Name Level Stats Where Found How Found
 0Exclusive   Quested 
??? Bow  0  Quested 
"A" Egg  0   
"Chanson de Liberte"  0   
"Culling is Caring" poster  0   
"Demons in the Rye" chronicle  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter I  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter II  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter III  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter IV  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter V  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter VI  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter VII  0   
"Imperial Lineage" Chapter VIII  0   
"L'Ancienne"  0   
"Merry Moogle Memorial" guide  0   
"Monstrous Mayhem" report  0   
"Pernicious Presents" brief  0   
"Un Moment"  0   
'B' Egg  0   
'C' Egg  0   
'D' Egg  0   
'E' Egg  0   
'F Egg'  0   
'G' Egg  0   
'H' Egg  0   
'I' Egg  0   
'J' Egg  0   
'K' Egg  0   
'L' Egg  0   
'M' Egg  0   
'N' Egg  0   
'O' Egg  0   
'P' Egg  0   
'Q' Egg  0   
'R' Egg  0   
'S' Egg  0   
'T' Egg  0   
'U' Egg  0   
'V' Egg  0   
'W' Egg  0   
'X' Egg  0   
'Y' Egg  0   
'Z' Egg  0   
108-Knot Quipu  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S) Dropped 
20,000 Yalms Under the Sea  0   
3-Drawer Almirah  0Moghancement: Water   Crafted 
6-Drawer Almirah  0Moghancement: Fishing   Crafted 
9-Drawer Almirah  0Moghancement: Fishing   Crafted 
??? Axe  0  Quested 
??? Box  0  Quested 
??? Cape  0  Quested 
??? Cloth  0   
??? Dagger  0  Quested 
??? Earring  0  Quested 
??? Footwear  0  Quested 
??? Gloves  0  Quested 
??? Headpiece  0  Quested 
??? Ingot  0   
??? Necklace  0  Quested 
??? Polearm  0  Quested 
??? Potion  0   
??? Ring  0  Quested 
??? Sash  0  Quested 
??? Shield  0  Quested 
??? Sword  0  Quested 
A Farewell to Freshwater  0   
A Jiggly Creature From A World Beyond.  0   
A Knight's Boots  0   
A Song of Love  0   
Abaia  0  Fishing 
Abdhaljs's Honor  0 Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Abyss Burgeonet -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Abyss Cuirass -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Abyss Flanchard -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Abyss Gauntlets -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Abyss Sollerets -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Abyssite of Discernment  0   
Abyssite of the Cosmos  0   
Accelerator  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Accelerator II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Ace of Batons  0Rare Exclusive  Full Moon Fountain Dropped 
Ace of Coins  0Rare  Full Moon Fountain Dropped 
Ace of Cups  0Rare Exclusive  Full Moon Fountain Dropped 
Ace of Swords  0Rare  Full Moon Fountain Dropped 
Achamoth's Antenna  0Rare Exclusive  Halvung Dropped 
Acid Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Acid Bolt Quiver  0  Quested 
Acidic Humus  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Acolyte's Grief  0Moghancement: Desynthesis  Port Jeuno Purchased 
Acorn  0 East Ronfaure, West Ronfaure  
Acorn Cookie  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Adaman Bolt Quiver  0   
Adaman Bullet Pouch  0   
Adaman Chain  0  Crafted 
Adaman Ingot  0 Ru'Aun Gardens, Valley of Sorrows Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Adaman Nugget  0  Quested 
Adaman Ore  0 Ifrit's Cauldron, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Adaman Scales  0  Crafted 
Adaman Sheet  0  Crafted, Quested 
Adamantoise Egg  0Rare Exclusive  Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Adamantoise Shell  0 Valley of Sorrows Quested, Dropped 
Adamantoise Soup  0  Crafted 
Adamantoise Statue  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Adoulin's Topiary Treasures  0   
Adoulinian charter permit  0  Quested 
Adventurer Coupon  0Rare    
Adventurer's Certificate  0   
Adventuring Certificate  0Rare Exclusive Moghancement: Light    
Aeolsglocke  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Aern Organ  0Exclusive  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Agaricus  0 North Gustaberg (S), Rolanberry Fields (S) Dropped 
Aged Booming Naakual crest  0   
Aged Firebrand Naakual Crest  0 Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Aged Flashfrost Naakual Crest  0   
Aged Frostflash Naakual crest  0 Kamihr Drifts Dropped 
Aged Ligneous Naakual crest  0   
Aged Matriarch Naakual Crest  0 Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Aged Riptide Naakual Crest  0 Foret de Hennetiel Dropped 
Ageless Imprint  0   
Ageless Reminiscence  0   
Agility Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Ahriman Lens  0Exclusive   Dropped 
Ahriman Tears  0  Dropped 
Ahriman Wing  0 Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep Quested, Dropped 
Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot  0  Crafted 
Aht Urhgan Brass Ore  0  Quested 
Aht Urhgan Brass Sheet  0  Crafted 
Ahtapot  0  Fishing 
Ahtapot (Temp)  0Temporary  Ilrusi Atoll Dropped 
Aileen's Delight  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Air Rider  0  Crafted 
Air Spirit Pact  0Rare  Castle Oztroja, Sauromugue Champaign Quested, Dropped 
Air Tank  0Rare  Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Airborne  0  Crafted 
Airlixir  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Purchased, Dropped 
Airlixir +1  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Airlixir +2  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Western Adoulin Purchased, Dropped 
Ake-Ome Spirit  0Exclusive    
Akupara Shell  0 Meriphataud Mountains (S) Dropped 
Akvan's Pennon  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower  
Alabaligi  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Fishing 
Alabaster Hairpin  0   
Alacrity Palimpsist  0   
Alchemic Ensorcellment  0   
Alchemic Purification  0 Bastok Mines Purchased 
Alchemist's Emblem  0Exclusive    
Alchemist's Sign  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Mines Purchased 
Alchemist's Stall  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
Alchemist's Tools  0Moghancement: Desynthesis   Crafted 
Aldebaran Card  0Rare   Quested 
Aldebaran Horn  0Rare Exclusive    
Alembic  0   
Alexander Statue  0Rare Exclusive    
Alexandrite  0 Arrapago Remnants, Pso'Xja Dropped 
Alfard's Fang  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Alizarin Yantric Planchette  0   
Alizarin Yggrete Rock  0Rare    
Alizarin Yggrete Shard I  0Rare  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggrete Shard II  0Rare  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggrete Shard III  0Rare  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggrete Shard IV  0Rare  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggrete Shard V  0Rare  Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggzi Bead I  0Rare  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggzi Bead II  0Rare  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggzi Bead III  0Rare  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggzi Bead IV  0Rare  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alizarin Yggzi Bead V  0Rare  Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar, Morimar Basalt Fields Dropped 
Alkaline Humus  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
All the Ways to Skin a Carp  0   
Allied Council Summons  0  Quested 
Allied Ribbon of Bravery  0  Quested 
Allied Ribbon of Glory  0  Quested 
Allies' Die  0Rare   Chests/Coffers 
Alluring Cotton Cloth  0  Crafted 
Almond  0 Caedarva Mire, Mamook Dropped 
Altepa Polishing Stone  0   
Aluminum Chain  0  Crafted 
Aluminum Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Aluminum Ore  0 Newton Movalpolos Quested 
Aluminum Sheet  0  Crafted 
Alza'daal Table  0Rare Exclusive    
Amaltheia Hide  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Amaltheia Leather  0  Crafted, Quested 
Amaryllis  0 Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Amber  0 Bastok Markets, Dangruf Wadi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Amber Key  0  Quested 
Amber Stratum Abyssite  0  Quested 
Amber Stratum Abyssite II  0  Quested 
Amber-colored Seal  0   
Ambrosia  0Exclusive   Crafted, Quested 
Amemet Skin  0 Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Ameretat Vine  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Amethyst  0 Bastok Markets, Gusgen Mines, ... Crafted, Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Ametrine  0  Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Amicitia Stone  0   
Amiga Cactus  0  Crafted 
Amigo Cactus  0  Crafted 
Amir Bed  0  Crafted 
Amnesia Screen  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Purchased 
Amoeban Pseudopod  0 Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Amoosh.'s Tendril  0Rare Exclusive  Bhaflau Thickets Dropped 
Amoris Stone  0   
Amour Chocolate  0Rare Exclusive    
Amour Chocolate: Left Piece  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Amour Chocolate: Right Piece (Female)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Amour Chocolate: Right Piece (Male)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Amphiptere Claw  0  Dropped 
Amphiptere Hide  0 Xarcabard (S) Dropped 
Amphiptere Leather  0   
Amrita  0Exclusive   Quested 
An Ore-Loving Creature From A World Beyond.  0   
Analyzer  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Anantaboga's Heart  0Rare Exclusive  Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Anatomy of an Angler  0   
Anchovy  0  Crafted 
Anchovy Pizza  0  Crafted 
Anchovy Pizza +1  0  Crafted 
Ancient Beast Horn  0  Quested 
Ancient Beastcoin  0 Apollyon, Apollyon - Northwest, ... Dropped 
Ancient Blood  0  Quested 
Ancient Brass  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Ancient Image  0Exclusive   Quested 
Ancient Lumber  0  Crafted 
Ancient Papyrus  0Rare Exclusive  The Eldieme Necropolis Dropped 
Ancient Papyrus Shred  0   
Ancient Salt  0Rare Exclusive  Quicksand Caves Dropped 
Ancient Tablet Fragment  0   
Ancient Verse of Altepa  0   
Ancient Verse of Ro'Maeve  0   
Ancient Verse of Uggalepih  0   
Ancients' Key  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Anemohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Angel Skin  0 Kuftal Tunnel, Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Angel Skin Key  0  Quested 
Angel Skin Orb  0  Quested 
Angelica's Autograph  0   
Angelstone  0  Quested 
Angelwing  0 Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Angler Stewpot  0  Crafted 
Angler's Cassoulet  0  Quested 
Anima Synthesis  0 Bastok Mines Purchased 
Animal Glue  0 Buburimu Peninsula, Dangruf Wadi, ... Crafted, Dropped 
Annals of Truth  0   
Antacid  0  Crafted, Quested 
Anti-Abyssean Grenade 01  0   
Anti-Abyssean Grenade 02  0   
Anti-Abyssean Grenade 03  0   
Anti-glaciation gear  0   
Antican Acid  0 Quicksand Caves, Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Antican Pauldron  0 Quicksand Caves Crafted, Dropped 
Antican Robe  0 Quicksand Caves Crafted, Dropped 
Antican Tag  0Rare Exclusive  Quicksand Caves  
Antidote  0 Bastok Mines, North Gustaberg, ... Crafted, Purchased 
Antidote  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta, South Gustaberg  
Antique Coin  0Rare Exclusive  Fei'Yin Dropped 
Antlion Arrowhead  0   
Antlion Jaw  0 Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Antlion Spirit  0Exclusive    
Antlion Trap  0  Crafted 
Aoidos' Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Aoidos' Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Aoidos' Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Aoidos' Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Aoidos' Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Apademak's Horn  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Apingaut Snow Cone  0   
Apkallu Down  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Apkallu Egg  0  Dropped 
Apkallu Feather  0   
Apkallu Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Apkallufa  0   
Apple Green Seal  0   
Apple Juice  0 East Sarutabaruta, Northern San d'Oria, ... Crafted, Purchased 
Apple Juice (Temp)  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta  
Apple Mint  0 Bastok Mines, Tavnazian Safehold Purchased 
Apple Pie  0  Crafted 
Apple Pie +1  0  Crafted 
Apple Vinegar  0 Southern San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Apple au Lait  0  Crafted 
Apple au Lait (Temp)  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta  
Aptant of Aecus  0Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, Vunkerl Inlet (S) Dropped 
Aptant of Arkhe  0Exclusive  Beaucedine Glacier (S), Ro'Maeve Dropped 
Aptant of Bellum  0Exclusive  Bhaflau Thickets, Cape Teriggan Dropped 
Aptant of Durus  0Exclusive  Cape Teriggan, Qufim Island Dropped 
Aptant of Fyrst  0Exclusive  Beaucedine Glacier (S), Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Aptant of Geoc  0Exclusive  Uleguerand Range, Vunkerl Inlet (S) Dropped 
Aptant of Haelan  0Exclusive  Meriphataud Mountains (S), The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Dropped 
Aptant of Ishis  0Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest (S), Eastern Altepa Desert Dropped 
Aptant of Pera  0Exclusive  Ro'Maeve Dropped 
Aptant of Primus  0Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, Bhaflau Thickets Dropped 
Aptant of Secan  0Exclusive  Beaucedine Glacier (S), Crawlers' Nest (S) Dropped 
Aptant of Tachus  0Exclusive  Eastern Altepa Desert, Qufim Island Dropped 
Aqua Gem  0   
Aqua Geode  0   
Aquaflora  0   
Aquamarine  0 Bastok Markets, The Eldieme Necropolis Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Aquarian Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery, Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Aquarian Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Behemoth's Dominion, Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Aquarian Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery, Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Aquarian Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Aquarian Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Aquarian Tatter  0   
Aqueous Orichalcum Ingot  0  Crafted 
Aquilaria Log  0   
Arachne Thread  0  Crafted 
Arachne Web  0 Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Aragoneu Pizza  0   
Aramid Fiber  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Arboreal Abracadabra  0   
Arborfruit Seed  0   
Arborscent Seed  0   
Arcane Flowerpot  0  Quested 
Arch-Omega Foreleg Segment  0Rare Exclusive  Central Apollyon II   
Arch-Omega Hind Leg Segment  0Rare Exclusive  Central Apollyon II   
Archaic Mirror  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef, Halvung Dropped 
Ardent Jadeite  0  Crafted 
Argute Bracers -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Argute Gown -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Argute Loafers -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Argute Mortarboard -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Argute Pants -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Argyro Rivet  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Arioch Fang  0 Bostaunieux Oubliette Dropped 
Ark Angel EV Statue  0Rare    
Ark Angel GK Statue  0Rare    
Ark Angel HM Statue  0Rare    
Ark Angel MR Statue  0Rare    
Ark Angel TT Statue  0Rare    
Ark Pentasphere  0Rare Exclusive    
Armed Gears' Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Dropped 
Armoire  0Moghancement: Fishing   Crafted, Quested 
Armor Box  0 Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Armor Plate  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Armor Plate II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Armored Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Armored Dragonhorn  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Armored Pisces  0  Fishing 
Army Biscuit  0  Crafted 
Arnica Root  0 Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Aroma Bug  0  Quested 
Arrabbiata  0  Crafted 
Arrabbiata +1  0  Crafted 
Arrapago Card  0Exclusive    
Arrapago Remnants Fireflies  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Arrowwood Log  0 Bastok Mines, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased 
Arrowwood Lumber  0 Konschtat Highlands, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Art for Everyone  0   
Artificial Lens  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Ascetic's Gambir  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Ascetic's Tonic  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Ash Log  0 Bastok Mines, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased 
Ash Lumber  0 Al Zahbi, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Ashen Stratum Abyssite  0Temporary   Quested 
Ashen Stratum Abyssite II  0Temporary    
Ashen Stratum Abyssite III  0Temporary    
Asphodel  0   
Assassin's Armlets -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Assassin's Bonnet -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Assassin's Culotte -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Assassin's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Assassin's Poulaines -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Assassin's Vest -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Aster Yggrete Rock  0Rare    
Aster Yggrette Shard I  0Rare    
Aster Yggrette Shard II  0Rare    
Aster Yggrette Shard III  0Rare    
Aster Yggrette Shard IV  0Rare    
Aster Yggrette Shard V  0Rare    
Aster Yggzi Bead I  0Rare    
Aster Yggzi Bead II  0Rare    
Aster Yggzi Bead III  0Rare    
Aster Yggzi Bead IV  0Rare    
Aster Yggzi Bead V  0Rare    
Astral Compass  0  Quested 
Astral Covenant  0   
Astral Leather  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Astral Matter  0Exclusive   Crafted 
Athena Orb  0Rare Exclusive    
Athenienne  0  Crafted 
Atma of Allure  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of Alpha and Omega  0   
Atma of Ambition  0   
Atma of Apparitions  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of Aquatic Ardor  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of Baleful Bones  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of Blighted Breath  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of Calamity  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of Camaraderie  0   
Atma of Cloak and Dagger  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of Dread  0   
Atma of Dunes  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of Echoes  0   
Atma of Eternity  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of Fires and Flares  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of Gales  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of Harmony  0   
Atma of Hell's Guardian  0   
Atma of Illusions  0   
Atma of Ingenuity  0   
Atma of Luminous Wings  0   
Atma of Nightmares  0   
Atma of Perfect Attendance  0   
Atma of Purgatory  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of Revelations  0   
Atma of Roaring Laughter  0   
Atma of Royal Lineage  0   
Atma of Stormbreath  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of Thrashing Tendrils  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of Tremors  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of Undying Loyalty  0   
Atma of Vicissitude  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of a Future Fabulous  0   
Atma of a Thousand Needles  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Ace Angler  0   
Atma of the Adamantine  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Apocalypse  0   
Atma of the Ascending One  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Avaricious Ape  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Azure Sky  0   
Atma of the Banisher  0   
Atma of the Baying Moon  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Beast King  0   
Atma of the Beyond  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of the Blinding Horn  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Bludgeoning Brute  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Brother Wolf  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Bunshin  0   
Atma of the Burning Effigy  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Claw  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Clawed Butterfly  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Cobra Commander  0   
Atma of the Cosmos  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Cradle  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Crimson Scale  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Crushing Cudgel  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Dark Blade  0   
Atma of the Dark Depths  0   
Atma of the Deep Devourer  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Demonic Lash  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Demonic Skewer  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Desert Worm  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Despot  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Dragon Rider  0   
Atma of the Drifter  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of the Ducal Guard  0   
Atma of the Earth Wyrm  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Ebon Hoof  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Einherjar  0   
Atma of the Endless Nightmare  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Entwined Serpents  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Fallen One  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Fetching Footpad  0   
Atma of the Foe Flayer  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Frozen Fetters  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Full Moon  0   
Atma of the Glutinous Ooze  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Gnarled Horn  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Golden Claw  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Griffin's Claw  0   
Atma of the Harvester  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Hateful Stream  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Heavens  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Heir  0   
Atma of the Hero  0   
Atma of the Holy Mountain  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Horned Beast  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Hybrid Beast  0   
Atma of the Illuminator  0   
Atma of the Impaler  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Impenetrable  0   
Atma of the Impregnable Tower  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Kirin  0   
Atma of the Lake Lurker  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Lightning Beast  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Lion  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Lone Wolf  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Master Crafter  0   
Atma of the Merciless Matriarch  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Mounted Champion  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Murky Miasma  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Noxious Bloom  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Noxious Fang  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of the Omnipotent  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Persistent Predator  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Plaguebringer  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Raised Tail  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Rapid Reptilian  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Razed Ruin  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Rescuer  0   
Atma of the Sand Emperor  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Savage Tiger  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Savior  0   
Atma of the Scarlet Wing  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Scorpion Queen  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Sea Daughter  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Sellsword  0   
Atma of the Shattering Star  0   
Atma of the Shimmering Shell  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Shrieking One  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Siren Shadow  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Smiting Blow  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Atma of the Smoldering Sky  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Solitary One  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Stone God  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Stormbird  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of the Stout Arm  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Strangling Wind  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Stronghold  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Atma of the Sun Eater  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Sundering Slash  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Truthseeker  0   
Atma of the Tusked Terror  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Twin Claw  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Atma of the Ultimate  0   
Atma of the Undying  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Atma of the Untouched  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Voracious Violet  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Atma of the War Lion  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Atma of the Winged Enigma  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Atma of the Winged Gloom  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Atma of the Would-Be King  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Atma of the Zenith  0   
Atmacite of Affinity  0 Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Atmacite of Aplomb  0 Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Atmacite of Assailment  0  Quested 
Atmacite of Cataphract  0  Quested 
Atmacite of Coercion  0 Qufim Island  
Atmacite of Curses  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Atmacite of Dark Designs  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Atmacite of Deluges  0 Ve'Lugannon Palace  
Atmacite of Destruction  0 Meriphataud Mountains Dropped 
Atmacite of Devotion  0 Jugner Forest Dropped 
Atmacite of Discipline  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Atmacite of Eminence  0 King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Atmacite of Exhortation  0 Dangruf Wadi Dropped 
Atmacite of Finesse  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower  
Atmacite of Glaciers  0 Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Atmacite of Imperium  0  Quested 
Atmacite of Incursion  0 Pashhow Marshlands (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of Latitude  0 Behemoth's Dominion  
Atmacite of Mysticism  0 The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dropped 
Atmacite of Onslaught  0 Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Atmacite of Persistence  0 Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of Preparedness  0 Ro'Maeve Dropped 
Atmacite of Preservation  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Atmacite of Promises  0 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau  
Atmacite of Provenance  0  Quested 
Atmacite of Rapidity  0 The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Atmacite of Skyblaze  0 Grauberg (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of Solipsist  0  Quested 
Atmacite of Temperance  0 Meriphataud Mountains (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of Unity  0 Ru'Aun Gardens  
Atmacite of the Adamant  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of the Assassin  0 Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Atmacite of the Depths  0 Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Dropped 
Atmacite of the Forager  0 Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Atmacite of the Parapet  0  Quested 
Atmacite of the Shrewd  0 Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Atmacite of the Slayer  0 Vunkerl Inlet (S) Dropped 
Atmacite of the Tropics  0 Mamook Dropped 
Atmacite of the Valiant  0 Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Atmacite of the Vanguard  0  Quested 
Atomos Statuette  0Rare Exclusive    
Atramenterrane  0   
Atropos Orb  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Quested 
Attestation of Accuracy  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Bravery  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Celerity  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Decisiveness  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Force  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Fortitude  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Glory  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Harmony  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Invulnerability  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Legerity  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Might  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Righteousness  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Sacrifice  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Transcendence  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Vigor  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attestation of Virtue  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Attohwa Ginseng  0Rare Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Attraction Chocolate  0Rare Exclusive    
Attraction Chocolate: Left Piece  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Attraction Chocolate: Right Piece (Female)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Attraction Chocolate: Right Piece (Male)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Attuner  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Eastern Altepa Desert, ... Quested, Dropped 
Audacious Vision  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Audumbla's Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Aura of Adulation  0Rare Exclusive  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Aura of Voracity  0Rare Exclusive  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Aurastery Ring  0   
Aureate ball of fur  0   
Auric Sand  0   
Aurora Bass  0   
Aurora Crystal  0Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Quested 
Aurorastorm Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Auto-Repair Kit  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Auto-Repair Kit II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Autumn's End  0 Port Jeuno Purchased 
Autumnstone  0Rare  The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Dropped 
Avatar Blood  0 Pso'Xja Dropped 
Avenger's Die  0Rare    
Aventurine  0  Quested 
Avian Remex  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Avidity Grimoire  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Ayran  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Azdaja's Horn  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Azouph Fireflies  0Exclusive Temporary    
Azouph Greens  0   
Azure Abyssite of Celerity  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Azure Abyssite of Lenity  0 Abyssea-Konschtat, Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Azure Abyssite of Merit  0  Quested 
Azure Abyssite of Prosperity  0  Quested 
Azure Abyssite of the Reaper  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Azure Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Azure Key  0  Quested 
B. Borer's Cocoon  0   
B.E.W. Pitaru  0  Crafted 
Baby Blobdingnag  0Exclusive  North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Badlands Salt  0Exclusive    
Bag of Chapuli Fletchings  0   
Bag of Flower Seeds  0   
Bag of Grove Cuttings  0   
Bag of Peapuk Fletchings  0   
Bag of Seeds  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest Quested, Dropped 
Bag of Tulfaire Fletchings  0   
Bahut  0  Crafted 
Baitball  0   
Baked Apple  0 Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Baked Popoto  0 Metalworks, Port Bastok Crafted, Purchased 
Baking Soda  0  Crafted 
Bakka's Wing  0   
Bal Shell  0Rare Exclusive  Korroloka Tunnel  
Balaur Skull  0   
Bale Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Bale Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Bale Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Bale Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Bale Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Baleful Skull  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Balga Champion Certificate  0   
Balik Sandvici  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Balik Sandvici +1  0  Crafted 
Balik Sis  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Balik Sis +1  0  Crafted 
Ball of Cyclone Cotton  0   
Ballista Redbook  0Rare Exclusive    
Ballista Whitebook  0Rare Exclusive    
Balloon Cloth  0 Phomiuna Aqueducts, Sacrarium Dropped 
Balrahn's Eyepatch  0   
Bamboo Birdcage  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Bugcage  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Charcoal Basket  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Flower Basket  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Grass Basket  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Medicine Basket  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Snakecage  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Bamboo Stick  0 Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok Purchased 
Bamboo Tea Basket  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja (S) Dropped 
Banishing Charm  0Rare Exclusive    
Banquet Set  0  Crafted 
Banquet Table  0  Crafted 
Banquet Table Blueprint  0Exclusive   Quested 
Bar of Campfire Chocolate  0 Eastern Adoulin, Western Adoulin Purchased 
Baraero Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Barbarian's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Barbaric Bijou  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Barblizzard Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Bard Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Bard's Cannions -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Bard's Cuffs -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Bard's Justaucorps -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Bard's Roundlet -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Bard's Slippers -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Bard's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja, Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Barfire Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Barnacle  0   
Barrage Turbine  0Automaton Attachment    
Barrier Module  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Dropped 
Barstone Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Barthunder Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Barwater Ointment  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Bass Meuniere  0  Crafted 
Bass Meuniere +1  0  Crafted 
Bass Sphere  0   
Bast Parchment  0 Lower Jeuno, Norg Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Bastet Fang  0 The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dropped 
Bastok Markets Gate Glyph     
Bastok Mines Gate Glyph  0Rare Exclusive    
Bastok Trust Permit  0  Quested 
Bastok Warp Rune  0   
Bastokan Flag  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Bastokan Holiday Tree  0  Quested 
Bastokan Marriage Certificate  0Rare Exclusive    
Bastokan Tea Set  0   
Bastore Bream  0 Port Windurst, Selbina Purchased, Fishing 
Bastore Sardine  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Bastore Sweeper  0  Fishing 
Bat Fang  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Castle Oztroja (S), ... Quested, Dropped 
Bat Wing  0 Castle Oztroja (S), Grauberg (S), ... Quested, Dropped 
Batagreen Sautee  0  Crafted 
Batagreens  0Exclusive  Windurst Waters Purchased 
Bataquiche  0  Crafted 
Bataquiche +1  0  Crafted 
Battle Rations  0   
Battle Trophy: 1st Echelon  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Battle Trophy: 2nd Echelon  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Battle Trophy: 3rd Echelon  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Battle Trophy: 4th Echelon  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Battle Trophy: 5th Echelon  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Bavarois  0  Crafted 
Bavarois +1  0  Crafted 
Bay Aquarium  0  Crafted 
Bay Leaves  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Bblr.'s Vambrace  0   
Bblr.'s Vambrace  0   
Beach Bunny Fangs  0Rare Exclusive  Kuftal Tunnel Quested, Dropped 
Beadeaux Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux, Castle Zvahl Keep Dropped 
Beadeaux Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux, Qulun Dome Dropped 
Beaming Score  0   
Beast Blood  0 Behemoth's Dominion, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dropped 
Beast Horn  0  Crafted 
Beastcoin  0 Davoi Dropped 
Beastly Shank  0Rare   Quested 
Beastman Blood  0 Jugner Forest, La Theine Plateau, ... Quested, Dropped 
Beastman Confederate Crate  0  Quested 
Beastman Gonfalon  0Rare Exclusive    
Beastmaster Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Beastmaster's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Cape Teriggan, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Beastmen's Seal  0Exclusive  Ghelsba Outpost Dropped 
Beatific Image  0Exclusive   Quested 
Beaucedine Dawndrop  0   
Beaugreen Sautee  0 Southern San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Beaugreens  0 Northern San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Purchased 
Bee Larvae  0Rare Exclusive  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Beech Log  0  Quested 
Beech Lumber  0 Abyssea-La Theine  
Beech Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Beef Stewpot  0  Crafted 
Beehive Chip  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta, ... Dropped 
Beeswax  0  Crafted 
Beetle Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Beetle Jaw  0 Carpenters' Landing, Inner Horutoto Ruins Quested, Dropped 
Beetle Quiver  0  Quested 
Beetle Shell  0 Carpenters' Landing, Sauromugue Champaign Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Beetle Spirit  0Exclusive    
Befouled Silver  0   
Begrimed Dragon Hide  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Beguiling Petrifact  0  Quested 
Behemoth Hide  0 Behemoth's Dominion Quested, Dropped 
Behemoth Horn  0 Behemoth's Dominion Quested, Dropped 
Behemoth Leather  0  Crafted 
Behemoth Leather Missive  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep Dropped 
Behemoth Statue  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Behemoth Tongue  0Rare Exclusive    
Beitetsu Box  0 La'Loff Amphitheater Dropped 
Beitetsu Parcel  0   
Bell Cricket  0   
Belladonna Sap  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Benedict Silk  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Benedict Yarn  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Benten Card  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau  
Benumbed Eye  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Berry Snowcone  0   
Berserker's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Berserker's Tonic  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Beryl Memosphere  0Rare Exclusive  Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Vahzl Dropped 
Beryllium Ingot  0   
Betelgeuse Card  0Rare    
Betta  0  Fishing 
Bevel Gear  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Beverage Barrel  0  Crafted 
Bewitched Ash Lumber  0  Crafted 
Bewitched Gold Ingot  0  Crafted 
Bewitching Tusk  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Bhaflau Card  0Exclusive  Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Bhaflau Fireflies  0Exclusive Temporary    
Bhaflau Remnants Fireflies  0Exclusive Temporary    
Bhefhel Marlin  0 Port Windurst, Ship from Selbina to Mhaura Purchased, Fishing 
Bia Orb  0Rare Exclusive    
Bibiki Slug  0 Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle  
Bibiki Urchin  0 Bibiki Bay, Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Purchased, Fishing 
Bibikibo  0 Bibiki Bay Purchased, Fishing 
Bijou Glace  0   
Binding Tube  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Bird Blood  0 Buburimu Peninsula, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ... Dropped 
Bird Egg  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Waters Purchased, Dropped 
Bird Feather  0 Valkurm Dunes, Windurst Woods Purchased, Dropped 
Bird Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Biscuit a la Rholont  0   
Bishamon Card  0Rare Exclusive    
Bismuth Ingot  0   
Bismuth Sheet  0   
Bison Jerky  0   
Bison Steak  0  Crafted, Quested 
Bitter Cluster  0  Quested 
Bitter Memory  0 Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Bittern  0  Crafted 
Black Beetle Blood  0 Batallia Downs, Monastic Cavern Quested, Dropped 
Black Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Black Bread  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Black Bubble-Eye  0  Quested 
Black Card  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
Black Chip  0 Northern San d'Oria, Windurst Walls Purchased 
Black Chocobo Dye  0   
Black Chocobo Feather  0 Bastok Mines, Batallia Downs, ... Purchased 
Black Chocobo Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Black Coral Key  0  Quested 
Black Curry  0  Crafted 
Black Curry Bun  0  Crafted 
Black Curry Bun +1  0  Crafted 
Black Drop  0Rare  Maze of Shakhrami, Ordelle's Caves Quested, Dropped 
Black Eel  0  Fishing 
Black Fish of the Family  0   
Black Fluid  0Rare Exclusive    
Black Ghost  0  Fishing 
Black Hobby Bo  0Moghancement: Dark   Crafted 
Black Ink  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Black Mage Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased, Quested 
Black Mage's Testimony  0 Beadeaux, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Black Mine  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Black Pearl  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Black Pepper  0 Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Black Prawn  0   
Black Pudding  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Black Puppet Turban  0 Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Black Rabbit Tail  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Black Rivet  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Black Rock  0 Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Black Sole  0 Port Windurst, Ship from Selbina to Mhaura Purchased, Fishing 
Black Tiger Fang  0 Jugner Forest  
Black Tiger Hide  0 Batallia Downs, Beaucedine Glacier, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Black VCS Plaque  0Exclusive    
Black Whisker  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Black-Labeled Vial  0   
Blackbook Page  0   
Blackened Frog  0 Kazham Crafted, Purchased 
Blackened Log  0Rare Exclusive    
Blackened Muddy Siredon  0  Quested 
Blackened Newt  0  Crafted 
Blackened Toad  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Blackhorn  0Exclusive    
Blacksmith's Sign  0Rare Exclusive    
Blacksmith's Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Blacksmiths' Emblem  0Exclusive    
Bladefish  0 Port Windurst, Selbina Purchased, Fishing 
Blanched Silver  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Blank Book of the Gods  0  Quested 
Blaze Feather  0Rare Exclusive    
Blazing Cluster Soul  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Blazing Peppers  0 Pashhow Marshlands  
Blessed Mythril Sheet  0  Crafted 
Blessed Waterskin     
Blightberry  0Temporary    
Blind Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Blind Bolt Quiver  0  Quested 
Blindfish  0  Fishing 
Blinding Potion  0 Rabao Crafted, Purchased 
Blitzer's Die  0Rare    
Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Bloodblotch  0   
Bloodied Arrow  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Bloodied Bat Fur  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Bloodied Dragon Ear  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Bloodied Saber Tooth  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Bloodshot Hecteye  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Bloodstained Bugard Fang  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Bloodthread  0 Pso'Xja Quested, Dropped 
Bloodwood Log  0 Caedarva Mire, Mamook Quested 
Bloodwood Lumber  0  Crafted 
Bloody Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Bloody Bolt Quiver  0   
Bloody Candle  0Rare    
Bloody Chocolate  0  Crafted 
Bloody Fang  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Bloody Ram Leather  0  Crafted 
Bloody Robe  0Rare Exclusive  Gusgen Mines, Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Blotched Doomed Tongue  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Blue 3-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Blue 6-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Blue 9-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Blue Abyssite  0   
Blue Acidity Tester  0   
Blue Bamboo Grass  0Exclusive   Quested 
Blue Bandeau  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Blue Bracelet  0  Quested 
Blue Chip  0 Northern San d'Oria, Windurst Walls Purchased 
Blue Chocobo Dye  0   
Blue Coral Key  0  Quested 
Blue Drop  0Rare  Maze of Shakhrami, Ordelle's Caves Quested, Dropped 
Blue Hobby Bo  0  Crafted 
Blue Institute Card  0  Quested 
Blue Invitation Card  0  Quested 
Blue Jasper  0 Jugner Forest Dropped 
Blue Mage Die  0Rare    
Blue Mage's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Blue Noble's Bed  0  Crafted 
Blue Peas  0  Crafted 
Blue Pitcher  0  Quested 
Blue Pondweed  0Rare   Quested 
Blue Rancor  0Rare Exclusive    
Blue Recommendation Letter  0  Quested 
Blue Rivet  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Blue Rock  0 Attohwa Chasm, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Blue Round Table  0  Crafted 
Blue Sentinel Badge  0   
Blue Storm Lantern  0  Crafted 
Blue Tarutaru Desk  0  Crafted 
Blue Tarutaru Folding Screen  0  Crafted 
Blue Textile Dye  0  Crafted 
Blue VCS Plaque  0Exclusive    
Blue-Labeled Crate  0 Bastok Markets (S) Purchased 
Bluebook Page  0   
Bluetail  0DEX: 3 MND: -5  East Sarutabaruta, Port Windurst, ... Purchased, Fishing 
Boarding Permit  0  Quested 
Body Boost  0Exclusive Temporary    
Boiled Cockatrice  0  Crafted 
Boiled Crab  0 Upper Jeuno, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Boiled Crayfish  0 Port San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Boiled Tuna Head  0  Crafted 
Boltmaker  0 Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Bomb Ash  0   
Bomb Coal  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel Dropped 
Bomb Coal Fragment  0   
Bomb Lantern  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Windurst Walls Purchased, Quested 
Bomb Queen Ash  0 Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Bomb Queen Core  0 Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Bomb Steel  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands Dropped 
Bonbori  0  Quested 
Bone Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Bone Charcoal  0   
Bone Chip  0 North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Quested 
Bone Chips  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Bone Ensorcellment  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Bone Handicraft  0Rare Exclusive    
Bone Purification  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Bone Quiver    Quested 
Bonecraft Tools  0   
Boneworker's Sign  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Woods Purchased 
Boneworker's Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Boneworkers' Emblem  0Exclusive    
Book of the Gods  0  Quested 
Bookholder  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Bookshelf  0  Crafted 
Bookstack  0   
Booming Naakual Paragon  0   
Boscaiola  0  Crafted 
Boscaiola +1  0  Crafted 
Bottle of Coalition Grease  0Exclusive    
Bottle of Fertilizer X  0   
Bottle of Frontier Soda  0 Eastern Adoulin, Western Adoulin Purchased 
Bottle of Panopt Tears  0   
Bottle of Snapweed Secretion  0   
Bottle of Star Sprinkles  0Exclusive    
Bottled Fay  0   
Bottled Pixie  0Rare Exclusive  Jugner Forest (S), Meriphataud Mountains (S) Quested, Dropped 
Bottled Punch Bug  0  Quested 
Boulder Box  0   
Boulder Case  0 La'Loff Amphitheater Dropped 
Bounty List  0   
Bovine Brand Card  0Rare Exclusive    
Bowl Of Goblin Stew     
Bowl of Adoulin Soup  0  Crafted 
Bowl of Adoulin Soup +1  0  Crafted 
Bowl of Goblin Stew 880  0Rare Exclusive    
Bowl of Mog Pudding  0   
Bowl of Moogurt  0   
Bowl of Oceanfin Soup  0   
Bowl of Riverfin Soup  0   
Bowl of Ulbuconut Milk  0 Eastern Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Bowl of Ulbuconut Milk +1  0  Crafted 
Bowl of bland Goblin salad  0   
Box of Adoulinian Tomatoes  0  Quested 
Boyahda Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest, The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Boyahda Moss  0  Quested, Dropped 
Brain Stew  0  Crafted 
Branch of Gnatbane  0   
Branded Wing  0 Ruhotz Silvermines Dropped 
Brass Borer's Cocoon  0Rare Exclusive  Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Brass Canteen  0Rare    
Brass Chain  0  Crafted 
Brass Crock  0   
Brass Flowerpot  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Brass Ingot  0 Castle Zvahl Keep, Labyrinth of Onzozo Crafted, Dropped 
Brass Letterbox  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Brass Loach  0  Fishing 
Brass Nugget  0   
Brass Ribbon of Service  0  Quested 
Brass Scales  0 Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Brass Sheet  0 Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Brass Tank  0  Crafted, Quested 
Brass Wings of Service  0  Quested 
Braver's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary HP: 15 MP: 15 STR: 15 DEX: 15 VIT: 15 AGI: 15 INT: 15 MND: 15 CHR: 15    
Bread Crock  0  Crafted 
Bream Risotto  0  Crafted, Quested 
Bream Sushi  0  Crafted 
Bream Sushi +1  0  Crafted 
Breeze Gem  0   
Breeze Geode  0   
Brenner Blackbook  0Rare Exclusive    
Brenner Bluebook  0Rare Exclusive    
Bretzel  0 Bastok Mines, Metalworks Crafted, Purchased 
Briareus's Sash  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Brier-proof Net  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Brigand's Chart  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Bright Blue Seal  0   
Brilliant Gold Thread  0  Crafted, Quested 
Brilliant Snow  0  Crafted 
Brilliant Vision  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Brilliantine  0Rare Exclusive    
Brimsand  0  Crafted 
Broiled Carp  0   
Broiled Eel  0   
Broiled Pipira  0   
Broiled Trout  0   
Broken Bamboo Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Carbon Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Clothespole  0   
Broken Composite Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Fastwater Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Glass Fiber Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Halcyon Fishing Rod  0  Quested 
Broken Harpoon  0   
Broken Hume Fishing Rod  0  Quested 
Broken Iron Giant Spike  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Broken Linkpearl  0   
Broken Lu Shang's Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Mithran Fishing Rod  0  Quested 
Broken Single-Hook Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Tarutaru Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Wand  0   
Broken Willow Fishing Rod  0   
Broken Yew Fishing Rod  0   
Bronze Bed  0  Crafted 
Bronze Bolt Heads  0 Valkurm Dunes Crafted 
Bronze Bolt Quiver  0  Quested 
Bronze Box  0Rare Exclusive  Ship from Mhaura to Selbina Dropped 
Bronze Bullet Pouch  0   
Bronze Ingot  0 Metalworks, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Bronze Key  0Rare Exclusive  Phomiuna Aqueducts Dropped 
Bronze Letterbox  0Rare Temporary  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Bronze Nugget  0  Crafted 
Bronze Ribbon of Service  0  Quested 
Bronze Rose  0  Crafted 
Bronze Scales  0 Metalworks, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Bronze Sheet  0 Metalworks, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Bronze Shovel Cordon  0   
Bronze Star  0  Quested 
Bronze Trophy  0Rare Exclusive    
Bronze mattock cordon  0   
Bronze-Labeled Vial  0   
Brown Abyssite  0   
Brown Doeskin  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Bruised Starfruit  0Rare  Xarcabard Dropped 
Bryophitic Boulder Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Bubble Breeze  0   
Bubble Chocolate  0  Crafted 
Bubbling Oil  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Bubbly Water  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Buburimu Grape  0 Bastok Markets, Buburimu Peninsula, ... Crafted, Purchased 
Buche au Chocolat  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Buche des Etoiles  0   
Bucket of Compound Compost  0   
Buckler Plaque  0  Crafted 
Buckwheat Flour  0 Lower Jeuno Purchased 
Bud of the Swarm Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Buffalo Corpse  0   
Buffalo Hide  0  Dropped 
Buffalo Horn  0  Dropped 
Buffalo Jerky  0  Crafted 
Buffalo Leather  0  Crafted, Dropped 
Buffalo Meat  0  Dropped 
Bug-eaten Hat  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Bugard Leather  0 Lufaise Meadows Crafted, Dropped 
Bugard Skin  0 Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Bugard Tusk  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Bugbear Mask  0 Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Buggane Horn  0 Garlaige Citadel (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S)  
Bukhi's Wing  0Exclusive    
Bukhis's Wing  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Bukktooth  0 East Ronfaure Dropped 
Bulbous Crawler Cocoon  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Bullet Pouch  0   
Bundling Twine  0 Carpenters' Landing, Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Bunny Ball  0   
Burdock  0 Grauberg (S), West Sarutabaruta (S)  
Bureau  0  Crafted 
Burning Cluster  0  Quested 
Burning Hakutaku Eye  0 King Ranperre's Tomb, Pso'Xja Dropped 
Burning Memory  0 Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Burrow Worm  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Butter Crepe  0  Crafted 
Buttered Nebimonite  0   
Butterfly Cage  0  Crafted 
Butterpear  0 Yhoator Jungle, Yuhtunga Jungle  
Byakko Scrap  0  Crafted 
Bztavian Stinger  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Bztavian Wing  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
C Wildcat Badge  0  Quested 
CCB Polymer Pump  0Rare   Quested 
CRA Racing Form  0Exclusive    
CS Bronze Cup  0Exclusive    
CS Bronze Stand  0Rare Exclusive    
CS Gold Stand  0Rare Exclusive    
CS Mythril Stand  0Rare Exclusive    
CS Wildcat Badge  0   
Ca Cuong  0  Fishing 
Cabinet  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Cactuar Needle  0 Quicksand Caves Purchased, Dropped 
Cactuar Root  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Cactus Arm  0 Rabao Purchased, Dropped 
Cactus Stems  0 Attohwa Chasm, Quicksand Caves Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Caedarva Frog  0  Fishing 
Caisson  0  Crafted 
Calabazilla Lantern  0Exclusive    
Calico Comet  0  Quested 
Caliginous Wolf Hide  0  Crafted 
Caller's Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Caller's Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Caller's Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Caller's Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Caller's Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Calor resilience  0  Quested 
Cambric  0 Castle Zvahl Keep (S), Xarcabard (S) Dropped 
Campaign Supplies  0   
Campaign Voucher  0Exclusive    
Candelabrum  0  Crafted 
Candle Holder  0   
Candy Cane  0Exclusive   Quested 
Candy Ring  0Exclusive   Quested 
Canopus Card  0Rare   Quested 
Cantarella  0  Crafted 
Canvas Toile  0Rare Exclusive    
Capella Card  0Rare   Quested 
Captain Argus's Linkpearl  0   
Captain Helga's Linkpearl  0   
Captain Rashid's Linkpearl  0   
Carabosse's Gem  0Exclusive    
Carapace Powder  0  Crafted 
Caravan Tea  0  Crafted 
Carbite  0   
Carbon Dioxide  0  Crafted 
Carbon Fiber  0  Crafted 
Carbonara  0  Crafted, Quested 
Carbonara +1  0  Crafted 
Carbuncle's Ruby  0Rare Exclusive  Buburimu Peninsula, Lufaise Meadows, ... Dropped 
Card of Ardor  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux, Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Card of Balance  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Card of Vision  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Card of Voyage  0Exclusive  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Card of Wieldance  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Cardian Statue  0Rare Exclusive    
Cardian Statue  0Rare Exclusive    
Cardinal Cloth  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Carillon Vermeil  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Caritas Stone  0   
Carmine Chip  0Exclusive  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Carmine Desk  0  Crafted 
Carnal Incense  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Carnation  0 Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Carnelian  0  Quested 
Carp Sushi  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Carpenter's Kit  0   
Carpenter's Signboard  0Rare Exclusive  Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Carpenter's Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Carpenters' Emblem  0Exclusive    
Carrier Crab Carapace  0   
Carrier Pigeon Letter  0 Airship Jeuno - San d'Oria  
Carrot Paste  0  Crafted 
Cartonnier  0  Crafted 
Casablanca  0 Bastok Markets, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Cashmere Cloth  0 King Ranperre's Tomb Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Cashmere Thread  0 King Ranperre's Tomb Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Cashmere Wool  0 King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Cassia Lumber  0  Quested 
Cast Iron Letterbox  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Castellanus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Castle Floor Plans  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi, Fort Ghelsba, ... Dropped 
Cat's Eye  0Rare Exclusive    
Catalytic Oil  0   
Cathedral Salad  0   
Cathedral Tapestry  0Rare Exclusive  Fort Ghelsba, Yughott Grotto Dropped 
Catholicon  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Valkurm Dunes  
Catholicon  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Catholicon +1  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Crafted 
Catoblepas Hide  0 Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Catoblepas Leather  0  Crafted 
Cattleya  0 Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Cauldron Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Cave Cherax  0  Fishing 
Cavernous Score  0   
Cavorting Worm  0Exclusive    
Cehuetzi Claw  0   
Cehuetzi Ice Shard  0   
Cehuetzi Pelt  0   
Cehuetzi Snow Cone  0   
Cei. FB op. materials container  0   
Celadon Yantric Planchette  0   
Celadon Yggrete Rock  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggrete Shard I  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggrete Shard II  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggrete Shard III  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggrete Shard IV  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggrete Shard V  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Celadon Yggzi Bead I  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Celadon Yggzi Bead II  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Celadon Yggzi Bead III  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Celadon Yggzi Bead IV  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Celadon Yggzi Bead V  0Rare  Ceizak Battlegrounds, Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Celaeno's Cloth  0 Dangruf Wadi Dropped 
Celennia Memorial Library card  0   
Celerity Salad  0  Crafted 
Celestial Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Celestial Globe  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
Celestial Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Celestial Incense  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Celestial Nexus Phantom Gem  0 Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok Purchased 
Censer of Abandonment  0   
Censer of Acrimony  0   
Censer of Animus  0   
Censer of Antipathy  0   
Ceramic Flowerpot  0 Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Cerberus Claw  0 Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Cerberus Hide  0 Mount Zhayolm Quested, Dropped 
Cerberus Leather  0  Crafted 
Cerberus Meat  0 Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Cerebrator Remnant  0Rare Exclusive  Promyvion - Holla Dropped 
Cerise Seal  0   
Cermet Chunk  0  Crafted, Quested 
Cernunnos Bulb  0Rare Exclusive  Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Cerulean Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Central Temenos - 2nd Floor  
Cerulean Crystal  0  Quested 
Cerulean Desk  0  Crafted 
Chai  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Chai +1  0  Crafted 
Chainwork  0 Bastok Markets, Metalworks Purchased 
Chalaimbille  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Challenge to the Royal Knights  0   
Chameleon Diamond  0Exclusive  Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Chameleon Yarn  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Chamnaet Ice  0Rare Exclusive    
Chamomile  0 Bastok Mines, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Chamomile Tea  0  Crafted 
Champion's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Champion's Gambir  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Champion's Tonic  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Chamrosh's Beak  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook Dropped 
Chandelier Coal  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel Dropped 
Chapuli Horn  0  Dropped 
Chapuli Horn  0   
Chapuli Quiver  0   
Chapuli Wing  0  Dropped 
Charcoal Chip  0Rare Exclusive    
Charcoal Cotton  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Charcoal Grey Seal  0   
Charis Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Charis Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Charis Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Charis Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Charis Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Charisma Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Charred Helm  0   
Charred Propeller  0   
Charred Salisbury Steak  0  Crafted 
Chasmic Stinger  0   
Cheese Sandwich  0 Ru'Lude Gardens, Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Cheese Sandwich +1  0  Crafted 
Cherished Axe  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Cherished Pick  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Cherished Sickle  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Cherry Bavarois  0  Crafted 
Cherry Bavarois +1  0  Crafted 
Cherry Macaron  0  Crafted 
Cherry Muffin  0  Crafted 
Cherry Muffin +1  0  Crafted 
Chest  0  Crafted 
Chestnut Log  0 East Ronfaure, Ghelsba Outpost, ... Purchased 
Chestnut Lumber  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Chestnut-colored Seal  0   
Cheval Salmon  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Cheval Water  0Exclusive    
Cheviot Cloth  0 Gustav Tunnel, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Chicken Bone  0 Attohwa Chasm, Tahrongi Canyon  
Chiffonier  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Chigre  0Rare Exclusive  Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Chimera Blood  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Chipped Imp's Olifant  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Chipped Linkshell  0   
Chipped Sandworm Tooth  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Chipped Wind Cluster  0   
Choco-Katana  0   
Choco-Scroll  0   
Choco-delight  0   
Choco-katana  0   
Choco-ligar  0   
Choco-ligar  0   
Choco-scroll  0   
Chocobet Ticket  0   
Chocobiscuit  0   
Chocobo Bedding  0Exclusive  Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Chocobo Blinkers  0   
Chocobo Carvings  0   
Chocobo Egg (A Bit Warm)  0Exclusive  Ru'Lude Gardens Purchased, Quested 
Chocobo Egg (A Little Warm)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Chocobo Egg (Faintly Warm)  0 Ru'Lude Gardens Purchased 
Chocobo Egg (Slightly Warm)  0 Ru'Lude Gardens Purchased 
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Chocobo Feather  0 Bastok Mines, Windurst Woods Purchased, Dropped 
Chocobo Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Chocobo Hood  0   
Chocobo License  0  Quested 
Chocobo Return Ticket  0Rare Exclusive    
Chocobo Return Ticket  0Rare Exclusive    
Chocobo Taping  0  Crafted 
Chocobo Ticket  0  Quested 
Chocobuck Slip  0   
Chococard (F)  0   
Chococard (M)  0   
Chocolate Cake  0  Crafted, Quested 
Chocolate Crepe  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Chocolate Grumpkin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Chocolate Rarab Tail  0   
Chocolate Rusk  0  Crafted 
Chocolixir  0  Crafted 
Chocomilk  0 Eastern Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Chocopass  0Exclusive   Quested 
Chocotonic  0  Crafted 
Chocotrain: DSC  0   
Chocotrain: END  0   
Chocotrain: RCP  0   
Chocotrain: STR  0   
Chonofuda  0   
Chronos Tooth  0  Crafted 
Chrysoberyl  0 Fei'Yin, Garlaige Citadel Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Chukwa's Egg  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Chunk of Acuex Ore  0   
Chunk of Beitetsu  0 Ceizak Battlegrounds, Yorcia Weald Dropped 
Chunk of Beryllium Ore  0 La'Loff Amphitheater Quested, Dropped 
Chunk of Bismuth Ore  0   
Chunk of Corroded Ore  0   
Chunk of Midrium Ore  0   
Chunk of Milky White Minerals  0   
Chunk of Mulcibar's Scoria  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Chunk of Ra'kaznar Ore  0   
Chunk of Rhodium Ore  0   
Chunk of Snowsteel  0   
Chunk of Snowsteel Ore  0   
Chunk of Titanium Ore  0   
Chunk of Vanadium Ore  0   
Chunk of smoked Goblin grub  0   
Cibarious Cilbir  0   
Cibol  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Cid's Catalyst  0   
Cilbir  0  Crafted, Quested 
Cilice  0  Crafted, Quested 
Cinna-cookie  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Cinnamon  0 Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Cipher Of Lehko's Alter Ego  0   
Cipher Of Mnejing's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher Of Ovjang's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher Of Sakura's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Joachim's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Lion's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Mihli Aliapoh's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Naja's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Tenzen's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Valaineral's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cipher of Zeid's Alter Ego  0Rare Exclusive    
Cirdas Caverns Warp Rune  0   
Cirdas Simulacrum  0   
Cirdas Visage I  0   
Cirdas Visage II  0   
Cirdas Visage III  0   
Cirdas Visage IV  0   
Cirdas Visage V  0   
Cirein-croin's Lantern  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Cirque Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Cirque Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Cirque Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Cirque Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Cirque Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Cirrocumulus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Clairvoy Ant  0   
Clamming Kit  0 Bibiki Bay Purchased 
Claret Globule  0Rare Exclusive  Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Clarite  0  Quested 
Clay Tablet  0Rare Exclusive    
Cleaning Tool Set  0   
Cleanly Snapped Rod  0Rare Exclusive  Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Clear Abyssite  0   
Clear Chip  0 Northern San d'Oria, Windurst Walls Purchased 
Clear Demilune Abyssite  0   
Clear Drop  0Rare  Maze of Shakhrami, Ordelle's Caves Quested, Dropped 
Clear Salve I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Clear Salve II  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Clear Topaz  0 Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Cleric's Briault -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Cleric's Cap -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Cleric's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Cleric's Duckbills -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Cleric's Mitts -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Cleric's Pantaloons -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Climbing  0   
Clionid Wing  0 Abyssea-La Theine, Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Clipped Bird Wing  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Clock Tower Petition  0Rare Exclusive  Lower Jeuno  
Clockmaking  0 Bastok Markets Purchased 
Clockwork Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Clone Ward Reinforcement Pack  0   
Clot Plasma  0 Carpenters' Landing, Manaclipper Dropped 
Clot Plasma  0   
Clotflagration  0   
Cloth Ensorcellment  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Cloth Purification  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Clotho Orb  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Quested 
Cloud Evoker  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Clouded Lens  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Cloudy Orb  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Clump of Absorbent Moss  0 Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Clump of Adoulinian Kelp  0   
Clump of Akaso  0   
Clump of Animal Hair  0   
Clump of Coalition Humus  0   
Clump of Ravaged Moko Grass  0Exclusive    
Clump of Riftdross  0 Buburimu Peninsula, Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Clump of Yahse Humus  0   
Cluster Ash  0 Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Cluster Core  0 Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Clustered Tar  0Rare  Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Coalition Ether  0Exclusive  Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Coalition Potion  0Exclusive  Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Cobalt Cell  0 Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines, ... Purchased, Conquest 
Cobalt Jellyfish  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Cobalt Mythril Sheet  0Rare Exclusive    
Cobalt Ore  0 Garlaige Citadel (S), The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Dropped 
Cockatrice Meat  0  Dropped 
Cockatrice Skin  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Cockatrice Tailmeat  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Coconut Rusk  0  Crafted 
Coeurl Hide  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Dropped 
Coeurl Leather  0 Batallia Downs, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Coeurl Leather Missive  0Rare Exclusive  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Coeurl Meat  0  Dropped 
Coeurl Round  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Coeurl Sautee  0  Crafted 
Coeurl Sub  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Coeurl Sub +1  0  Crafted 
Coeurl Whisker  0  Dropped 
Coffee Beans  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Coffee Cherries  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands  
Coffee Macaron  0  Crafted 
Coffee Muffin  0  Crafted 
Coffee Muffin +1  0  Crafted 
Coffee Powder  0  Crafted 
Coffee Table  0  Crafted 
Coffer  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Cog Lubricant  0Rare Exclusive    
Coiled Yarn  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Coiler  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Dropped 
Coin Cookie  0   
Coin of Advancement  0Exclusive   Quested 
Coin of Ardor  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Coin of Balance  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Coin of Birth  0Exclusive   Quested 
Coin of Decay  0Exclusive   Quested 
Coin of Glory  0Exclusive   Quested 
Coin of Ruin  0Exclusive   Quested 
Coin of Vision  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Coin of Voyage  0Exclusive  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Coin of Wieldance  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Cold Bone  0Rare  Gustav Tunnel, Toraimarai Canal Dropped 
Colibri Beak  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Colibri Feather  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Quested, Dropped 
Colibri Fletchings  0   
Colored Egg  0  Crafted 
Colorful Abyssite  0   
Colorful Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Konschtat, Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Colorful Hair  0Rare    
Colorless Soul  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Colossal Skull  0 Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Comet Fragment  0Exclusive   Quested 
Comet Orb  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Commode  0  Crafted 
Commodore Bottes -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Commodore Culottes -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Commodore Frac -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Commodore Gants -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Commodore Tricorne -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Comp. Certificate  0   
Companion's Die  0Rare    
Compass of Transference  0   
Completion Certificate  0   
Concoction  0 Bastok Mines Purchased 
Condenser  0Automaton Attachment   Quested 
Cone Calamary  0  Fishing 
Confidential Imperial Order  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Congestus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Connor's Communique  0   
Console  0  Crafted 
Constantia Stone  0   
Contortacle  0   
Contortopus  0   
Copper A.M.A.N. Voucher  0Exclusive    
Copper A.M.A.N. voucher  0   
Copper Emblem of Service  0  Quested 
Copper Frog  0  Fishing 
Copper Ingot  0  Crafted 
Copper Key  0Rare Exclusive  Riverne - Site #A01 Dropped 
Copper Meed  0Rare Exclusive    
Copper Nugget  0 Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Purchased 
Copper Ore  0 Bastok Markets, Eastern Altepa Desert, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Copper-colored Seal  0   
Copy of "Adoulin's Patroness"  0   
Copy of "Judgment Day"  0Rare Exclusive    
Copy of "Wyrmseeker of Areuhat"  0Rare Exclusive  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Copy of Aid for All  0   
Copy of Altana's Hymn  0   
Copy of Astral Homeland  0   
Copy of Barrels of Fun  0   
Copy of Bloodshed Plans  0Exclusive  Arrapago Remnants II Dropped 
Copy of Breezy Libretto  0   
Copy of Clash of Titans  0   
Copy of Coveffe Barrows Musings  0   
Copy of Dark Deeds  0   
Copy of Death for Dimwits  0   
Copy of Ferreous's Diary  0   
Copy of Hrohj's Record  0   
Copy of Kagetora's Diary  0   
Copy of Kagetora's Journal  0   
Copy of Kayeel-Payeel's Memoirs  0   
Copy of Life-Form Study  0   
Copy of Ludwig's Report  0   
Copy of Melodious Plans  0Rare Exclusive    
Copy of Mieuseloir's Diary  0   
Copy of Mikhe's Memo  0   
Copy of Mikhe's Note  0   
Copy of Noillurie's Log  0   
Copy of Perih's Primer  0   
Copy of Primacy Plans  0Exclusive  Silver Sea Remnants II Dropped 
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 1  0Exclusive    
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 10  0Exclusive  La'Loff Amphitheater Quested, Dropped 
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 2  0Exclusive    
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 3  0Exclusive    
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 4  0Exclusive    
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 5  0Exclusive    
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 6  0Exclusive   Quested 
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 7  0Exclusive   Quested 
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 8  0Exclusive  La'Loff Amphitheater Quested, Dropped 
Copy of Rem's Tale, Chapter 9  0Exclusive   Quested 
Copy of Ritualistic Plans  0Exclusive  Bhaflau Remnants II Dropped 
Copy of Sonia's Diary  0   
Copy of Striking Bull's Diary  0   
Copy of Swing and Stab  0   
Copy of Tutelary Plans  0Exclusive  Bhaflau Remnants II Dropped 
Copy of Umbrage Plans  0Exclusive  Arrapago Remnants II Dropped 
Copy of Yomi's Diagram  0   
Copy of the Alliance Agreement  0   
Copy of the Bell Tolls  0   
Copy of the Successor  0   
Coquecigrue Skin  0 Sauromugue Champaign (S) Dropped 
Coral Butterfly  0 Norg, Port Windurst, ... Purchased, Fishing 
Coral Crest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Sacrarium Dropped 
Coral Fragment  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Coral Fungus  0 Port Bastok, Rolanberry Fields, ... Crafted, Purchased 
Coral Horn  0  Crafted 
Cordial Invite  0Exclusive   Quested 
Cordon Bleu Set  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Waters Purchased 
Corduroy Cloth  0Rare Exclusive    
Coriander  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Purchased 
Cornstarch  0  Crafted 
Corrupted Dirt  0 Beadeaux  
Corsair Bullet Pouch  0  Quested 
Corsair Die  0Rare  Nashmau Purchased 
Corsair's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Corse Bracelet  0 Attohwa Chasm Crafted, Dropped 
Corse Robe  0  Crafted 
Corvine Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul, Provenance Protocrystal Quested, Dropped 
Corvine Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of An Dropped 
Corvine Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook, Misareaux Coast Quested, Dropped 
Corvine Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Corvine Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Dropped 
Cosmic Designs  0Exclusive    
Cosmic Fragment  0Exclusive    
Costume Kit  0  Quested 
Cotton Candy  0  Quested 
Cotton Cloth  0 Gusgen Mines Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Cotton Coinpurse  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Cotton Pouch  0Rare Exclusive    
Cotton Purse (Alx.)  0 Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Cotton Thread  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Cotton Tofu  0  Crafted 
Count Borel's letter  0  Quested 
Counterfeit Gil  0Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Rolanberry Fields Dropped 
Courier Bags  0   
Couronne Des Etoiles  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Courser's Die  0Rare    
Coveter Remnant  0Rare Exclusive  Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Crab Apron  0Rare Exclusive  Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Crab Caller  0   
Crab Shell  0 Windurst Woods Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Crab Stewpot  0  Crafted 
Crab Sushi  0  Crafted 
Crab Sushi +1  0  Crafted 
Cracked Dragonscale  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Cracked Linkshell  0   
Cracked Mana Orb  0   
Cracked Nut  0Exclusive    
Cracked Skeleton Clavicle  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Cracked Wivre Horn  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Cracker  0  Crafted 
Crackler  0   
Craggy Fin  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Foret Dropped 
Craklaw Pincer  0  Dropped 
Crawler Blood  0 Crawlers' Nest  
Crawler Calculus  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Crawler Cocoon  0 Crawlers' Nest, Giddeus, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Crawler Egg  0 Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Crawler Floatstone  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Crayfish  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Walls, ... Purchased, Fishing 
Cream Puff  0  Crafted, Quested 
Credenza  0  Crafted 
Creed Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Creed Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Creed Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Creed Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Creed Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Creeper's Juju  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Crepe B. Helene  0   
Crepe Caprice  0   
Crepe Delice  0   
Crepe Forestiere  0   
Crepe Paysanne  0   
Crepuscular Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Purchased 
Crescent Fish  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Crest of Davoi  0  Quested 
Cricket Cage  0  Crafted 
Crimson Abyssite of Acumen  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Crimson Abyssite of Celerity  0  Quested 
Crimson Abyssite of Confluence  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Crimson Abyssite of Destiny  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Crimson Abyssite of Lenity  0  Quested 
Crimson Bloodstone  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Crimson Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Crimson Jelly  0  Crafted, Quested 
Crimson Rancor  0Rare Exclusive    
Crimson Stratum Abyssite  0   
Crimson Stratum Abyssite II  0   
Crimson Stratum Abyssite III  0   
Crimson Stratum Abyssite IV  0   
Critical Chop  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Critical Slice  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Critical Smash  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Crocodilos  0  Fishing 
Crumbly Bonemeal  0Rare Exclusive    
Crying Mustard  0 Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Cryohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Crystal Bass  0  Fishing 
Crystal Petrifact  0Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Crystal Rose  0  Crafted 
Crystal Stakes Gold Cup  0Exclusive    
Crystal Stakes Mythril Cup  0Exclusive    
Crystalline Claw Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Crystallized lifestream essence  0   
Cuelebre's Horn  0   
Culinarian's Sign  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Waters Purchased 
Culinary Emblem  0Exclusive    
Culinary Knife  0   
Culinary Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Cumulus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Cupboard  0Exclusive  Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Cupful of dust-laden sap  0   
Cupid Chocolate  0Rare    
Cupid Worm  0   
Cupreous Nugget  0Rare Exclusive    
Curry Powder  0 Norg, Port Bastok Purchased 
Cursed Beverage  0  Crafted 
Cursed Breastplate  0  Crafted 
Cursed Breastplate -1  0   
Cursed Breeches  0  Crafted 
Cursed Breeches -1  0   
Cursed Cap  0  Crafted 
Cursed Cap -1  0   
Cursed Celata  0  Crafted 
Cursed Celata -1  0   
Cursed Clogs  0  Crafted 
Cursed Clogs -1  0   
Cursed Coat  0  Crafted 
Cursed Coat -1  0   
Cursed Crown  0  Crafted 
Cursed Crown -1  0   
Cursed Cuffs  0  Crafted 
Cursed Cuffs -1  0   
Cursed Cuirass  0  Crafted 
Cursed Cuirass -1  0   
Cursed Cuishes  0  Crafted 
Cursed Cuishes -1  0   
Cursed Cuisses  0  Crafted 
Cursed Cuisses -1  0   
Cursed Dalmatica  0  Crafted 
Cursed Dalmatica -1  0   
Cursed Diechlings  0  Crafted 
Cursed Diechlings -1  0   
Cursed Finger Gauntlets  0  Crafted 
Cursed Finger Gauntlets -1  0   
Cursed Gauntlets  0   
Cursed Gauntlets -1  0   
Cursed Gloves  0  Crafted 
Cursed Gloves -1  0   
Cursed Greaves  0  Crafted 
Cursed Greaves -1  0   
Cursed Haidate  0  Crafted 
Cursed Haidate -1  0   
Cursed Handschuhs  0  Crafted 
Cursed Handschuhs -1  0   
Cursed Harness  0  Crafted 
Cursed Harness -1  0   
Cursed Hat  0  Crafted 
Cursed Hat -1  0   
Cursed Hauberk  0  Crafted 
Cursed Hauberk -1  0   
Cursed Helm  0  Crafted 
Cursed Helm -1  0   
Cursed Kabuto  0  Crafted 
Cursed Kabuto -1  0   
Cursed Key  0Rare Exclusive  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Cursed Kote  0  Crafted 
Cursed Kote -1  0   
Cursed Leggings  0  Crafted 
Cursed Leggings -1  0   
Cursed Mail  0  Crafted 
Cursed Mail -1  0   
Cursed Mask  0  Crafted 
Cursed Mask -1  0   
Cursed Mitts  0  Crafted 
Cursed Mitts -1  0   
Cursed Mufflers  0  Crafted 
Cursed Mufflers -1  0   
Cursed Pumps  0  Crafted 
Cursed Pumps -1  0   
Cursed Sabatons  0  Crafted 
Cursed Sabatons -1  0   
Cursed Schaller  0  Crafted 
Cursed Schaller -1  0   
Cursed Schuhs  0  Crafted 
Cursed Schuhs -1  0   
Cursed Slacks  0  Crafted 
Cursed Slacks -1  0   
Cursed Sollerets  0  Crafted 
Cursed Sollerets -1  0   
Cursed Soup  0  Crafted 
Cursed Subligar  0  Crafted 
Cursed Subligar -1  0   
Cursed Sune-ate  0  Crafted 
Cursed Sune-ate -1  0   
Cursed Togi  0  Crafted 
Cursed Togi -1  0   
Cursed Trews  0  Crafted 
Cursed Trews -1  0   
Cushaw Lantern  0Exclusive    
Cutter Fireflies  0Exclusive Temporary    
Cyan Chip  0Exclusive  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Cyan Fluid  0Rare Exclusive    
Cyclical Coalescence  0   
Cyclone Crystal  0Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Quested 
Daedalus Wing  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  East Sarutabaruta, Valkurm Dunes  
Dagger Enchiridion  0   
Dahlia  0  Dropped 
Dahu Hair  0 Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Daikoku Card  0Rare Exclusive    
Daimonic Casing  0 Everbloom Hollow Dropped 
Daimonic Mandible  0 Everbloom Hollow Dropped 
Damage Gauge  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Damaged Stewpot  0   
Damascene Cloth  0 Jugner Forest, Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Damascus Bolt Quiver  0   
Damascus Bullet Pouch  0   
Damascus Ingot  0 Rolanberry Fields, Sauromugue Champaign Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Damp Envelope  0Rare Exclusive  Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Damp Hakutaku Eye  0 Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Damp Scroll  0Rare    
Damselfly Worm  0Rare Exclusive  Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Dancer Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Dancer's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Grauberg (S), North Gustaberg (S) Dropped 
Danceshroom  0 Crawlers' Nest, Ordelle's Caves, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Dangruf Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Dangruf Wadi Dropped 
Dangruf Stone  0Rare Exclusive  Dangruf Wadi  
Dark Adaman Bolt Heads  0   
Dark Adaman Bolt Quiver  0   
Dark Adaman Bullet Pouch  0   
Dark Adaman Ingot  0  Crafted 
Dark Adaman Sheet  0  Crafted 
Dark Anima  0  Crafted 
Dark Bass  0 Port Windurst, Selbina Purchased, Quested, Fishing 
Dark Bead  0  Crafted 
Dark Bronze Ingot  0  Crafted 
Dark Bronze Sheet  0  Crafted 
Dark Card  0 Nashmau, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Dark Card Case  0   
Dark Cluster  0 Misareaux Coast, Toraimarai Canal Quested, Dropped 
Dark Crystal  0 Balga's Dais, Waughroon Shrine Crafted, Dropped 
Dark Fewell  0  Crafted, Quested 
Dark Fragment  0  Quested 
Dark Ixion Ferrule  0  Crafted 
Dark Ixion Horn  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Dark Ixion Tail  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Dark Knight Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Dark Knight's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Gustav Tunnel, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Dark Lamp  0  Crafted 
Dark Mana Orb  0   
Dark Meed  0Rare Exclusive    
Dark Ore  0 Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Dark Orichalcum Ingot  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Dark Spirit Pact  0Rare  Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep Quested, Dropped 
Darkflame Arm  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Darkling Bolt Heads  0   
Darksteel Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Darksteel Bolt Quiver  0  Quested 
Darksteel Chain  0  Crafted 
Darksteel Engraving  0Rare Exclusive  Palborough Mines Dropped 
Darksteel Formula  0   
Darksteel Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Darksteel Nugget  0  Crafted, Quested 
Darksteel Ore  0 Gusgen Mines, Korroloka Tunnel, ... Quested, Dropped 
Darksteel Scales  0  Crafted 
Darksteel Sheet  0  Crafted, Quested 
Data Analyzer and Logger EX  0   
Date  0 Caedarva Mire, Mamook  
Date Tea  0  Crafted 
Datechochin  0   
Davoi Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Davoi Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Davoi Storage Key  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi Dropped 
Dawn Mulsum  0   
Dawn Talisman  0   
Dawnlight Medal  0  Quested 
Daybreak Soul  0 Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Dea's Horn  0Rare Exclusive  Bhaflau Thickets Dropped 
Deademoiselle  0   
Deathball  0  Crafted 
Deathstone  0  Quested 
Decayed Dvergr Tooth  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Decayed Ingot  0  Quested 
Decaying Diremite Fang  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Decaying Molar  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Decaying Morbol Tooth  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Decennial Ring  0Rare Exclusive Enchantment: Experience Point Bonus: 100%   Quested 
Decrescent Shade  0 Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Purchased 
Deed of Moderation  0 The Garden of Ru'Hmet Dropped 
Deed of Placidity  0 Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Deed of Sensibility  0 The Garden of Ru'Hmet Dropped 
Deed to Purgonorgo Isle  0   
Deep Purple Seal  0   
Deimos Orb  0Rare Exclusive    
Delectable Orobon Steak  0Rare Exclusive    
Delicious Puls  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Delkfutt Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Delkfutt Key  0Rare Exclusive  Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Deluder's Fortune  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Deluxe Carrot  0   
Deluxe Worm  0   
Demolishing  0  Quested 
Demon Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Demon Blood  0 Caedarva Mire, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Demon Horn  0 Castle Zvahl Baileys, Mount Zhayolm Quested, Dropped 
Demon Pen  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Zvahl Baileys Dropped 
Demon Quiver  0  Quested 
Demon Skull  0 Castle Zvahl Baileys Dropped 
Demonaic Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Demoniac Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Demoralizer  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Demoralizer +1  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Crafted 
Denizanasi  0DEX: 1 MND: -3  Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Fishing 
Dented Chariot Shield  0 Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Dented Gigas Shield  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Dented Skull  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Deodorizer  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Derfland Humus  0 Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Derfland Pear  0 Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Desalinator  0 Windurst Waters Purchased 
Desert Light  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Desert Venom  0Rare  Eastern Altepa Desert, Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Designer Farming  0   
Desire Chocolate  0Rare Exclusive    
Desire Chocolate: Left Piece  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Desire Chocolate: Right Piece (Female)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Desire Chocolate: Right Piece (Male)  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Desk  0  Crafted 
Despot's Fortune  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Detached Stinger  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Ceizak Dropped 
Devious Die  0  Quested 
Dexterity Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Dextrose's Blubber  0 Halvung Dropped 
Dhalmel Hair  0 West Sarutabaruta (S) Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Hide  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Leather  0 Batallia Downs, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Dhalmel Leather Missive  0Rare Exclusive  Quicksand Caves Dropped 
Dhalmel Meat  0 Port San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Dhalmel Pie  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Dhalmel Pie +1  0  Crafted 
Dhalmel Saliva  0Rare Exclusive  Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Dhalmel Steak  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Dhalmel Stew  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Dhorme Khimaira's Mane  0   
Diabolic Silk  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Diabolic Yarn  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Diamond  0 Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Diamond Seal  0   
Diatryma Meat  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Dil  0DEX: 4 MND: -6   Fishing 
Diligence Grimoire  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Dinner Invitation  0  Quested 
Diorite  0Rare Exclusive  The Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Dire Candle  0Rare    
Display Blades  0   
Disruptor  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Inner Horutoto Ruins, ... Dropped 
Distant Imprint  0   
Distant Reminiscence  0   
Distended Chigoe Abdomen  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Distilled Water  0 Quicksand Caves, Tahrongi Canyon Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Divination Sphere  0Exclusive    
Divine Bijou  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Divine Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Divine Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Divine Log  0 King Ranperre's Tomb, Ru'Aun Gardens Quested, Dropped 
Divine Lumber  0  Crafted 
Divine Sap  0  Crafted, Quested 
Divitia Stone  0   
Djinn Ash  0  Dropped 
Djinn Ashes  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Djinn Ember  0   
Djinn Pricket  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Dodo Skin  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign Quested, Dropped 
Doffed Poroggo Hat  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Dogwood Log  0 Caedarva Mire, Mamook  
Dogwood Lumber  0  Crafted 
Doll Gizmo  0   
Doll Shard  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Middle Delkfutt's Tower Quested, Dropped 
Doom Screen  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Purchased 
Dorado Gar  0  Fishing 
Dorado Sushi  0  Crafted 
Dorado Sushi +1  0  Crafted 
Dorter Key  0Exclusive    
Drachenessence  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Drachenfall Water  0Rare    
Dragon Blood  0 Dragon's Aery, Ifrit's Cauldron Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Bone  0  Quested 
Dragon Curse Remedy  0   
Dragon Driftwood Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Dragon Fruit  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), Ru'Aun Gardens  
Dragon Fruit Au Lait  0  Crafted 
Dragon Heart  0 Dragon's Aery, Ifrit's Cauldron Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Meat  0 Dragon's Aery Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Scales  0 Dragon's Aery Quested, Dropped 
Dragon Soup  0  Crafted, Quested 
Dragon Steak  0  Crafted, Quested 
Dragon Talon  0 Dragon's Aery, Ifrit's Cauldron Quested, Dropped 
Dragoneye  0Exclusive    
Dragonfish  0   
Dragoon Die  0Rare  Nashmau Purchased 
Dragoon's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Dragua's Scale  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Drawing Desk  0Rare Exclusive  Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Dream Coffer  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Dream Platter  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Dream Stocking  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Dredging's No Drudgery  0   
Dresser  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Dried Berry  0  Crafted 
Dried Chigoe  0Rare    
Dried Date  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Dried Date +1  0  Crafted 
Dried Marjoram  0 Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Dried Mugwort  0 Den of Rancor, Temple of Uggalepih Crafted, Dropped 
Drill Calamary  0Exclusive   Quested 
Drogaroga's Fang  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Woods Purchased 
Drogarogan Bonemeal  0   
Drum Magazine  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Yhoator Jungle, ... Quested, Dropped 
Dryad Root  0 Batallia Downs Quested, Dropped 
Dryadic Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Dropped 
Dryadic Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Dryadic Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Dryadic Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Dryadic Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Dryadic Tatter  0   
Duchy Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Lower Jeuno Purchased 
Duelist's Boots -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Duelist's Chapeau -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Duelist's Gloves -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Duelist's Tabard -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Duelist's Tights -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Dull Gold Thread  0  Crafted, Quested 
Duplicatus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Durium Chain  0  Crafted 
Durium Ingot  0  Crafted 
Durium Ore  0  Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Durium Sheet  0   
Dusky Indulgence  0   
Dusky Periapt of Adaptability  0 Quicksand Caves, Western Altepa Desert  
Dusky Periapt of Catalysis  0 Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Concentration  0 Mamook Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Concord  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Exploration  0  Quested 
Dusky Periapt of Focus  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Frontiers  0 Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Glory  0 Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Intensity  0 Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Prudence  0  Quested 
Dusky Periapt of Readiness  0 Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Dusky Periapt of Vigilance  0 Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Dusty Elixir  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Dusty Elixir  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Dusty Ether  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Dusty Potion  0Rare Exclusive Temporary Instantly restores HP: 300    
Dusty Reraise  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Dusty Wing  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Dvucca Fireflies  0Exclusive Temporary    
Dwarf Pugil  0Exclusive   Quested 
Dwarf Remora  0   
Dweomer Steel Ingot  0  Crafted 
Dyer's Woad  0 Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta  
Dynamo  0Automaton Attachment   Quested 
Eagle Button  0Exclusive    
Earth Anima  0  Crafted 
Earth Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Earth Bead  0  Crafted 
Earth Card  0 Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Earth Card Case  0   
Earth Cluster  0 Konschtat Highlands, Tahrongi Canyon Quested, Dropped 
Earth Crystal  0 Konschtat Highlands, Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Earth Fewell  0  Crafted 
Earth Fragment  0  Quested 
Earth Lamp  0  Crafted 
Earth Ore  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Earth Pendulum     
Earth Spirit Pact  0Rare  Norg Purchased 
Earthen Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Earthen Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Earthen Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Earthen Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Earthen Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Behemoth's Dominion Dropped 
Earthen Charm  0   
Earthen Flowerpot  0 Windurst Waters Purchased 
Earthen Hakutaku Eye  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Earthen Tatter  0   
Eastern Adoulin Patrol Route  0   
Eastern Gem  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Eastern Ginger  0   
Eastern Paper  0Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Eastern Pottery  0 Fei'Yin Dropped 
Eastern San d'Oria Gate Glyph  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Ebisu Card  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau  
Ebon Key  0  Quested 
Ebonite  0  Crafted 
Ebony Lacquer  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Ebony Log  0 East Sarutabaruta, Qulun Dome, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Ebony Lumber  0  Crafted 
Ebur Pigment  0Exclusive  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Xarcabard (S) Dropped 
Ecarlate Cloth  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Echo Drops  0 Bastok Mines, Valkurm Dunes Crafted, Purchased 
Echo Drops  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta  
Economizer  0Automaton Attachment   Quested 
Ecru Desk  0  Crafted 
Eel Kabob  0 Kazham, Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Eft Blood  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Eft Egg  0Rare    
Eft Skin  0 Bibiki Bay Dropped 
Egg Buffet  0Exclusive   Quested 
Egg Lantern  0Exclusive   Quested 
Egg Locker  0Exclusive   Quested 
Egg Soup  0 Metalworks, Port Bastok Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Egg Stool  0Exclusive   Quested 
Egg Table  0Exclusive   Quested 
Eggplant  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Port Bastok, ... Purchased 
Egil's Torch  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Egret Fishing Rod  0Rare Exclusive  Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle, Qufim Island Dropped 
Eight of Batons  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Eight of Coins  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Eight of Cups  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Eight of Swords  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Elder Branch  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Eldieme Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm, The Eldieme Necropolis Dropped 
Eldieme Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  The Eldieme Necropolis Dropped 
Electrum Chain  0  Crafted 
Electrum Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Electrum Stud  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central Dropped 
Elegant Gemstone  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 1  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 2  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 3  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 4  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 4  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 5  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 6  0   
Elite Training: Chapter 7  0   
Elite Training: Introduction  0   
Elixir  0  Crafted, Quested 
Elixir  0Temporary  Jugner Forest, Tahrongi Canyon  
Elixir Vitae  0Instantly restores HP: 3% Instantly restores MP: 3%   Crafted 
Elm Log  0 Jugner Forest, Konschtat Highlands, ... Purchased, Quested 
Elm Lumber  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Elm Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Elshena  0  Crafted 
Elshimo Coconut  0 Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle, Yhoator Jungle, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Elshimo Frog  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped, Fishing 
Elshimo Marble  0Rare Exclusive  Yuhtunga Jungle Dropped 
Elshimo Newt  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped, Fishing 
Elshimo Pachira  0   
Elshimo Pachira Fruit  0   
Elshimo Palm  0  Crafted 
Eltoro Leather  0  Quested 
Elvaan F Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Elvaan M Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Elvaan Mochi  0  Quested 
Elvaan Rice Cake  0  Quested 
Elysian Eclair  0   
Emerald  0 Bastok Markets Purchased, Quested 
Emerald Abyssite of Acumen  0   
Emerald Abyssite of Expertise  0  Quested 
Emerald Abyssite of Fortune  0   
Emerald Abyssite of Lenity  0  Quested 
Emerald Abyssite of Sojourn  0   
Emerald Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos - West  
Emerald Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Emerald Quiche  0   
Emerald Soup  0   
Emeralda  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Mines Purchased 
Emperor Fish  0  Fishing 
Emperor Roe  0  Crafted 
Empire Waystone  0Rare Exclusive    
Empire Waystone  0Rare Exclusive    
Empty Barrel  0   
Enchanted Ink  0  Crafted 
Encyclopedia Icthyonnica  0   
Endearing Vision  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Enfeeblement Kit of Blindness  0Exclusive    
Enfeeblement Kit of Poison  0Exclusive    
Enfeeblement Kit of Silence  0Exclusive    
Enfeeblement Kit of Sleep  0Exclusive    
Engraved Key  0Rare Exclusive  Batallia Downs Dropped 
Enlightened Endeavor  0   
Ensanguined Cloth  0 Fei'Yin Dropped 
Ephemeral Cloth  0 Giddeus Dropped 
Ephemeral Endeavor  0Temporary    
Ephramadian Gold Coin  0  Quested 
Equalizer  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Quested, Dropped 
Eraser  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Yhoator Jungle, ... Quested, Dropped 
Eruca Egg  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Espionage Pearlsack  0   
Essence of perfervidity  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Estoqueur's Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Estoqueur's Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Estoqueur's Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Estoqueur's Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Estoqueur's Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Eternal Flame  0   
Ether  0 Bastok Mines, Tahrongi Canyon Crafted, Purchased 
Ether  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta  
Ether +1  0 Batallia Downs, Jugner Forest Crafted 
Ether +1  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta, North Gustaberg Crafted 
Ether +2  0   
Ether +2  0Temporary  Tahrongi Canyon, Valkurm Dunes  
Ether +3  0   
Ether +3  0Temporary  Jugner Forest (S)  
Ether Cotton  0  Crafted 
Ether Drop  0  Crafted 
Ether Holly  0  Crafted 
Ether Leather  0  Crafted 
Ethereal Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Ethereal Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Ethereal Oak Lumber  0  Crafted 
Ethereal Squama  0 Batallia Downs, Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Ethereal Vermilion Lacquer  0  Crafted 
Etoile Bangles -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Etoile Casaque -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Etoile Tiara -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Etoile Tights -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Etoile Toe Shoes -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Euvhi Organ  0Exclusive  Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Evergreen Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Evil Warding Seal  0   
Evolith  0Exclusive   Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Ex. Lamia Armband  0   
Exalted Log  0   
Exoray Mold  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Exoray Mold Crumb  0   
Exorcised Skull  0Rare    
Exorcism Treatise  0Rare Exclusive    
Exorcismal Oak Lumber  0  Crafted 
Experimental Lamia's Armband  0Rare Exclusive  Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Extended Eyestalk  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Extra-fine File  0Rare Exclusive  Lufaise Meadows, Phomiuna Aqueducts Dropped 
Extravagant Harpoon  0   
Eye Drops  0 Bastok Mines, North Gustaberg Crafted, Purchased 
Eye Drops  0Temporary  East Sarutabaruta  
Eye of Nept  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Eye of Verthandi  0Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Eyeball Soup  0  Crafted 
F.A.I.L. Badge  0  Quested 
Faded Crystal  0Rare    
Faded Yomotsu Hirasaka  0   
Faerie Apple  0 Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast, ... Purchased 
Fafnir Statue  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Fairweather Fetish  0   
Faithful's Torso I  0   
Faithful's Torso II  0   
Faithful's Torso III  0   
Faithful's Torso IV  0   
Faithful's Torso V  0   
Fake Moustache  0   
Fallen Star  0Rare Exclusive    
Falling Star  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Fallow-colored seal  0   
Falsiam Vase  0  Crafted 
Fanatic's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Fang Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Farewell Fly  0Rare Exclusive    
Fat Burrow Worm  0Exclusive    
Fat Greedie  0Rare Exclusive   Fishing 
Fat-lined Cockatrice Skin  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Fatty Tuna Sushi  0   
Fay Teardrop  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Feasting Table  0   
Federal Mercenary's Hammock  0  Crafted 
Federation Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Woods Purchased 
Fei'Yin Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Fei'Yin Dropped 
Fei'Yin Magic Tome  0   
Felicifruit  0   
Felicitas Stone  0   
Fenestral Key  0Rare Exclusive    
Fenrite  0   
Ferine Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Ferine Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Ferine Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Ferine Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Ferine Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Fernan's Diaries  0Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Ferrite  0Rare Exclusive    
Festival Dolls  0  Quested 
Festive Fan  0 Western Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Fetich Arms  0Rare  North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Fetich Head  0Rare  North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Fetich Legs  0Rare  North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Fetich Torso  0 North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Fetid Lanolin  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Fetid Rafflesia Stalk  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Feyweald Log  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S), Jugner Forest (S)  
Feyweald Lumber  0  Crafted 
Fields And Fertilizing  0   
Fiend Blood  0 North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Fiend Plate  0   
Fiendish Skin  0   
Fiendish Tome (1)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (10)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (11)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (12)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (13)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (14)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (15)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (16)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (17)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (18)  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome (19)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (2)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (20)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (21)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (22)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (23)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (24)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (25)  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome (26)  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome (27)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (28)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (29)  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome (3)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (30)  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome (4)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (5)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (6)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (7)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (8)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Fiendish Tome (9)  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 1  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 10  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 11  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 12  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 13  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 14  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 15  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 16  0Rare Exclusive    
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 17  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 2  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 3  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 4  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 5  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 6  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 7  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 8  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Fiendish Tome II: Chapter 9  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu Dropped 
Fifth Virtue  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
Fighter's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Fighting Fish Tank  0  Crafted 
Filet Lace  0Rare Exclusive    
Filing  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Filthy Gnole Claw  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Fin Sushi  0  Crafted 
Fin Sushi +1  0  Crafted 
Fine Linen Cloth  0  Crafted, Quested 
Fine Parchment  0   
Fine Raiments  0   
Fine Rice Powder  0Rare Exclusive    
Fingernail Sack  0   
Fire Anima  0  Crafted 
Fire Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Fire Bead  0  Crafted 
Fire Biscuit  0  Crafted 
Fire Card  0 Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Fire Card Case  0   
Fire Cluster  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Valkurm Dunes Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Fire Crystal  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins, Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Fire Feather     
Fire Fewell  0  Crafted 
Fire Fragment  0  Quested 
Fire Lamp  0  Crafted 
Fire Ore  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Quested, Dropped 
Fire Spirit Pact  0Rare   Quested 
Fireblossom  0   
Firebrand Naakual Paragon  0   
Firebrick  0  Crafted 
Firesand  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Firestorm Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
First Virtue  0 Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Fish Bones  0 Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Fish Chiefkabob  0   
Fish Mithkabob  0 Kazham Crafted, Purchased 
Fish Scales  0 East Sarutabaruta, La Theine Plateau Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Fish Stock  0 Windurst Waters Purchased 
Fish and Chips  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Fisherman's Signboard  0Rare Exclusive    
Fisherman's Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Fishermen's Emblem  0Exclusive    
Fishing Hole Map  0Rare Exclusive  Port Windurst Purchased 
Fistful of Homeland Soil  0   
Fistful of Numbing Soil  0   
Fistful of Pristine Sand  0   
Fistule Discharge  0Exclusive    
Five of Batons  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Five of Coins  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Five of Cups  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Five of Swords  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Flame Gem  0   
Flame Geode  0   
Flame Holder  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Flame's Prominence Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Flame-scarred Skull  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar Dropped 
Flameshun Cloth  0Rare Exclusive    
Flamestone  0Rare    
Flan Meat  0 Halvung Quested, Dropped 
Flashbulb  0Automaton Attachment  Halvung, Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Flashfrost Naakual Paragon  0   
Flask Set  0   
Flask of Grow-M-Good  0  Quested 
Flask of Kingdom Water  0   
Flask of Nightmare Water  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Flask of Primeval Brew  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Misareaux, Abyssea-Uleguerand Purchased 
Flask of fruiserum  0   
Flauros Whisker  0 Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Flawed Garnet  0 North Gustaberg Dropped 
Flax Flower  0 Valkurm Dunes, West Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased 
Flaxen Pouch  0Rare Exclusive  Attohwa Chasm Purchased 
Flaxseed Oil  0  Crafted 
Flayed Mantid Corpse  0   
Fleeting Cluster  0  Quested 
Fleeting Memory  0   
Fletching  0 Windurst Woods Purchased 
Flickering Lantern  0Rare Exclusive  Den of Rancor, Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Flint Caviar  0  Crafted 
Flint Glass Sheet  0  Crafted 
Flint Stone  0 Batallia Downs, East Sarutabaruta, ... Dropped 
Flocon-de-mer  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi  
Floral Nectar  0Rare Exclusive    
Florid Stone  0Rare Exclusive  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Flounder Meuniere  0  Crafted 
Flounder Meuniere +1  0  Crafted 
Flourishing Island Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Flower Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Flower Stand  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Fluffy Egg Powder  0Rare Exclusive    
Fluorite  0 The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Fluoro-flora  0  Crafted 
Flurry Courante  0   
Flytrap Leaf  0 Carpenters' Landing, Manaclipper Dropped 
Fomor Codex  0Rare  Phomiuna Aqueducts Dropped 
Fool's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Fool's Gold  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Markets Purchased 
Fool's Gold Ore  0 Jugner Forest (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S)  
Forbidden Key  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux, Abyssea-Uleguerand Purchased 
Foreboding Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul, Provenance Protocrystal Quested, Dropped 
Foreboding Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of An, Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Foreboding Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook Quested, Dropped 
Foreboding Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Foreboding Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef, Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Dropped 
Forest Carp  0  Fishing 
Forgotten Hope  0 Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Forgotten Journey  0 Ifrit's Cauldron, Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Forgotten Step  0 Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Forgotten Thought  0 Dynamis - Beaucedine, Temenos - North Dropped 
Forgotten Touch  0 Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Fort Key  0   
Fortune Wing  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Fossilized Bone  0Rare    
Fossilized Fang  0Rare    
Foulard  0  Crafted, Quested 
Foulweather Frog  0  Crafted 
Four of Batons  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Four of Coins  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Four of Cups  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Four of Swords  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Four-leaf Korringan Bud  0 The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Four-leaf Mandragora Bud  0Rare Exclusive  Buburimu Peninsula, East Sarutabaruta, ... Dropped 
Fourth Virtue  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
Fractus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Frag Rock  0Rare Exclusive  Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Fragmenting  0  Quested 
Fragrant Breeze Budtincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Fragrant Dhalmel Hide  0  Crafted 
Fragrant Ram Skin  0  Crafted 
Fragrant Treant Petal  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Frayed Arrow  0Rare    
Frayed Pouch (A)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Frayed Pouch (B)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Frayed Pouch (D)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Frayed Pouch (G)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Frayed Pouch (R)  0Exclusive   Quested 
Frayed Sack of Abundance +1  0Exclusive   Crafted 
Frayed Sack of Deviousness  0   
Frayed Sack of Liminality  0   
Frayed Sack of Mortality +1  0Exclusive   Crafted 
Frayed Sack of Mortality +2  0Exclusive    
Fresh Blood  0Rare  North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Dropped 
Fresh Marjoram  0 Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta  
Fresh Mugwort  0 Konschtat Highlands, West Sarutabaruta  
Fresh Orc Liver  0 Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Freshwater Aquarium  0  Crafted 
Freshwater Fish Set  0  Crafted 
Freya's Tear  0 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Frigid Core  0  Crafted 
Frigid Orichalcum  0  Crafted 
Frigid Skin  0  Crafted 
Frigorifish  0   
Friture de la Misareaux  0   
Frog Fishing  0   
Frog Flambe  0   
Frost Turnip  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Frost-encrusted Flame Gem  0   
Frostbloom Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Frosted Snoll Reflector  0   
Froststone  0Rare    
Fruit Seeds  0 Batallia Downs, Crawlers' Nest, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Fruit of Fecundity Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Fudgy-Wudge  0   
Fudgy-wudge  0   
Fukurokuju Card  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau  
Full Land of Milk and Honey Hive  0   
Fulm-long Salmon Sub  0   
Fulmenite  0  Quested 
Furia Pigment  0Exclusive  North Gustaberg (S), West Sarutabaruta (S) Dropped 
Fusion Bolt Heads  0   
Futharkic Concepts in Flux  0   
GPS crystal  0  Quested 
Gabbrath Horn  0 Cirdas Caverns (U) - Morimar Dropped 
Galateia  0  Quested 
Gales' Prominence Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Galestone  0Rare    
Galette des Rois  0Rare Exclusive    
Galka Fangs  0Rare Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Ordelle's Caves Dropped 
Galka Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Galka Mochi  0  Quested 
Galkan Sausage  0   
Galkan Sausage +1  0  Crafted 
Galkan Sausage +2  0   
Galkan Sausage +3  0   
Galkan Sausage -1  0   
Gallantry Grimoire  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Galley Kitchen  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
Gallipot  0  Crafted 
Galvanizer  0Automaton Attachment  Ordelle's Caves  
Garden Worm  0  Quested 
Gardenia Seed  0 Nashmau, Norg Purchased 
Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Gargouille Eye  0  Dropped 
Gargouille Horn  0  Dropped 
Gargouille Quiver  0   
Gargouille Shank  0  Dropped 
Gargouille Stone  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Garhada Teak Lumber  0Rare Exclusive  Carpenters' Landing, Phanauet Channel Dropped 
Garidav Wildgrass  0   
Garish Black Thread  0Rare Exclusive    
Garlaige Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel, King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Garlaige Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Garlaige Key  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel Dropped 
Garlic Cracker  0 Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Garlic Cracker +1  0  Crafted 
Garnet  0 Crawlers' Nest, Davoi Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Garpike  0  Fishing 
Garudite  0   
Gasponia Stamen  0   
Gateau Aux Fraises  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Gauger Plate  0Exclusive    
Gausebit Wildgrass  0 Dangruf Wadi, Meriphataud Mountains Dropped 
Gavial Fish  0 Port Windurst, Selbina Purchased, Fishing 
Gear Fluid  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Gelatin  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Gelid Aggregate  0   
Gelid Arm  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Gelid Sulfur  0   
Gem of the East  0Rare  Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Gem of the North  0Rare  Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Gem of the South  0Rare  Ve'Lugannon Palace Dropped 
Gem of the West  0Rare  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Gemscope  0   
Gemstone Case  0Rare Exclusive    
Genbu Scrap  0  Crafted 
Geohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Geomagnetic Compass  0   
Geomagnetron  0  Quested 
Geomancer Claim Ticket  0   
Gerrothorax  0  Fishing 
Ghastly Stone  0Exclusive  Western Adoulin Purchased 
Ghastly Stone +1  0Exclusive  Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Ghastly Stone +2  0Exclusive  Western Adoulin Purchased 
Ghelsba Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Fort Ghelsba, Yughott Grotto Dropped 
Ghrah M Chip  0 Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Giant Agaricus Mushroom  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Giant Bird Feather  0 Kuftal Tunnel, Meriphataud Mountains Dropped 
Giant Bird Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Giant Bird Plume  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Giant Bugard Tusk  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Giant Catfish  0 Port Windurst, Selbina Purchased, Fishing 
Giant Chirai  0  Fishing 
Giant Donko  0  Fishing 
Giant Femur  0 Tahrongi Canyon, Valkurm Dunes Quested 
Giant Fish Bones  0Rare Exclusive  Temple of Uggalepih Dropped 
Giant Frozen Head  0 Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Giant Mistletoe  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Giant Scale  0Exclusive  Riverne - Site #A01 Dropped 
Giant Sheep Meat  0 Jugner Forest, Valkurm Dunes Purchased, Dropped 
Giant Shell Bug  0 Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Giant Slug Eyestalk  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Giant Stinger  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Purchased, Dropped 
Giant's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Giddeus Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Giddeus Dropped 
Giddeus Water  0Exclusive    
Gigant Octopus  0  Fishing 
Gigant Squid  0  Fishing 
Gigas Gauntlets  0 Vunkerl Inlet (S) Dropped 
Gigas Helm  0 Vunkerl Inlet (S) Crafted, Dropped 
Gigas Necklace  0 Korroloka Tunnel, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Crafted, Dropped 
Gigas Socks  0 Korroloka Tunnel, Upper Delkfutt's Tower Crafted, Dropped 
Gigiroon's Cape  0Rare Exclusive  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Dropped 
Gil Repository  0   
Gilt Glasses  0Exclusive    
Gilt Ingot  0Rare Exclusive    
Gilt Tapestry  0Rare Exclusive  Windurst Woods Purchased 
Ginger Cookie  0 Windurst Waters, Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased 
Ginger Root  0 Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Girandola  0   
Give My Regards to Reodoan  0   
Glacier Crystal  0Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Quested 
Gladiatorial writ of summons  0   
Glass Fiber  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased 
Glass Pendulum  0   
Glass Sheet  0  Crafted, Quested 
Glavoid Shell  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Glistening Orobon Liver  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Glittering Fragment  0   
Glittering Pixie Choker  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Glittering Yarn  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos  
Glittersand  0Rare Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Ranguemont Pass Dropped 
Glocolite  0Rare Exclusive  Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Glossy Bugard Leather  0  Crafted 
Glossy Fragment  0 CS Apollyon II  
Glossy Sea Monk Sucker  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Glossy Silver Thread  0Rare Exclusive    
Glove of Perpetual Twilight  0   
Glowfly  0   
Glowfly Cage  0  Crafted 
Glowing Lamp  0   
Glowstone  0Rare Exclusive  Xarcabard Dropped 
Gnarled Lizard Nail  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Gnarled Taurus Horn  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Gnat Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Gnat Pellets  0   
Gnat Wing  0  Dropped 
Gnole Claw  0  Quested, Dropped 
Gnole Pellets  0 Castle Zvahl Keep (S), La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Gnostic's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Goblin Armor  0 East Sarutabaruta, Outer Horutoto Ruins Crafted, Dropped 
Goblin Bread  0 Lower Jeuno, Rabao Crafted, Purchased 
Goblin Chocolate  0 Konschtat Highlands, Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Goblin Coif Cutting  0Rare    
Goblin Cup  0   
Goblin Die  0 Oldton Movalpolos  
Goblin Doll  0 Lower Jeuno, Ru'Lude Gardens Purchased 
Goblin Drink  0  Crafted 
Goblin Grease  0 Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Goblin Gunpowder  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Goblin Helm  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Dropped 
Goblin Mail  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Dropped 
Goblin Mask  0 East Sarutabaruta, Outer Horutoto Ruins Crafted, Dropped 
Goblin Mess Tin  0 Batallia Downs (S), Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) Dropped 
Goblin Mushpot  0 Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Goblin Oil  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Goblin Pie  0 Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Goblin Rope  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Goblin Stir-fry  0   
Goblin Weel  0 Batallia Downs (S), Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) Dropped 
Goetia Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Goetia Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Goetia Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Goetia Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Goetia Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Gold Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Gold Beastcoin  0 Beadeaux, Qulun Dome Quested, Dropped 
Gold Brocade  0  Crafted 
Gold Carp  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Gold Chain  0  Crafted 
Gold Dust  0  Crafted, Quested 
Gold Ensorcellment  0 Bastok Markets Purchased 
Gold Ingot  0 Castle Zvahl Keep, Labyrinth of Onzozo Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Gold Key  0Rare  Newton Movalpolos Dropped 
Gold Leaf  0  Crafted 
Gold Lobster  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Waters Purchased, Fishing 
Gold Meed  0Rare Exclusive    
Gold Mog Pell  0Exclusive    
Gold Nugget  0  Crafted, Quested 
Gold Orcmask  0Exclusive  Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Gold Ore  0 Gusgen Mines, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Quested, Dropped 
Gold Purification  0 Bastok Markets Purchased 
Gold Sheet  0  Crafted 
Gold Stud  0Rare Exclusive    
Gold Thread  0 Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Gold-Labeled Vial  0   
Gold-colored Seal  0   
Golden Fleece  0Rare Exclusive  Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Golden Gear  0  Crafted 
Golden Hakutaku Eye  0   
Golden Royale  0   
Golden Seed Pouch  0Exclusive    
Golden Star  0  Quested 
Golden Teeth  0Rare Exclusive    
Golden Wing  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Goldfish Bowl  0Rare   Crafted 
Goldfish Set  0Exclusive   Quested 
Goldsmith's Signboard  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Markets Purchased 
Goldsmith's Stall  0Rare Exclusive    
Goldsmiths' Emblem  0Exclusive    
Golem Shard  0 Beaucedine Glacier Quested, Dropped 
Goobbue Humus  0Rare Exclusive  The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Goobbue Statue  0Rare Exclusive    
Gory Pincer  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Gory Scorpion Claw  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Goshenite  0  Quested 
Goshikitenge  0  Quested 
Gotoh Zha's Necklace  0Rare Exclusive  Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Goulash  0  Crafted 
Goulash +1  0  Crafted 
Gourmet Whipped Cream  0   
Grain Seeds  0 North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Grandiloquent Groves  0   
Granite  0 Fei'Yin Quested, Dropped 
Granulated Sugar  0Rare Exclusive    
Grape Juice  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Grapnel  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Grass Cloth  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Grass Thread  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
Grateful Letter  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Grauberg Greens  0   
Grauberg Lettuce  0 Grauberg (S) Dropped 
Grave Image  0Exclusive   Quested 
Gray Chip  0Exclusive  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Great Boyahda Moss  0 The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Great Root  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Greedie  0 Port Windurst, Ship from Selbina to Mhaura Purchased, Fishing 
Green 3-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Green 6-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Green 9-Drawer Almirah  0  Crafted 
Green Bamboo Grass  0Exclusive   Quested 
Green Bracelet  0  Quested 
Green Chip  0 Northern San d'Oria, Windurst Walls Purchased 
Green Chocobo Dye  0   
Green Curry  0  Crafted 
Green Curry Bun  0  Crafted 
Green Curry Bun +1  0  Crafted 
Green Drop  0Rare  Maze of Shakhrami, Ordelle's Caves Quested, Dropped 
Green Hobby Bo  0  Crafted 
Green Institute Card  0  Quested 
Green Invitation Card  0  Quested 
Green Noble's Bed  0  Crafted 
Green Quiche  0  Crafted 
Green Recommendation Letter  0  Quested 
Green Rock  0 Bastok Markets, East Ronfaure, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Green Round Table  0  Crafted 
Green Sentinel Badge  0   
Green Storm Lantern  0  Crafted 
Green Tarutaru Desk  0  Crafted 
Green Tarutaru Standing Screen  0  Crafted 
Green Textile Dye  0  Crafted 
Green VCS Plaque  0Exclusive    
Green-Labeled Crate  0 Windurst Waters (S) Purchased 
Greenling  0Rare Exclusive    
Gregarious Worm  0 East Ronfaure  
Grey Abyssite  0   
Griffon Codex  0Rare Exclusive    
Griffon Hide  0 Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Griffon Leather  0  Crafted 
Grilled Black Hare  0   
Grilled Corn  0   
Grilled Hare  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Grilled Lik  0   
Grimmonite  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Grimy Bronze Sheet  0 Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Grimy Linkshell  0   
Grimy Plywood  0Rare Exclusive    
Grotto Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Eastern Altepa Desert, Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
Grotto Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Ground Wasabi  0 Cape Teriggan, Norg, ... Purchased 
Grove Humus  0   
Grove Worm  0  Quested 
Guatambu Log  0   
Gugru Tuna  0 Port Windurst, Ship from Selbina to Mhaura Purchased, Fishing 
Gugrusaurus  0  Fishing 
Guiding Bell  0   
Guild Flyers  0Rare    
Guivre's Skull  0 Kuftal Tunnel, Ruhotz Silvermines Dropped 
Gulemont's Document  0 La Theine Plateau  
Gunpowder Swathe  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Gurfurlur's Helmet  0 Halvung Crafted, Dropped 
Gurnard  0 Open sea route to Al Zahbi Fishing 
Gusgen Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Gusgen Clay  0Rare Exclusive  Gusgen Mines  
Gysahl Bomb  0  Crafted 
Gysahl Greens  0 Bastok Mines, East Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased, Quested 
Gysahl Slop  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse I  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse II  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse III  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse IV  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse V  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VI  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VII  0   
Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VIII  0   
Habanero Peppers  0Exclusive  Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Habitual Behavior Barometer  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Habu Skin  0  Quested 
Hadean Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive    
Hadean Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive    
Hadean Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive    
Hadean Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive    
Hadean Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive    
Hadean Tatter  0   
Hahava's Mail  0 King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Hailstorm Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Hakuryu  0  Fishing 
Hakutaku Eye Cluster  0  Crafted 
Half Partition  0  Crafted 
Hallowed Water  0  Crafted 
Halvung Brass Key  0Rare Exclusive  Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Halvung Bronze Key  0Rare Exclusive    
Halvung Shakudo Key  0Rare Exclusive  Halvung Dropped 
Halycon Icefall Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Ham & Cheese Crepe  0  Crafted 
Hammermill  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Hamsi  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Purchased, Fishing 
Handcrafted Spatula  0   
Handful Of Ra'kaznar Arrowheads  0   
Handful Of Ra'kaznar Bolt Heads  0   
Handful of Adaman Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Handful of Bismuth Bolt Heads  0   
Handful of Chapuli Arrowheads  0   
Handful of Crystal Scales  0   
Handful of Damascus Bolt Heads  0   
Handful of Gargouille Arrowheads.  0   
Handful of Mantid Arrowheads  0   
Handful of Miridium Bolt Heads  0   
Handful of Raaz Arrowheads  0   
Handful of Titanium Bolt Heads  0   
Harajnite Shell  0 Manaclipper Dropped 
Hard Raptor Skin  0Rare    
Hard-Boiled Egg  0 Metalworks, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Hardened Bone  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi  
Hardened Raptor Skin  0Rare   Chests/Coffers 
Hare Meat  0 Windurst Waters Purchased, Dropped 
Harlequin Frame  0Vs. Fire: 3 Vs. Ice: 3 Vs. Water: 3 VS. Lightning: 3 Vs. Earth: 3 Vs. Wind: 3 Vs. Dark: 3 Vs. Light: 3 Automaton Frame    
Harlequin Head  0Vs. Fire: 2 Vs. Ice: 2 Vs. Water: 2 VS. Lightning: 2 Vs. Earth: 2 Vs. Wind: 2 Automaton Head Part    
Harp Stool  0  Crafted 
Harpsichord  0Rare Exclusive    
Harvest Horror  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Hastily Scrawled Poster  0   
Hatchet  0 Kazham, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Hatchling Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Haunted Muleta  0  Crafted 
Head of Isleracea  0   
Healing Mist  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Healing Powder  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Healing Salve I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Healing Salve II  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Healing Tea  0   
Heart Chocolate  0   
Heat Capacitor  0Automaton Attachment  Dangruf Wadi, Zeruhn Mines  
Heat Seeker  0Automaton Attachment  Halvung, Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Heatsink  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Heavenly Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Heavenly Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Heavy Metal Pouch  0 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Ve'Lugannon Palace  
Heavy Quadav Backplate  0 Grauberg (S), North Gustaberg (S) Crafted, Dropped 
Heavy Quadav Chestplate  0 Grauberg (S), North Gustaberg (S) Crafted, Dropped 
Hecteyes Eye  0 Maze of Shakhrami, The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped 
Hedgehog Pie  0  Crafted 
Hefty Oak Lumber  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Helical Gear  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Heliodor  0   
Hell Hound Fangs  0Rare Exclusive  Eastern Altepa Desert, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah, ... Dropped 
Hellcage Butterfly  0Rare Exclusive    
Hellsteak  0  Crafted, Quested 
Hellsteak +1  0  Crafted 
Helm of Briareus  0Exclusive  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Helmet Mole  0 Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Quested 
Hen. FB op. materials container  0   
Hen. FS building mat. container  0   
Hen. FS resource container  0   
Hennebloom Leaf  0Temporary    
Hepatizon Ingot  0   
Hepatizon Ore  0 La'Loff Amphitheater Quested, Dropped 
Herald's Juju  0Rare Exclusive    
Herb Crawler Eggs  0  Crafted 
Herb Paste  0  Crafted 
Herb Quus  0 Selbina, Upper Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Herb Seeds  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased, Quested 
Herensugue Skin  0 Sauromugue Champaign (S) Dropped 
Hermes Quencher  0  Crafted, Quested 
Hi-Chocolixir  0   
Hi-Elixir  0  Quested 
Hi-Elixir (T)  0Temporary    
Hi-Ether  0 Bastok Markets (S), Southern San d'Oria (S) Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Hi-Ether (T)  0Temporary  Jugner Forest, Western Altepa Desert  
Hi-Ether +1  0 Cape Teriggan, Ro'Maeve Crafted 
Hi-Ether +2  0   
Hi-Ether +3  0   
Hi-Ether Drop  0  Crafted 
Hi-Potion  0 Bastok Mines Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Hi-Potion (T)  0Temporary    
Hi-Potion +1  0  Crafted 
Hi-Potion +2  0  Quested 
Hi-Potion +3  0  Quested 
Hi-Potion Drop  0  Crafted 
Hi-Reraiser  0Rare  Fei'Yin, Garlaige Citadel Quested, Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Hiatus Whistle  0Rare Exclusive    
Hickory Lumber  0 Beaucedine Glacier, Xarcabard Dropped 
Hide Stretcher  0   
Hideout Key  0   
High Ebonite  0  Crafted 
High Kindred's Crest  0Exclusive  King Ranperre's Tomb, The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
High Quality Antlion Jaw  0 Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
High Quality Bugard Skin  0 Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast Dropped 
High Quality Crab Shell  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Western Altepa Desert Dropped 
High Quality Eft Skin  0 Bibiki Bay Dropped 
High Quality Pugil Scales  0   
High Quality Scorpion Shell  0Rare  Attohwa Chasm, Den of Rancor, ... Quested, Dropped 
High-Quality Aern Organ  0 Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
High-Quality Black Tiger Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
High-Quality Buffalo Horn  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
High-Quality Clionid Wing  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine, Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
High-Quality Cockatrice Skin  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
High-Quality Coeurl Hide  0 Labyrinth of Onzozo, Temple of Uggalepih Quested, Dropped 
High-Quality Crab Meat  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
High-Quality Dhalmel Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
High-Quality Euvhi Organ  0 The Garden of Ru'Hmet Dropped 
High-Quality Hpemde Organ  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
High-Quality Limule Pincer  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
High-Quality Marid Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
High-Quality Phuabo Organ  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
High-Quality Pugil Scale  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
High-Quality Rabbit Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
High-Quality Rock Salt  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
High-Quality Scorpion Claw  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
High-Quality Wivre Hide  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
High-Quality Xzomit Organ  0 Al'Taieu Dropped 
Himesama Rice Ball  0   
Hippogryph Feather  0  Dropped 
Hippogryph Tailfeather  0 Riverne - Site #A01 Dropped 
Hiraishin  0 Nashmau, Norg Crafted, Purchased 
Hiwon's Hair  0Rare Exclusive    
Hoary Battle Horn  0Rare Exclusive  Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Hoary Bomb Ash  0 Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Hoary Spire  0Rare Exclusive    
Hobgoblin Bread  0 Bibiki Bay  
Hobgoblin Chocolate  0   
Hobgoblin Pie  0   
Hollowed Dragon Eye  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Holly Log  0 Al Zahbi, Jugner Forest, ... Purchased 
Holly Lumber  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Holly Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Holy Basil  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Purchased 
Holy Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Holy Bolt Quiver  0   
Holy Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Holy Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Holy Leather  0  Crafted 
Holy One's Invitation  0   
Holy One's Oath  0   
Holy Water  0 Bastok Mines, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Holyknight Emblem  0  Quested 
Homemade Bread  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Carbonara  0Exclusive    
Homemade Cheese  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Gelato  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Herbal Tea  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Omelette  0Rare    
Homemade Rice Ball  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Risotto  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Salad  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Salisbury Steak  0Exclusive    
Homemade Steak  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homemade Stew  0Exclusive   Quested 
Homesteader's Compendium  0   
Homunculus Nerves  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Honey  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Crafted, Dropped 
Honey Wine  0Rare   Quested 
Honeyed Egg  0  Crafted 
Hopipi Doll  0Rare   Quested 
Horn Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Horn Quiver  0  Quested 
Horn Trophy  0  Crafted 
Horo Flour  0   
Horutoto Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Inner Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Hot springs care package  0   
Hotei Card  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau  
Hpemde Organ  0Exclusive  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Hume F Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Hume M Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Hume Mochi  0  Quested 
Hume Rice Cake  0  Quested 
Humidified Velvet  0  Crafted 
Humilus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Humpty Dumpty Effigy  0  Crafted 
Humpty Soup  0   
Humus  0 The Boyahda Tree, Yhoator Jungle Crafted, Dropped 
Hunk of bedrock  0Temporary    
Hunter's Cotton  0  Crafted 
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite  0  Quested 
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite II  0  Quested 
Hydra Fang  0 Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Hydra Kofte  0  Crafted, Quested 
Hydra Kofte +1  0  Crafted 
Hydra Meat  0 Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Hydra Scale  0 Nyzul Isle, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Hydrangea  0Rare  Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Hydrogauge  0Exclusive    
Hydrohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Hyper Ether  0  Crafted 
Hyper Potion  0  Crafted 
Hysteroanima  0Rare   Quested 
Iatrochemistry  0 Bastok Mines Purchased 
Ic Pilav  0  Crafted 
Ic Pilav +1  0  Crafted 
Icarus Wing  0  Crafted, Quested 
Ice Anima  0  Crafted 
Ice Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Ice Bauble  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Ice Bead  0  Crafted 
Ice Card  0 Nashmau, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Ice Card Case  0   
Ice Cluster  0 Batallia Downs, Castle Zvahl Baileys Quested, Dropped 
Ice Crystal  0 Batallia Downs, Lower Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Ice Fewell  0  Crafted 
Ice Fragment  0  Quested 
Ice Lamp  0  Crafted 
Ice Maker  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Ice Ore  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Ice Pendulum  0Rare Exclusive    
Ice Spirit Pact  0Rare  Castle Zvahl Baileys, Castle Zvahl Keep Dropped 
Ice Wyvern Scale  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Icecap Rolanberry  0 Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased 
Icefish  0  Fishing 
Ichinintousen Koma  0   
Ifritite  0   
Iga Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Iga Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Iga Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Iga Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Iga Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Igneous Barnacle  0 East Ronfaure, Jugner Forest Dropped 
Igneous Rock  0 Eastern Altepa Desert, Waughroon Shrine Dropped 
Ikra Gunkan  0  Crafted 
Ikra Gunkan +1  0  Crafted 
Illuminink  0 Ro'Maeve Dropped 
Ilrusi Ledger  0Rare Exclusive  Nashmau Purchased 
Imbrued Vampyr Fang  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Immaculate Sands Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Immortal Molt  0 Konschtat Highlands Dropped 
Immutable Boulder Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Imp Horn  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Imp Sentry's Horn  0Rare  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Imp Wing  0  Quested, Dropped 
Imperial Army I.D. tag  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Imperial Bronze Piece  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Cermet  0  Crafted 
Imperial Coffee  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased 
Imperial Coffee +1  0  Crafted 
Imperial Flour  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Imperial Gold Piece  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Mythril Piece  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Omelette  0   
Imperial Rice  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Imperial Silk Cloth  0  Crafted 
Imperial Silver Piece  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Quested 
Imperial Standard  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Imperial Tapestry  0  Crafted 
Imperial Tea Leaves  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands  
Imperial Topaz  0 The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Dropped 
Imperial Wootz Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Impetuous Vision  0Exclusive   Quested 
Impure Celadon Yggzi  0   
Incombustible Wool  0  Crafted 
Increscent Shade  0 Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Purchased 
Incus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Indigested Meat  0   
Indigo Abyssite of Confluence  0  Quested 
Indigo Abyssite of Lenity  0  Quested 
Indigo Abyssite of Merit  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Indigo Abyssite of Sojourn  0   
Indigo Abyssite of the Reaper  0   
Indigo Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Indigo Memosphere  0Rare Exclusive  Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Vahzl Dropped 
Indigo Stratum Abyssite  0Temporary    
Indigo Stratum Abyssite II  0Temporary    
Indigo Stratum Abyssite III  0Temporary    
Indigo Stratum Abyssite IV  0Exclusive    
Indurated Gold Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Inferior Cocoon  0 Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Inferno Core  0  Crafted 
Inferno Crystal  0Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines Purchased, Quested 
Infinity Core  0 Dynamis - Bastok, Dynamis - Jeuno, ... Dropped 
Ingrown Taurus Nail  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Inhibitor  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Inoshishinofuda  0   
Insect Fletchings  0  Crafted 
Insect Wing  0 East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Quested, Dropped 
Insidio's Extinguished Lantern  0   
Instant Reraise  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Insulator tablet  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Intelligence Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Intimidation Palimpsist  0Exclusive    
Intricate Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Intricate Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Inventors' Coalition pickaxe  0   
Investigative Report  0   
Invitriol  0  Crafted 
Iolite  0 Attohwa Chasm Dropped 
Ionohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Iridium Ingot  0   
Iriri Samariri's Hat  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook Dropped 
Iriz Ima's Hide  0Rare Exclusive  Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Irmik Helvasi  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Irmik Helvasi +1  0  Crafted 
Iron Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Iron Bread  0 Bastok Mines, Metalworks Crafted, Purchased 
Iron Bullet Pouch  0   
Iron Chain  0 Metalworks Crafted, Purchased 
Iron Emblem of Service  0  Quested 
Iron Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Iron Letterbox  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Iron Nugget  0  Quested 
Iron Ore  0 Batallia Downs, Quicksand Caves, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Iron Plate  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Iron Quiver  0  Quested 
Iron Sand  0 Ifrit's Cauldron, Mount Zhayolm, ... Purchased 
Iron Scales  0 Metalworks, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Iron Sheet  0 Metalworks, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Isgebind's Heart  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Uleguerand Dropped 
Istakoz  0 Arrapago Reef, Nashmau Fishing 
Istavrit  0  Fishing 
Istiridye  0 Arrapago Reef, Nashmau Fishing 
Isula Sideboard  0   
Itzpapalotl's Scale  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Ivory Abyssite of Acumen  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Avarice  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Celerity  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Confluence  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Destiny  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Expertise  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Fortune  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Furtherance  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Kismet  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Merit  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Perspicacity  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Prosperity  0   
Ivory Abyssite of Sojourn  0   
Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper  0   
Ivory Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Temenos - North  
Ivory Key  0  Quested 
Ivory Wing Talisman  0   
Iyo Scale  0  Crafted, Quested 
Ja Ja's Chestplate  0 Mamook Dropped 
Jacaranda Log  0 East Ronfaure (S), Jugner Forest (S) Quested 
Jacaranda Lumber  0  Crafted, Quested 
Jack of Batons  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Jack of Coins  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Jack of Cups  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Jack of Swords  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Jack-o'-Lantern  0 Bastok Markets, Windurst Walls Crafted, Purchased 
Jack-o'-Pie  0  Crafted 
Jack-o'-Pricket  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Jack-o'-Soup  0   
Jacknife  0 Bibiki Bay  
Jaculus Wing  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped, Chests/Coffers 
Jade Abyssite of Expertise  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Jade Abyssite of Lenity  0  Quested 
Jade Abyssite of Merit  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Jade Abyssite of Prosperity  0  Quested 
Jade Abyssite of Sojourn  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Jade Bauble  0   
Jade Cell  0 Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines, ... Purchased, Chests/Coffers, Conquest 
Jade Cryptex  0Rare Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Davoi Dropped 
Jade Demilune Abyssite  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Jade Stratum Abyssite  0Temporary    
Jade Stratum Abyssite II  0Temporary    
Jade Stratum Abyssite III  0Temporary    
Jade Stratum Abyssite IV  0Temporary    
Jadeite  0 Garlaige Citadel, The Eldieme Necropolis Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Jagged Apkallu Beak  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Jar of Acuex Poison  0   
Jar of Entisyrup  0   
Jar of Monarch Beetle Saliva  0Exclusive    
Jar of Umbril Ooze  0  Dropped 
Jester's Hat  0   
Jeunoan Flag  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Jeunoan Tree  0Rare Exclusive    
Jewel of Ardor  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux, Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Jewel of Balance  0Rare Exclusive  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Jewel of Vision  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Jewel of Voyage  0Exclusive  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Jewel of Wieldance  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Jeweled Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Jewelry Case  0Rare Exclusive    
Jinko  0  Crafted 
Job Gesture: Bard  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Beastmaster  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Black Mage  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Blue Mage  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Corsair  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Dancer  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Dark Knight  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Dragoon  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Monk  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Ninja  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Paladin  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Puppetmaster  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Ranger  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Red Mage  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Samurai  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Scholar  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Summoner  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Thief  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: Warrior  0  Quested 
Job Gesture: White Mage  0  Quested 
Jody's Acid  0Rare Exclusive  Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Joker's Card  0   
Joyous Serinette  0   
Judgment Key  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja Dropped 
Jug of greasy Goblin Juice  0   
Juglan Jumble  0   
Jugner Dawndrop  0   
Juicy Mutton  0   
Jungle Catfish  0  Fishing 
Jurojin Card  0Rare Exclusive  Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau  
Jusatsu  0  Crafted 
Kabenro  0  Crafted 
Kabura Quiver  0  Quested 
Kabuto-kazari  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Kadomatsu  0Moghancement: Gardening    
Kaggen's Cuticle  0 Qufim Island  
Kaginawa  0  Crafted 
Kaiserin Cosmetics  0Exclusive  Port Bastok Purchased 
Kalamar  0 Silver Sea route to Nashmau Purchased, Fishing 
Kaleidoscopic clam  0Temporary    
Kalkanbaligi  0 Silver Sea route to Nashmau Purchased, Fishing 
Kamihr FB op. materials container  0   
Kamihr FS building mat. container  0   
Kamihr FS resource container  0   
Kanonenofen  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Kaolin  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands  
Kaplumbaga  0 Caedarva Mire Fishing 
Kapor Log  0 Yuhtunga Jungle  
Kapor Lumber  0   
Karakul Cloth  0  Crafted 
Karakul Leather  0  Crafted 
Karakul Meat  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Karakul Skin  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Karakul Thread  0 Al Zahbi Crafted, Purchased 
Karakul Wool  0  Crafted 
Karimata Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Karni Yarik  0  Crafted 
Karni Yarik +1  0  Crafted 
Karugo Clay  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) Purchased 
Katana-kazari  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Kawahori-ogi  0 Nashmau, Norg Crafted, Purchased 
Kayabaligi  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased, Fishing 
Kazham Peppers  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Purchased 
Kazham Pineapple  0 Port Bastok, Temple of Uggalepih Purchased, Dropped 
Kazham Warp Rune  0   
Kazham Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Kazham Purchased 
Keepsake Case  0Rare Exclusive    
Keesha's Pamama  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Kejusu Satin  0  Quested 
Khimaira Horn  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Khimaira Mane  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Khimaira Tail  0 Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Kholomodumo Hide  0 Jugner Forest (S) Dropped 
Khroma Ore  0  Quested 
Khromated Leather  0   
Khue Meat Pie  0Rare Exclusive  Port Windurst Quested 
Kidney Stone  0   
Kilicbaligi  0  Fishing 
Kilo Pump  0  Crafted 
Kindred's Crest  0Exclusive  King Ranperre's Tomb, The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Kindred's Seal  0Exclusive  Monastic Cavern Quested, Dropped 
King Locust  0 Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta (S) Quested 
King Perch  0   
King Truffle  0 Crawlers' Nest, Konschtat Highlands, ... Dropped 
King of Batons  0Rare   Quested 
King of Coins  0Rare   Quested 
King of Cups  0Rare   Quested 
King of Swords  0Rare   Quested 
Kingdom Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Northern San d'Oria Purchased 
Kitron  0  Crafted 
Kitron Juice  0  Crafted 
Kitron Macaron  0  Crafted 
Klimaform Schema  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Knightsbells  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Kodoku  0  Crafted 
Koga Chainmail -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Koga Hakama -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Koga Hatsuburi -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Koga Kyahan -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Koga Tekko -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Koh-I-Noor  0   
Kohlrouladen  0  Crafted 
Kohlrouladen +1  0  Crafted 
Kokuryu  0  Fishing 
Koma  0 Lower Jeuno, Ru'Lude Gardens Purchased 
Kongou Inaho  0  Crafted 
Konigskuchen  0  Crafted 
Konron Hassen  0  Crafted 
Kopparnickel Ore  0 Oldton Movalpolos, Windurst Waters Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Korrigan Pricket  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Koru-Moru's Thesis  0   
Krabkatoa Shell  0Exclusive  East Ronfaure, Jugner Forest Dropped 
Kuftal Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Kukulkan's Fang  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Kukulkan's Skin  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Kukuru Bean  0 Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Kunwu Iron  0  Crafted, Quested 
Kunwu Iron Sheet  0  Crafted 
Kunwu Ore  0  Quested 
Kupofreid's Medallion  0   
Kupofried's Corundum  0  Quested 
Kurogane  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
L'Ephemere  0   
LC Wildcat Badge  0  Quested 
La Theine Cabbage  0 La Theine Plateau, Valkurm Dunes Crafted, Purchased, Dropped 
La Theine Millet  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
La Vaule Dawndrop  0   
Lachesis Orb  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Quested 
Lacquer Tree Log  0 The Eldieme Necropolis, Wajaom Woodlands, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Lacquer Tree Lumber  0  Crafted 
Lacquer Tree Sap  0  Crafted, Quested 
Ladybird Leaf  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Ladybug Wing  0  Dropped 
Lakerda  0 Silver Sea route to Nashmau Purchased, Fishing 
Lambent Earth Cell  0 Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Fire Cell  0 Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Pillar Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Lambent Scale  0Exclusive  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Lambent Water Cell  0 Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lambent Wind Cell  0 Al Zahbi Purchased 
Lamia Skin  0 Arrapago Reef, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Lamian Armlet  0 Arrapago Reef Crafted, Dropped 
Lamian Bone Key  0Rare Exclusive    
Lamian Claw Key  0Rare Exclusive    
Lamian Fang Key  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Laminated Buffalo Leather  0  Crafted 
Laminated Ram Leather  0  Crafted 
Lamp Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Lamp Lighter's Membership Card  0  Quested 
Lamp Marimo  0  Fishing 
Lancer Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Lancer's Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Lancer's Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Lancer's Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Lancer's Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Lancewood Log  0 Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Lancewood Lumber  0  Crafted 
Land Crab Meat  0  Quested, Dropped 
Land of Milk and Honey Hive  0   
Lanolin Cube  0Exclusive  La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Lapis Coral  0   
Lapis Lazuli  0 Bastok Markets, Inner Horutoto Ruins, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Lapis Monocle  0   
Large Strip of Velkk Hide  0Temporary    
Larimar  0   
Lauan Log  0 East Sarutabaruta, Northern San d'Oria, ... Purchased 
Lauan Lumber  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Lavarion  0   
Lavender-colored Seal  0   
Leadafry  0   
Leaden Nugget  0Rare Exclusive    
Leafbell  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Leafberry Wreath  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Leafkin Frond  0  Dropped 
Leather Ensorcellment  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Leather Pot  0  Crafted 
Leather Pouch  0  Crafted 
Leather Purification  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Leather-bound Book  0   
Lebkuchen House  0  Crafted 
Lebkuchen Manse  0   
Lebondopt Wing  0Exclusive  Yorcia Weald (U)  
Lebros Chronicle  0Rare Exclusive  Nashmau Purchased 
Leech Saliva  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Leering Bijou  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Left Map Piece  0   
Legion Medal: An  0   
Legion Medal: Im  0   
Legion Medal: Ki  0   
Legion Medal: Muru  0   
Legion Pass  0   
Legion Tome Page: Maximus  0 Rolanberry Fields Purchased 
Legion Tome Page: Minimus  0 Rolanberry Fields Purchased 
Leisure Table  0  Crafted 
Length of Jugner Ivy  0   
Lenitive Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul, Provenance Protocrystal Quested, Dropped 
Lenitive Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Ki, Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Lenitive Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Lufaise Meadows, Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Lenitive Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Lenitive Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle, Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Leremieu Salad  0   
Leremieu Taco  0   
Lerene's Paten  0  Quested 
Leshonki Bulb  0 The Boyahda Tree Dropped 
Lesser Chigoe  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Grauberg (S)  
Lethe Consomme  0  Crafted 
Lethe Potage  0  Crafted 
Lethe Powder  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Lethe Water  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Lethe Water +1  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Crafted 
Letter from Octavien  0   
Letter from Zeid  0   
Letter from Zonpa-Zippa  0   
Letter of Joy  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Letter of Thanks  0Rare Exclusive    
Letter to Count Aurchiat  0  Quested 
Leujaoam Log  0Rare Exclusive  Nashmau Purchased 
Leviatite  0   
Lhaiso Neftereh's Bell  0   
Libation Abjuration  0Exclusive  Ru'Lude Gardens, The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Lieje Lantern  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Light Anima  0  Crafted 
Light Bead  0  Crafted 
Light Card  0 Nashmau, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Light Card Case  0   
Light Cluster  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Xarcabard Quested, Dropped 
Light Crystal  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins, Xarcabard Dropped 
Light Fewell  0  Crafted, Quested 
Light Filament  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Southeast, Apollyon - Southwest Chests/Coffers 
Light Fragment  0  Quested 
Light Gem  0   
Light Geode  0   
Light Lamp  0  Crafted 
Light Opal  0 Bastok Markets, Davoi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Chests/Coffers 
Light Ore  0 Abyssea-Konschtat, Konschtat Highlands Quested, Dropped 
Light Ram Leather  0  Crafted 
Light Spirit Pact  0Rare  Temple of Uggalepih Quested, Dropped 
Light Steel Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Light of Al'Taieu  0   
Lightning Anima  0  Crafted 
Lightning Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Lightning Band  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Lightning Bead  0  Crafted 
Lightning Cell  0   
Lightning Cluster  0 Al'Taieu, Konschtat Highlands Quested, Dropped 
Lightning Crystal  0 Outer Horutoto Ruins, West Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Lightning Fewell  0  Crafted, Quested 
Lightning Fragment  0  Quested 
Lightning Lamp  0  Crafted 
Lightning Ore  0  Crafted, Quested 
Lightning Pendulum     
Lightweight Steel Sheet  0  Crafted 
Ligneous Naakual Paragon  0   
Lik  0  Fishing 
Lik Kabob  0  Crafted 
Lil' Apkallu's Egg  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Lilac  0 Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Lilac-colored Seal  0   
Limule Pincer  0 Abyssea-Konschtat, Abyssea-La Theine Quested, Dropped 
Lindwurm Skin  0 Ifrit's Cauldron Dropped 
Lineadach  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
Linen Cloth  0 Garlaige Citadel, The Sanctuary of Zi'tah Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Linen Coinpurse  0 Bhaflau Remnants, Silver Sea Remnants Dropped 
Linen Purse (Alx.)  0   
Linen Thread  0 Windurst Woods Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Lines and Space  0Exclusive    
Linkpearl  0   
Linkshell  0Exclusive    
Lionhead  0   
Liquid Quicksilver  0   
Lithic Wyvern Scale  0  Crafted 
Little Comet  0  Crafted 
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.1  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.2  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.3  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.4  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.5  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.6  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.7  0   
Little Goblin's Adventure Vol.8  0   
Little Lugworm  0Exclusive    
Living Key  0 Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Lizard Blood  0 Pso'Xja Dropped 
Lizard Egg  0 Bibiki Bay, Quicksand Caves Dropped 
Lizard Molt  0 North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg  
Lizard Skin  0 Sauromugue Champaign, Valkurm Dunes Dropped 
Lizard Tail  0 Pso'Xja Dropped 
Loach Gruel  0   
Loach Slop  0  Crafted 
Loach Soup  0   
Loaf Of Pixioche  0   
Loam  0 Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Loch of Flux Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Lock of Simian Mane  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Locust Elutriator  0   
Lofty Trophy  0Rare  Legion - Hall of Mul Dropped 
Logging  0  Quested 
Long-life biscuits  0   
Lost Article  0   
Loudspeaker  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Loudspeaker II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Love Chocolate  0  Crafted 
Lucent Iron Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Lucent Steel Ingot  0   
Lucid Elixir I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Elixir II  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Ether I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Ether II  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Ether III  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Potion I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Potion II  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Potion III  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucid Wings I  0Rare Exclusive Temporary   Chests/Coffers 
Lucky Egg  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest, The Boyahda Tree Quested, Dropped 
Lufet Salt  0Exclusive  West Ronfaure Dropped 
Lugarhoo's Eye  0   
Lugworm Sand  0  Quested 
Lumbering Horn  0Rare Exclusive  La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Lumberjack  0   
Luminian Dagger  0  Quested 
Luminian Thread  0Rare Exclusive    
Luminian Tissue  0Exclusive  Al'Taieu Dropped 
Luminicloth  0 Gusgen Mines Dropped 
Luminion Chip  0Exclusive  Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Dropped 
Luminium Ore  0 Halvung Quested 
Luminohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Luminous Core  0  Crafted 
Luminous Isle Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Luminous Shell  0  Crafted 
Lump Of Tokkyu Tama-hagane  0 Castle Oztroja Dropped 
Lunar Abyssite  0   
Lungfish  0  Fishing 
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell  0 Dynamis - Jeuno, Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Luopan  0   
Luxuriant Manticore Mane  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Lycopodium Flower  0  Dropped 
Lynx Hide  0 Meriphataud Mountains (S), Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Lynx Leather  0  Crafted 
Lynx Meat  0 Meriphataud Mountains (S), Sauromugue Champaign Dropped 
Lynx Pelt  0   
M&P Chicken  0Exclusive   Quested 
M&P Cracker  0Exclusive    
M&P Doner Kebab  0  Quested 
M&P Dumplings  0Exclusive    
M-Bugard Tusk  0 Lufaise Meadows Dropped 
M.H.M.U. Treatise on Agronomy  0   
M.H.M.U. Treatise on Fish I  0   
M.H.M.U. Treatise on Fish II  0   
M.H.M.U. Treatise on Forestry  0   
M.H.M.U. Treatise on Mineralogy  0   
MMM Axe  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Axe +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Baghnakhs  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Baghnakhs +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Bangles  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Bangles +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Belt  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Belt +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Boots  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Boots +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Box  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Box +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Bread  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Bread +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Coat  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Coat +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Coffer  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Coffer +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Collar  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Collar +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Crown  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Crown +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Cuffs  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Cuffs +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Earring  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Earring +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Elixir  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Elixir +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Ether  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Ether +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Gorget  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Gorget +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Ham  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Ham +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Helm  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Helm +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Hose  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Hose +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Jerkin  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Jerkin +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Katana  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Katana +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Knife  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Knife +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Member's Card  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Pie  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Pie +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Potion  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Potion +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Ring  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Ring +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Robe  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Robe +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Shield  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Shield +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Soup  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Soup +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Staff  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Staff +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Sword  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Sword +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
MMM Table  0Rare Exclusive    
MMM Table +1  0Rare Exclusive   Crafted 
Mackerel  0   
Macrocosmic Orb  0Rare Exclusive    
Maddening Petrifact  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Quested, Dropped 
Magellan Card  0Rare Exclusive    
Magenta Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Northwest  
Magenta Fluid  0Rare Exclusive    
Magian Mooglehood Missive  0   
Magic Pot Shard  0 Fei'Yin, Middle Delkfutt's Tower Purchased, Dropped 
Magic Trash  0   
Magical Cotton Cloth  0  Crafted, Quested 
Magical Linen Cloth  0  Crafted 
Magical Silk Cloth  0  Crafted, Quested 
Magicked Blood  0 Ordelle's Caves, Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Magicked Skull  0Rare Exclusive    
Magicked Steel Ingot  0Rare Exclusive  Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Magicmart Flyer  0   
Magma Mitigation Set  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Magma Steak  0   
Magma Steak +1  0  Crafted 
Magma Survey Report  0   
Magnolia Lumber  0 Beaucedine Glacier, Pso'Xja Dropped 
Magnolia Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive    
Magnus Stone Pouch  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Mahjlaef's Staff  0Rare Exclusive  Caedarva Mire Dropped 
Mahogany Bed  0  Crafted 
Mahogany Heartwood  0 Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Mahogany Log  0 Buburimu Peninsula, La Theine Plateau, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Mahogany Lumber  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Makibishi  0 Lower Jeuno, Norg Crafted, Purchased 
Malachite  0Rare Exclusive    
Malboro Fiber  0 Monastic Cavern, The Boyahda Tree Quested, Dropped 
Malboro Vine  0 The Eldieme Necropolis, Yhoator Jungle Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Malebolge Mandrel  0 Beaucedine Glacier Dropped 
Malevolent Cluster  0  Quested 
Malevolent Memory  0 Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea Dropped 
Malicious Horn  0 Everbloom Hollow Dropped 
Malicious Perch  0   
Malicious Vision  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Maliyakaleya Orb  0   
Malodorous Marid Fur  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Mammoth Tusk  0  Crafted 
Mamook Blackscale Key  0Rare  Bhaflau Thickets Dropped 
Mamook Silverscale Key  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook Dropped 
Mamook Tanscale Key  0Rare Exclusive  Mamook, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Mamool Ja Battle Journal  0Rare Exclusive    
Mamool Ja Collar  0 Mamook, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Mamool Ja Helmet  0 Mamook, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Mana Barrel  0   
Mana Boost  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Mana Booster  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Mana Channeler  0Automaton Attachment  Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Eastern Altepa Desert Quested, Dropped 
Mana Chestnut Lumber  0  Crafted 
Mana Conserver  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Mana Converter  0Automaton Attachment   Crafted 
Mana Jammer  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Mana Jammer II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Mana Mist  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Mana Powder  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Mana Tank  0Automaton Attachment  Nashmau Crafted, Purchased 
Mana Tank II  0Automaton Attachment  Mount Zhayolm Crafted, Dropped 
Mana Willow Lumber  0  Crafted 
Manaclipper Ticket  0 Bibiki Bay Purchased 
Manananggal's Necklet  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Mandra Lantern  0Rare Exclusive  Bastok Markets, Windurst Walls Purchased, Quested 
Mandragora Pricket  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mandragora Scale  0 Buburimu Peninsula Dropped 
Mandragora Sprout  0   
Mandrel  0 Metalworks Purchased 
Mangled Cockatrice Skin  0Rare  Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Manigordo Tusk  0   
Mannequin Body  0Rare   Quested 
Mannequin Feet  0Rare   Quested 
Mannequin Hands  0Rare   Quested 
Mannequin Head  0Rare  Horlais Peak Quested, Dropped 
Mannequin Joint Diagrams  0   
Mannequin Legs  0Rare   Quested 
Manta Leather  0  Crafted 
Manta Skin  0 Kuftal Tunnel, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Fang  0 Cape Teriggan, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Hair  0 Cape Teriggan, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Hide  0 Cape Teriggan, Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Manticore Leather  0  Crafted 
Mantid Bait  0   
Mantid Carapace  0 Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Mantid Foreleg  0 Ceizak Battlegrounds Dropped 
Mantid Quiver  0   
Manustery Ring  0   
Map of Adoulin  0  Quested 
Map of Al Zahbi  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Map of Arrapago Reef  0   
Map of Attohwa Chasm  0  Quested 
Map of Aydeewa Subterrane  0  Quested 
Map of Beadeaux  0 Bastok Markets, Port Bastok Purchased 
Map of Bhaflau Thickets  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Map of Bibiki Bay  0 Mhaura Purchased 
Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette  0 Mhaura Quested 
Map of Caedarva Mire  0  Quested 
Map of Cape Riverne  0  Quested 
Map of Carpenters' Landing  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Map of Castle Oztroja  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map of Castle Zvahl  0 Ru'Lude Gardens Quested 
Map of Ceizak Battlegrounds  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Cirdas Caverns  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased, Chests/Coffers 
Map of Crawlers' Nest  0 Selbina Quested 
Map of Dangruf Wadi  0 Bastok Markets Quested 
Map of Davoi  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Map of Delkfutt's Tower  0 Port Jeuno Quested 
Map of Dho Gates  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Bastok  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Beaucedine  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Buburimu  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Jeuno  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Qufim  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - San d'Oria  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Tavnazia  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Valkurm  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Windurst  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Dynamis - Xarcabard  0 Beadeaux, Davoi Purchased 
Map of Eldieme Necropolis  0 Lower Jeuno Purchased 
Map of Fei'Yin  0 Windurst Waters Quested 
Map of Foret de Hennetiel  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo  0  Quested 
Map of Garlaige Citadel  0 Lower Jeuno, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Map of Ghelsba  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Map of Giddeus  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map of Grauberg  0  Quested 
Map of Gusgen Mines  0  Quested 
Map of Halvung  0   
Map of Horutoto Ruins  0 Windurst Waters Quested 
Map of Kamihr Drifts  0   
Map of King Ranperre's Tomb  0 Northern San d'Oria Quested 
Map of Korroloka Tunnel  0 Rabao Purchased 
Map of Kuftal Tunnel  0 Kuftal Tunnel Chests/Coffers 
Map of Kuzotz Region  0 Rabao Purchased 
Map of Mamook  0   
Map of Marjami Ravine  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Maze of Shakhrami  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map of Moh Gates  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Morimar Basalt Fields  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Mount Zhayolm  0  Quested 
Map of Nashmau  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Map of Newton Movalpolos  0 Newton Movalpolos Chests/Coffers 
Map of Norg  0  Quested 
Map of Oldton Movalpolos  0 Oldton Movalpolos  
Map of Ordelle's Caves  0 Northern San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Map of Outer Ra'Kaznar  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Palborough Mines  0 Bastok Markets, Port Bastok Purchased 
Map of Promyvion-Dem  0   
Map of Promyvion-Holla  0   
Map of Promyvion-Mea  0   
Map of Promyvion-Vahzl  0   
Map of Qufim Island  0 Lower Jeuno, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Map of Rala Waterways  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Ranguemont Pass  0 Selbina Quested 
Map of Sacrarium  0  Quested 
Map of Sea Serpent Grotto  0 Sea Serpent Grotto  
Map of Sih Gates  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Somewhere  0   
Map of Tavnazia  0  Quested 
Map of Toraimarai Canal  0 Mhaura Quested 
Map of Uleguerand Range  0  Quested 
Map of Vollbow Region  0 Rabao Purchased 
Map of Vunkerl Inlet  0  Quested 
Map of Wajaom Woodlands  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate Purchased 
Map of Woh Gates  0   
Map of Yahse Hunting Grounds  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Yorcia Weald  0 Eastern Adoulin Purchased 
Map of Yorcia Weald (U)  0   
Map of Zeruhn Mines  0 Bastok Markets, Port Bastok Purchased 
Map of the Bastok area  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map of the Boyahda Tree  0 The Boyahda Tree  
Map of the Den of Rancor  0 Den of Rancor  
Map of the Elshimo Regions  0 Lower Jeuno, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Map of the Jeuno area  0 Bastok Markets, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map of the Labyrinth of Onzozo  0 Labyrinth of Onzozo  
Map of the Li'Telor Region  0 Mhaura Purchased 
Map of the Northlands Area  0 Northern San d'Oria Quested 
Map of the Quicksand Caves  0 Quicksand Caves  
Map of the Ru'Aun Gardens  0 Ru'Aun Gardens  
Map of the San d'Oria area  0 Bastok Markets, Port Windurst, ... Purchased 
Map of the Temple of Uggalepih  0 Temple of Uggalepih  
Map of the Windurst area  0 Bastok Markets, Windurst Woods Purchased 
Map to the Annals of Truth  0   
Maple Cake  0  Crafted 
Maple Log  0 East Ronfaure, Northern San d'Oria, ... Purchased 
Maple Lumber  0 Al Zahbi, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Maple Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Maple Sugar  0 Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Maple Table  0  Crafted 
Mar. FB op. materials container  0Temporary    
Mar. FS building mat. container  0Temporary    
Mar. FS resource container  0Temporary    
Marble Bed  0  Crafted 
Marble Nugget  0   
Marble Slab  0 Korroloka Tunnel Quested, Dropped 
Marbled Mutton Chop  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Marbled Steak  0   
Margherita Pizza  0  Crafted 
Margherita Pizza +1  0  Crafted 
Marguerite  0 Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Marid Hair  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Marid Hide  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Marid Leather  0  Crafted 
Marid Tusk  0 Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands Dropped 
Marid Tusk Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Marinara  0  Crafted 
Marinara +1  0  Crafted 
Marinara Pizza  0  Crafted 
Marinara Pizza +1  0  Crafted 
Marinara Sauce  0  Crafted 
Marine Bliss  0 Western Adoulin Purchased 
Maringa  0  Crafted 
Mark of Seed  0  Quested 
Marksman's Oil  0  Crafted 
Maroon Seal  0 Aht Urhgan Whitegate  
Marron Glace  0  Crafted 
Martial Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Martial Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Valley of Sorrows Dropped 
Martial Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Martial Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Martial Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Behemoth's Dominion Dropped 
Martial Ball Invite  0Exclusive   Quested 
Martial Tatter  0   
Marvin's Pelage  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Mary's Milk  0 Konschtat Highlands Dropped 
Massive Armband  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Mastersmith Anvil  0Rare Exclusive  Metalworks Purchased 
Matamata Shell  0   
Matka  0  Crafted 
Matriarch Naakual paragon  0   
Matsya  0  Fishing 
Mavi Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Mavi Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Mavi Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Mavi Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Mavi Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Max-Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Max-Potion +1  0  Crafted, Quested 
Max-Potion +2  0   
Max-Potion +3  0   
Maze Rune 001  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 002  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 003  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 004  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 005  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 006  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 007  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 008  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 009  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 010  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 011  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 012  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 013  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 014  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 015  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 016  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 017  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 018  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 019  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 020  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 021  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 022  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 023  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 024  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 025  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 026  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 027  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 028  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 029  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 030  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 031  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 032  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 033  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 034  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 035  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 036  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 037  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 038  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 039  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 040  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 041  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 042  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 043  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 044  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 045  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 046  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 047  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 048  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 049  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 050  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 051  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 052  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 053  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 054  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 055  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 056  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 057  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 058  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 059  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 060  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 061  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 062  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 063  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 064  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 065  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 066  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 067  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 068  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 069  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 070  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 071  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 072  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 073  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 074  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 075  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 076  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 077  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 078  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 079  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 080  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 081  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 082  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 083  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 084  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 085  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 086  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 087  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 088  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 089  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 090  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 091  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 092  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 093  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 094  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 095  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 096  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 097  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 098  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 099  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 100  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 101  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 102  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 103  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 104  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 106  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 107  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 108  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Rune 109  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Tabula M01  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Tabula M02  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Tabula M03  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 01  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 02  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 03  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 04  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 05  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Maze Voucher 06  0Rare Exclusive    
Maze Voucher 07  0Rare Exclusive    
Meat Chiefkabob  0   
Meat Jerky  0 Bastok Mines, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Meat Mithkabob  0  Crafted 
Meatloaf  0  Crafted 
Medal Of Altana  0  Quested 
Medical Supply Chest  0   
Medicinal Gruel  0   
Medicinal Quus  0   
Mediocris Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Medusa's Armlet  0 Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Megalixir  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Megalixir (T)  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Megalodon  0  Fishing 
Mehiruru Pop  0Rare Exclusive    
Meifu Goma  0  Crafted 
Melanzane  0  Crafted 
Melanzane +1  0  Crafted 
Melee Crown -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Melee Cyclas -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Melee Gaiters -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Melee Gloves -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Melee Hose -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Melodious Egg  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Melon Juice  0 Bastok Mines, Metalworks Crafted, Purchased 
Melon Pie  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Melon Pie +1  0  Crafted 
Melon Snowcone  0   
Memo from Midras  0   
Memorandoll  0   
Memorial Cake  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Menemen  0  Crafted 
Menemen +1  0  Crafted 
Mercanbaligi  0  Fishing 
Mercenary Camp Entry Slip  0Exclusive   Quested 
Mercury  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Maze of Shakhrami Crafted, Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Mermaid Body  0Rare Exclusive  Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Mermaid Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Yuhtunga Jungle Dropped 
Mermaid Head  0Rare Exclusive  Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Mermaid Tail  0Rare Exclusive  Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Merrow No. 11 Molting  0Rare Exclusive    
Merrow Scale  0 Arrapago Reef Quested, Dropped 
Meta. Balsam  0   
Meta. Perfume  0   
Metal Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Purchased 
Metal Ensorcellment  0   
Metal Purification  0   
Metal Slime Spirit  0Exclusive    
Meteorite  0Rare Exclusive  East Sarutabaruta, West Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Mhaura Garlic  0 Port San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Mhaura Warp Rune  0   
Mhaura Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Mhaura Purchased 
Miasma Counteragent  0   
Microcosmic Orb  0Rare Exclusive    
Mictlantecuhtli's Habit  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Middle Map Piece  0   
Midras's Explosive Sample  0   
Midrium Bolt Quiver  0   
Midrium Bullet Pouch  0   
Midrium Ingot  0   
Midrium Sheet  0   
Midwinter Dream  0   
Mighty Sardonyx  0  Crafted 
Mihgo Mithkabob  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mikey's Nugget  0 Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Mildewed Log  0Rare Exclusive    
Mildewy Ingot  0  Quested 
Militance Grimoire  0Rare Exclusive  Sauromugue Champaign, Upper Jeuno Purchased 
Military Ink Package  0   
Military Scrip  0  Quested 
Mille Feuille  0  Crafted 
Millionaire Desk  0Moghancement: Conquest   Crafted 
Millioncorn  0 Bastok Markets, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Minaruja Skull  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Mind Potion  0  Crafted, Quested 
Mine Gravel  0 Palborough Mines  
Mine Shaft Key  0   
Mineral Gauge for Dummies  0   
Mini Tuning Fork of Earth  0Rare Exclusive    
Mini Tuning Fork of Fire  0Rare Exclusive    
Mini Tuning Fork of Ice  0Rare Exclusive    
Mini Tuning Fork of Lightning  0Rare Exclusive    
Mini Tuning Fork of Water  0Rare Exclusive    
Mini Tuning Fork of Wind  0Rare Exclusive    
Miniature Airship  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Minium  0   
Mint Drop  0Rare Exclusive    
Miracle Milk  0   
Mirage Bazubands -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Mirage Charuqs -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Mirage Jubbah -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Mirage Keffiyeh -1  0 Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Mirage Shalwar -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Mired Trophy  0Rare    
Misareaux Garlic  0Rare Exclusive  Misareaux Coast Dropped 
Misareaux Parsley  0 Bastok Mines, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Misdelivered Parcel  0   
Miser's Die  0Rare    
Mistletoe  0 Batallia Downs, Jugner Forest Dropped 
Mistmelt  0  Quested 
Mithra Fangs  0Rare Exclusive  Maze of Shakhrami Dropped 
Mithra Mannequin  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mithra Snare  0Rare Exclusive  Valkurm Dunes  
Mithran Rice Cake  0  Quested 
Mithran Tomato  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Purchased 
Mizu-Deppo  0 Lower Jeuno, Norg Crafted, Purchased 
Moaning Vestige  0Rare  Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Moat Carp  0  Fishing 
Moat Carp Creel  0Temporary    
Moblin Armor  0 Mount Zhayolm, Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Moblin Helm  0 Mount Zhayolm, Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Moblin Hotrok  0Rare Exclusive  Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Moblin Mail  0 Mount Zhayolm, Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Moblin Mask  0 Mount Zhayolm, Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Moblin Putty  0  Crafted 
Moblin Sheep Leather  0 Oldton Movalpolos Crafted, Dropped 
Moblin Sheep Wool  0  Crafted 
Moblin Sheepskin  0 Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Moblin Thread  0 Oldton Movalpolos Quested, Dropped 
Moblinweave  0  Crafted 
Moblumin Ingot  0 Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Moblumin Sheet  0  Crafted 
Mock Hare  0  Crafted 
Mocking Beak  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Mog Bonanza Kupon A  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mog Bonanza Kupon B  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mog Bonanza Kupon D  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon De  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon E  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon EA  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon EW  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon J  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon L  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mog Bonanza Kupon MW  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon Ny  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon O  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon P  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Mog Bonanza Kupon RW  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon S2  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon S5  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon Sa  0Rare Exclusive    
Mog Bonanza Kupon X  0  Quested 
Mog Bonanza Kupons D  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons De  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons Ny  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons O  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons S2  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons S5  0   
Mog Bonanza Kupons Sa  0   
Mog Kupon A-DBcd  0   
Mog Kupon A-DXar  0   
Mog Kupon A-De  0   
Mog Kupon A-DeII  0   
Mog Kupon A-E+2  0   
Mog Kupon A-Lum  0   
Mog Kupon A-Nyz  0   
Mog Kupon A-PK109  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon A-PK109  0   
Mog Kupon A-RJob  0   
Mog Kupon A-Sal  0   
Mog Kupon AW-Abs  0   
Mog Kupon AW-Pan  0   
Mog Kupon AW-WK  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon AW-WK  0   
Mog Kupon I-AF109  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon I-AF109  0   
Mog Kupon I-Orche  0   
Mog Kupon I-RME  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon I-RME  0   
Mog Kupon I-S1  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon I-S1  0   
Mog Kupon I-S2  0   
Mog Kupon I-S3  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon I-S3  0   
Mog Kupon I-S5  0   
Mog Kupon I-Seal  0   
Mog Kupon I-Skill  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon I-Skill  0   
Mog Kupon W-E85  0   
Mog Kupon W-E90  0   
Mog Kupon W-EWS  0Exclusive    
Mog Kupon W-EWS  0   
Mog Kupon W-M90  0   
Mog Kupon W-R90  0   
Mog Lottery Ticket  0Exclusive    
Mog Missile  0   
Moh Gates Warp Rune  0   
Mohbwa Cloth  0 Arrapago Reef Crafted, Dropped 
Mohbwa Grass  0 Wajaom Woodlands  
Mohbwa Thread  0  Crafted 
Moira's Molar  0 Pashhow Marshlands (S) Dropped 
Moist Rolanberry  0Exclusive    
Moko Grass  0 Giddeus, West Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased, Dropped 
Mokujin  0   
Mola Mola  0 Open sea route to Al Zahbi Quested, Fishing 
Moldy Buckler  0Rare Exclusive  Upper Delkfutt's Tower Dropped 
Molt Scraps  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Molted Peiste Skin  0 Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Molybdenum Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Molybdenum Ore  0 King Ranperre's Tomb, Uleguerand Range Quested, Dropped 
Molybdenum Sheet  0  Crafted 
Monarch Beard  0   
Monarch's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary  Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux Purchased 
Monarch's Orb  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Monastic Sautee  0   
Monk Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Monk's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Davoi, Monastic Cavern Dropped 
Monke-onke  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Monkey Wine  0Rare Exclusive    
Monster Gaiters -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Monster Gloves -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Buburimu  
Monster Helm -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Monster Jackcoat -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Monster Trousers -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Mont Blanc  0  Crafted 
Montagna  0  Crafted 
Montiont Silverpiece  0 Dynamis - Jeuno, Dynamis - San d'Oria Quested, Dropped 
Mooching  0 Port Windurst Purchased 
Moogle Pie  0Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 01  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 02  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 03  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 04  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 05  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 06  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 07  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 08  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 09  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 10  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 11  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 15  0Rare Exclusive    
Moogle Storage Slip 16  0Rare Exclusive    
Moon Ball  0   
Moon Carrot  0   
Moon Orb  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Moon Pendant  0   
Moonbeam Clam  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Moonglow Cloth  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Moonlight Medal  0  Quested 
Moonshade Earring  0  Quested 
Moonstone  0 Al Zahbi, Kuftal Tunnel, ... Purchased, Quested 
Moorish Idol  0 Bibiki Bay Purchased, Fishing 
Mor. FB op. materials container  0   
Mor. FS building mat. container  0   
Mor. FS resource container  0   
Morbolger Vine  0Rare Exclusive  Ordelle's Caves Quested, Dropped 
Morinabaligi  0  Fishing 
Moss-Covered Shard  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Mossy Adamantoise Shell  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Mottled Quadav Egg  0Rare Exclusive  Palborough Mines Dropped 
Movalpolos Water  0 Port Bastok, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Mucid Ahriman Eyeball  0 Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Mucid Worm Segment  0 Abyssea-Attohwa Dropped 
Muculent Ingot  0 North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands Dropped 
Muddy Bar Tab  0Rare Exclusive  East Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Muddy Siredon  0 Phanauet Channel Fishing 
Mulsum  0  Crafted, Quested 
Murex Spicule  0 Abyssea-Misareaux, Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Murmuring Globule  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Mushroom Crepe  0  Crafted 
Mushroom Locust  0 Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau Quested 
Mushroom Risotto  0 Southern San d'Oria, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Mushroom Salad  0  Crafted 
Mushroom Sautee  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Mushroom Soup  0 Port San d'Oria, Southern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Mushroom Stew  0  Crafted 
Musichinery Kit  0Rare Exclusive    
Mussel  0   
Muteppo  0   
Muting Potion  0  Crafted 
Mutton Enchilada  0   
Mutton Tortilla  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
My First Furrow  0   
My First Magic Kit  0Exclusive  Port Windurst Purchased 
Myrrh  0Rare Exclusive    
Myrtle Desk  0  Crafted 
Mysterial Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Mysterial Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Mysterious Amulet  0  Quested 
Mystic Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Mystic Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Mythril Beastcoin  0 Batallia Downs, Eastern Altepa Desert Quested, Dropped 
Mythril Bell  0  Crafted 
Mythril Bolt Heads  0  Crafted 
Mythril Bolt Quiver  0   
Mythril Chain  0 Bastok Markets Crafted, Purchased 
Mythril Coil  0  Crafted, Quested 
Mythril Gear Machine  0  Crafted 
Mythril Ingot  0 Eastern Altepa Desert Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Mythril Leaf  0  Crafted 
Mythril Marathon Quarterly  0   
Mythril Meed  0Rare Exclusive    
Mythril Mesh Sheet  0  Crafted, Quested 
Mythril Mirror  0  Quested 
Mythril Nugget  0  Crafted 
Mythril Ore  0 Beaucedine Glacier, North Gustaberg, ... Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Mythril Sand  0Exclusive  Palborough Mines  
Mythril Sheet  0  Crafted 
Mythril Star  0  Quested 
Mythril Trophy  0Rare Exclusive    
Mythril Wings of Service  0  Quested 
Myucoco Doll  0Rare    
Naiad's Lock  0Rare  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Nail Puller  0Rare Exclusive  Garlaige Citadel Dropped 
Naji's Gauger Plate  0   
Naji's Linkpearl  0  Quested 
Namtar Bone  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Nanaa Mihgo Statue  0Rare Exclusive    
Napa  0 East Ronfaure, East Sarutabaruta, ... Purchased 
Naphille Pochette  0Exclusive  Rolanberry Fields Dropped 
Narasimha Hide  0 Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Narasimha Leather  0  Crafted 
Naruru's Stewpot  0   
Nashmau Stew  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Quested, Dropped 
Nashmau Warp Rune  0   
Nashmau Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Nashmau Purchased 
Naval Rice Ball  0   
Navarch's Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Navarch's Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Navarch's Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Navarch's Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Navarch's Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Navarin  0  Crafted 
Nebimonite  0  Fishing 
Nebimonite Bake  0 Eastern Adoulin, Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Necropsyche  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Neptunal Abjuration: Body  0Rare Exclusive  The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Dropped 
Neptunal Abjuration: Feet  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Neptunal Abjuration: Hands  0Rare Exclusive  Ru'Aun Gardens Dropped 
Neptunal Abjuration: Head  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Neptunal Abjuration: Legs  0Rare Exclusive  Dragon's Aery Dropped 
Neptunal Tatter  0   
Nero di Seppia  0  Crafted 
Nero di Seppia +1  0  Crafted 
Nest Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest Dropped 
Nest Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Crawlers' Nest, Quicksand Caves Dropped 
Net and Lure  0   
Nethercant Chain  0 Nashmau Purchased 
Nethereye Chain  0 Nashmau Purchased 
Netherfield Chain  0 Nashmau Purchased 
Netherpact Chain  0 Nashmau Purchased 
Netherspirit Chain  0 Nashmau Purchased 
Neutral Periapt of Frontiers  0 Mount Zhayolm Dropped 
Neutralizing Silver Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
New Linkshell  0Exclusive  Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
New Model Hat  0   
New Year's Gift  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Basque)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (French)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (German)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Japanese)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Maltese)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Scottish Gaelic)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Spanish)  0Rare Exclusive    
New Year's Gift (Turkish)  0Rare Exclusive    
Newt Flambe  0   
Newton Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Ifrit's Cauldron, Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
Ngoma  0  Crafted 
Nidhogg's Scales  0 Dragon's Aery Quested, Dropped 
Night Flowers  0 Qufim Island  
Nightmare Bud  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Nightmare Chop  0Rare Exclusive    
Nightmare Log  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Nightmare Loin  0Rare Exclusive    
Nightmare Roast  0Rare Exclusive    
Nightmare Shank  0Rare Exclusive    
Nightmare Shard  0Rare Exclusive    
Nightmare Shell  0Rare Exclusive    
Nimbus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Nine of Batons  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Nine of Coins  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Nine of Cups  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Nine of Swords  0Rare  Outer Horutoto Ruins Dropped 
Ninja Die  0Rare  Nashmau Purchased 
Ninja's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja, Den of Rancor Dropped 
Niveous Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Port Jeuno Purchased 
Noble Lady  0 Selbina, Ship from Selbina to Mhaura Purchased, Fishing 
Noble's Bed  0  Crafted, Quested 
Noctohelix Schema  0Rare  The Eldieme Necropolis (S) Purchased 
Noodle Kneading  0 Windurst Waters Purchased 
Nopales  0 Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)  
Nopales Salad  0  Crafted 
Norg Shell  0Rare    
Norg Warp Rune  0   
Norg Waystone  0Rare Exclusive  Norg Purchased 
Northern Fur  0 Lower Delkfutt's Tower, Qufim Island Dropped 
Northern San D'Oria Gate Glyph     
Nosferatu's Claw  0 Aydeewa Subterrane Dropped 
Nosteau Herring  0 Port Windurst, Windurst Waters Purchased, Fishing 
Note From Hariga-Origa  0   
Note From Ipupu  0   
Note Written by Esha'ntarl  0  Quested 
Note detailing seditious plans  0  Quested 
Noxious Grime  0   
Nue Fang  0Rare Exclusive  Beaucedine Glacier Quested, Dropped 
Nuhn's Esca  0Rare Exclusive  Arrapago Reef Dropped 
Nyumomo Doll  0Exclusive  Batallia Downs, Davoi Dropped 
Nyzul Isle Route  0  Quested 
Oak Bed  0  Crafted 
Oak Log  0 Batallia Downs, Jugner Forest Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Oak Lumber  0 Al Zahbi, Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Oak Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  La Vaule (S) Dropped 
Oak Table  0 Northern San d'Oria Crafted, Purchased 
Oasis Water  0Rare  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Ob's Arm  0 Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Dropped 
Oberon's Gold Ingot  0  Crafted 
Oberon's Gold Sheet  0  Crafted 
Oblation Abjuration  0 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Ve'Lugannon Palace Quested, Dropped 
Obliteration Palimpsest  0   
Oblivispore Mushroom  0Rare  Abyssea-Konschtat Dropped 
Obsidian  0 Grauberg (S), Rolanberry Fields (S) Dropped 
Obsidian Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Ocean Soup  0   
Octopus Sushi  0  Crafted 
Octopus Sushi +1  0  Crafted 
Ocular Orb  0 Ghoyu's Reverie Dropped 
Odd Postcard  0Rare Exclusive  Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Odin Statue  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Odious Backscale  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Odious Bell  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Odious Blood  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Odious Charm  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Odious Cryptex  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Odious Cup  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Odious Die  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Odious Engraving  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Odious Feather  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Odious Grenade  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Odious Holywater  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Odious Horn  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard, Uleguerand Range Dropped 
Odious Leather  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Odious Letterbox  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Bastok Dropped 
Odious Mask  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Odious Mirror  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Odious Necklace  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Odious Pen  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Odious Quipu  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Windurst Dropped 
Odious Root  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Odious Scale  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Odious Skull  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Odious Strongbox  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - San d'Oria Dropped 
Odious Talisman  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Beaucedine Dropped 
Odontotyrannus  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja Dropped 
Odorless Fungus  0Rare  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Off Offering  0   
Offering to Uggalepih  0Rare Exclusive    
Official Reflector  0   
Ogre Eel  0 Port Windurst Purchased, Fishing 
Ogre Pumpkin  0 Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria Purchased 
Oil-Soaked Cloth  0   
Oily Blood  0   
Ointment  0Exclusive    
Ointment Case     
Ojo Rice Ball  0   
Okadomatsu  0   
Old Bolt Box  0Exclusive  Dangruf Wadi, Valkurm Dunes  
Old Bullet Box  0Exclusive  Castle Oztroja, Qufim Island  
Old Earring  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja  
Old Gauntlets  0 Crawlers' Nest, Monastic Cavern Chests/Coffers 
Old Nametag  0 Oldton Movalpolos Purchased 
Old Quiver  0 Qufim Island  
Old Ring  0 Castle Oztroja  
Old Tiger's Fang     
Olde Rarab Tail  0Rare Exclusive    
Oldton Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Oldton Movalpolos Dropped 
Olive Flower  0 Port Bastok, Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Olive Oil  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Olzhiryan Cactus  0Rare Exclusive    
Omega's Eye  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central Chests/Coffers 
Omega's Foreleg  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central  
Omega's Heart  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central Chests/Coffers 
Omega's Hind Leg  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central Chests/Coffers 
Omega's Tail  0Rare Exclusive  Apollyon - Central Chests/Coffers 
Ominous Skull  0Rare Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg Dropped 
Omnis Stone  0  Quested 
One Byne Bill  0 Ifrit's Cauldron, Sea Serpent Grotto Dropped 
One Hundred Byne Bill  0 Dynamis - Jeuno Dropped 
Ontic Extremity  0Rare Exclusive    
Onyx  0 Bastok Markets, Davoi, ... Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Onz of Coalition Fertilizer  0   
Onzozo Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Opacus Cell  0 Bhaflau Remnants Dropped 
Opal Silk  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Opalus Gem  0Rare Exclusive    
Opaque Wing  0Rare  Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Opo-opo Tart  0   
Optic Fiber  0Automaton Attachment   Quested 
Optical Soup  0   
Optistery Ring  0   
Opus Shelf  0Rare Exclusive    
Oracle's Drink  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Orange Abyssite  0   
Orange Cake  0  Crafted 
Orange Juice  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Orange Kuchen  0 Windurst Waters Crafted, Purchased 
Orange Kuchen +1  0  Crafted 
Orange Snow Cone  0   
Orange au Lait  0  Crafted 
Orastery Ring  0  Quested 
Orblight  0Exclusive   Quested 
Orc Cutting  0Rare    
Orc Helmet  0 East Ronfaure (S) Crafted, Dropped 
Orc Pauldron  0  Quested 
Orchestrion  0   
Orchid Chip  0Rare Exclusive  Central Temenos - 1st Floor  
Orcish Armor Plate  0Rare Exclusive  Jugner Forest, La Theine Plateau Dropped 
Orcish Crest  0 Monastic Cavern  
Orcish Dried Food  0 Davoi  
Orcish Mail Scales  0Rare Exclusive  King Ranperre's Tomb Dropped 
Orcus Mandible  0Exclusive  Meriphataud Mountains, West Sarutabaruta Dropped 
Ordelle Bronzepiece  0 Ifrit's Cauldron, Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Ordelle Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Ordelle's Caves Dropped 
Order Slip: Lifestream Bodygear  0   
Order Slip: Lifestream Footgear  0   
Order Slip: Lifestream Handgear  0   
Order Slip: Lifestream Headgear  0   
Order Slip: Lifestream Leggear  0   
Order Slip: Logomorph Bodygear  0   
Order Slip: Logomorph Footgear  0   
Order Slip: Logomorph Handgear  0   
Order Slip: Logomorph Headgear  0   
Order Slip: Logomorph Leggear  0   
Ordrynite  0Rare Exclusive  Pso'Xja Dropped 
Orichalcum Bullet Pouch  0   
Orichalcum Chain  0  Crafted 
Orichalcum Ingot  0 Ru'Aun Gardens, The Shrine of Ru'Avitau Crafted, Quested, Dropped 
Orichalcum Ore  0 Abyssea-Konschtat, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, ... Quested, Dropped 
Orichalcum Ore (T)  0Temporary  Leujaoam Sanctum Quested 
Orichalcum Sheet  0  Crafted 
Oriental Steel  0Rare Exclusive    
Orison Seal: Body  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Uleguerand Quested, Dropped 
Orison Seal: Feet  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Vunkerl Quested, Dropped 
Orison Seal: Hands  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa, Abyssea-Grauberg Quested, Dropped 
Orison Seal: Head  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Attohwa Quested, Dropped 
Orison Seal: Legs  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Misareaux Quested, Dropped 
Ormolu Ingot  0   
Ornate Fragment  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Ornate Goad  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Xarcabard Dropped 
Ornate Package  0   
Orobon Cheekmeat  0Rare  Abyssea-Misareaux Dropped 
Orobon Lure  0 Open sea route to Mhaura, Silver Sea route to Nashmau Dropped 
Orobon Meat  0 Open sea route to Mhaura Quested, Dropped 
Orpiment  0 Ifrit's Cauldron  
Orthrus's Claw  0Exclusive  Abyssea-Altepa Dropped 
Ortolana  0  Crafted 
Ortolana +1  0  Crafted 
Ose Whisker  0 Labyrinth of Onzozo Dropped 
Osseous Serum  0  Crafted 
Osseus Plate  0 The Eldieme Necropolis Dropped 
Ossified Gargouille Hand  0 Abyssea-Vunkerl Dropped 
Ouka Ranman  0  Crafted 
Overdue Book Notification  0   
Overgrown Grove Tincture  0Rare Exclusive    
Overgrown Mandragora Flower  0 Abyssea-Tahrongi Dropped 
Oversized Fang  0  Quested 
Oversized Sock  0Rare  Abyssea-La Theine Dropped 
Ovinnik Hide  0 Kuftal Tunnel Dropped 
Ovinnik Leather  0  Crafted 
Oxblood  0 Ru'Aun Gardens, Sea Serpent Grotto Quested, Dropped 
Oxblood Key  0  Quested 
Oxblood Orb  0  Crafted, Quested 
Oxidant Bolt Quiver  0   
Oxidized Plate  0   
Oztroja Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja, Castle Zvahl Keep Dropped 
Oztroja Coffer Key  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja Dropped 
P. Perpetrator Phantom Gem  0 Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok Purchased 
PFC Wildcat Badge  0  Quested 
PSC Wildcat Badge  0  Quested 
Pachypodium Spirit  0Exclusive    
Pack of Outpost Repair Tools  0   
Padded Box  0   
Pain de Neige  0   
Painful Vision  0Rare Exclusive   Quested 
Painite  0 Garlaige Citadel, The Eldieme Necropolis Quested, Dropped 
Pair of Faithful's Legs I  0   
Pair of Faithful's Legs II  0   
Pair of Faithful's Legs III  0   
Pair of Faithful's Legs IV  0   
Pair of Faithful's Legs V  0   
Pair of Soul Spectacles  0Exclusive  Western Adoulin Purchased 
Pair of Velkk Gloves  0   
Pair of fuzzy earmuffs  0  Quested 
Paktong Ingot  0  Crafted, Quested 
Paktong Letterbox  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux (S) Dropped 
Paladin Die  0Rare  Al Zahbi Purchased 
Paladin's Testimony  0Rare Exclusive  Beadeaux, Monastic Cavern, ... Dropped 
Palborough Chest Key  0Rare Exclusive  Palborough Mines Dropped 
Palladian Brass Chain  0  Crafted 
Palladian Brass Ingot  0  Crafted 
Palladian Brass Ore  0   
Palladian Brass Sheet  0  Crafted 
Pamama Tart  0  Crafted 
Pamama au Lait  0  Crafted 
Pamamas  0 Yhoator Jungle, Yuhtunga Jungle Purchased, Quested, Dropped 
Pamtam Kelp  0 Sea Serpent Grotto Purchased, Dropped, Fishing 
Panacea  0  Crafted, Quested 
Pandemonium Key  0Rare Exclusive    
Pannus Cell  0 Arrapago Remnants Dropped 
Pantin Babouches -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Qufim Dropped 
Pantin Churidars -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Tavnazia Dropped 
Pantin Dastanas -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Pantin Taj -1  0Rare Exclusive  Dynamis - Valkurm Dropped 
Pantin Tobe -1  0Rare Exclusive    
Pantin Wire  0Rare Exclusive    
Papaka Grass  0 Buburimu Peninsula, Tahrongi Canyon Dropped 
Papillion  0 Western Adoulin Crafted, Purchased 
Paprika  0 Southern San d'Oria Purchased 
Paralysis Arrowheads  0  Crafted 
Paralysis Dust  0 Lower Jeuno Crafted, Purchased, Quested 
Paralyze Potion  0  Crafted 
Paralyzing Tube  0Rare Exclusive Temporary    
Parasite Skin  0Rare Exclusive  Castle Oztroja Dropped 
Parasite Worm  0  Crafted 
Parcel for the Auction House  0Exclusive    
Parcel for the Magic Shop  0Exclusive    
Parcel for the Pub  0Exclusive    
Parchment  0  Crafted 
Parclose  0  Crafted 
Paresis Resilience  0  Quested 
Parradamo Stones  0Rar