wadi Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Summer Fan  0   Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Super Cermet  0    Quested 
Sweet William  0   Bastok Mines, Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Taurus Wing  0   Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Terroanima  0    Quested 
Toad Oil  0   Norg Purchased, Quested 
Treant Bulb  0   Pashhow Marshlands, Rolanberry Fields Dropped 
Triturator  0   Bastok Mines Purchased 
Twinkle Shower  0    Crafted 
Venom Dust  0   Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Vermilion Lacquer  0    Crafted 
Vial of Wyrm Blood  0    Quested 
Viper Dust  0    Crafted 
Wamoura Scale  0   Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Water Anima  0    Crafted 
Water Fewell  0    Crafted 
White Sand  0   Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle, Open sea route to Al Zahbi Dropped 
White Textile Dye  0    Crafted 
Wijnruit  0   Bastok Mines, Giddeus, ... Purchased 
Wind Anima  0    Crafted 
Wind Fewell  0    Crafted, Quested 
Yellow Ginseng  0   Batallia Downs, Pashhow Marshlands  
Yellow Textile Dye  0    Crafted 
Zinc Oxide  0    Crafted 
Temachtiani Headband  99  Def: 55 HP: 9 MP: 24 STR: 7 DEX: 7 VIT: 7 AGI: 7 INT: 9 MND: 9 CHR: 9 Evasion: 8 Magic Evasion: 54 Magic Defense Bonus: 1 Haste: 5 Combat skill gain rate: 1